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NH’s 52 With a View (52 WAV) – Shorter Hikes With Stunning Views


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The 52 with a view (52 WAV) mountains of New Hampshire consists of peaks between 2,500 feet and 4,000 feet with beautiful views. Created by a group known as the Over The Hill Hikers in 1978, this list was meant to attract hikers away from the NH 48 4,000 footers, and towards some of the lesser traveled, but just still quite beautiful peaks. If you are looking for a new list to complete, or you are just getting into hiking, this list of mountains is an extremely rewarding one.

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52 With a View List

Here is a Downloadable 52 WAV list

Mountain Height (feet) Distance (Round Trip)
Sandwich Mountain 3960 8.6 Miles
Mount Webster 3910 5.0 Miles
Mount Starr King 3907 7.2 Miles
The Horn 3905 11.0 Miles
Shelburne Moriah Mountain 3735 11.2 Miles
Sugarloaf Mountain 3700 4.2 Miles
North Baldface 3600 9.8 Miles
Mount Success 3565 6.0 Miles
South Baldface 3560 9.8 Miles
Mount Chocorua 3480 7.6 Miles
Stairs Mountain 3468 9.2 Miles
Jennings Peak 3440 8.4 Miles
Mount Avalon 3440 3.8 Miles
Percy Peaks, North Peak 3420 4.4 Miles
Mount Resolution 3415 8.4 Miles
Magalloway Mountain 3383 1.8 Miles
Mount Tremont 3371 5.6 MIles
Three Sisters 3354 9.5 Miles
Kearsarge North (Chatham, NH) 3268 6.2 Miles
Mount Martha (Cherry Mtn / Owl’s Head) 3248 3.8 MIles
Smarts Mountain 3238 7.8 Miles
West Royce Mountain 3200 6.2 MIles
Mount Paugus 3198 8.2 MIles
North Moat Mountain 3196 10.2 Miles
Imp Face 3165 4.4 Miles
Mount Monadnock 3165 4.2 Miles
Mount Cardigan 3155 3.0 Miles
Mount Crawford 3119 5.0 Miles
North Doublehead 3053 4.0 Miles
Mount Parker 3004 7.8 Miles
Mount Shaw 2990 7.4 Miles
Eastman Mountain 2939 9.3 Miles
Kearsarge Mountain (Warner, NH) 2937 2.8 Miles
Mount Hibbard 2920 5.4 Miles
Mount Cube 2909 6.8 Miles
Stinson Mountain 2900 3.6 Miles
Mount Willard 2865 3.2 Miles
Black Mountain, Benton, NH 2830 3.6 Miles
Eagle Crag / Mount Meader 2782 10.0 Miles
South Moat Mountain 2760 7.8 Miles
Black Mountain, Middle Peak 2757 3.2 Miles
Dickey Mountain / Welch Mountain 2734 / 2605 4.4 Miles
Iron Mountain 2726 3.2 Miles
Potash Mountain 2680 3.8 Miles
Blueberry Mountain 2662 3.6 Miles
Mount Israel 2630 4.0 Miles
Square Ledge 2600 8.5 Miles
Mount Roberts 2582 5.0 Miles
Mount Pemigewasset 2557 3.6 Miles
Mount Hayes 2555 5.0 Miles
Middle Sugarloaf 2539 3.4 Miles
Hedgehog Mountain 2532 4.8 Miles

Things Needed to Complete the 52 WAV

Before diving into the NH 52 With A View, we highly recommend you read some helpful resources and tips:

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There is simply too much to cover in one article, so the above resources can help you where you feel like you have a gap in knowledge.




Food & Water


Knowing the Difficulty

  • Know the elevation gain of your hike
  • Know the distance of your hike
  • Know a 3 mile walk in the park is nothing compared to a grueling 1 mile climb with a rock scramble.
  • Use our hiking time calculator and our hiking calorie calculator.



  • Winter may require microspikes
  • Winter may require snowshoes
  • Hiking boots are the most protective and waterproof, trail runners are the next best option
  • Multiple layers of clothing


A Good Mindset

  • Be sure to enjoy your time outside
  • Help others along the way
  • Be responsible to the environment (leave no trace)
  • Pick up any trash you see

52 WAV Location Map

How well do you know the Whites? Take our NH 48 Quiz


Best Hiking Maps for New Hampshire’s 52 WAV

There are many great maps, but we find these two are the most common and include accurate and detailed information for hikers.


National Geographic’s Map Pack


AMC’s Map Pack

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