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The experience we strive to provide at Western Maine Guide Service is about making connections. These connections can be as simple as hooking up with fish, or much more… We share a common belief that as guides we are very fortunate to live and work in an amazing outdoor environment, providing many opportunities to connect. We can’t guarantee fish- the elements and the angler have a big hand in this. We do promise that we will work hard to share our knowledge, help you become a better angler, and enjoy yourself in the process.

While we offer both float and wade trips, we prefer to get you in a drift boat. This allows us to cover several miles of river on each trip and access less pressured sections of the river. Fly fishing in Western Maine offers a wide variety of opportunities. The area boasts many rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds with abundant fish populations. The Androscoggin River is our home and primary water. With its origins in Errol, NH, the river travels 178 miles to where in joins the Kennebec River in Merry Meeting Bay and then flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The river is diverse along its path as it passes through the White Mountains and into western Maine, featuring deep gorges, endless rapids, riffles, and pools, as well as long flats as the river approaches the coast.

The upper river is populated with brookies, rainbows, and brown trout. Average fish size is in the 10-14 inch range, with a solid possibility of landing larger fish. As the water warms in June, July, and August, the smallmouth bass fishing intensifies. This species thrives in the lower stretches of the river below Rumford. Fish in the 3-5lb. range are common. While many have experienced the strength of these fish in lakes and ponds, hooking up on the fly in heavy current adds another element to this experience!

Western Maine Guide Service

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