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Adventurous Anniversary Ideas (For Outdoorsy People)


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Do you have an anniversary coming up that you want to make the most of? Looking for ideas for an adventurous or outdoorsy couple? Here we lay out a few options to consider.


Get A Fishing Guide

Whether you fly fish regularly, or are a beginner, grabbing a fly fishing guide for either a wade trip or a float trip is a fantastic idea. With gear supplied, often beautiful locations, and beautiful fish to catch, learning a new skill and experiencing a new place together can be an amazing bonding experience. Contact your local guide outfitter, or a guide outfitter near where you may be traveling to book a trip.


Be Guided By Tradition

While we don’t necessarily love the idea of celebrating through gifts, it is now quite a common practice to do so.

There is also a list of traditional and modern gifts as well as gemstones, flowers and colors that correspond with each year year of your anniversary. For instance, if you are celebrating your seventh wedding anniversary the traditional gifts associated with that year are copper and wool, the modern gift is a desk set, the gemstone is onyx, the color yellow or off-white and the flowers include the Jack-in-the-pulpit, a common spring wildflower You can use these guidelines that you can find online to guide your gift purchases each year.

Potentially gift a pair of quality wool hiking socks or select yellow flowers for a seventh anniversary. A yellow rose picked at the peak of perfection and preserved for a lifetime can join others with the different colors of other anniversaries to create a fabulous bouquet to display in your home. While gifts may not be particularly adventurous themselves, they can be great additions to experiences that your tie into your anniversary.


Renew Wedding Vows In A Beautiful Place

If you want to reconnect with your partner in a meaningful way on your anniversary, consider a renewal of vows on your anniversary. This can be done in many ways, but we particularly love the idea of renewing your vows on top of a mountain.


Hike The Trail Of A Lifetime

Test yourself with one of the toughest trails in the world, or just an awesome backpacking trip. Whether is is the Pemi Loop in New Hampshire, the Teton Crest Trail in Wyoming, or some incredible destination anywhere in the world, a backpacking trip is a great way to experience nature, be alone, remove yourself from hectic daily life, and be able to fully enjoy each other.


Try Something New

If you like hiking, consider ramping up the adrenaline levels on your anniversary by trying something new. You may find a new interest to share or at least have fun testing new boundaries. Sign up for downhill skiing for some fast-paced excitement together. You could also try ice skating if this is something new, whilst you may fall a couple of times, it is good to be challenged and it is also a great excuse to feel goofy with your spouse. Maybe rock climbing, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, or other outdoor activities that may be new to one or both of you.


Show Gratitude

Celebrating an anniversary by volunteering to a cause that matters to you both will strengthen your bond and the foundations of your marriage. There are tons of outdoor programs that you can volunteer for that would be a great for the community, the environment, and each other. A good example would be a local trail volunteer program.


Celebrate With Family And Friends

Anniversaries are times when couples can acknowledge the support of all those that have supported them and their family. Whilst it is important to make time for yourselves on an anniversary, include family and friends in a simple celebration, like a picnic in a local park or be adventurous and plan and set up a scavenger hunt to share your enjoyment of the great outdoors with those you love. Maybe hike to an alpine lake with loved ones, or go to a local state park. It can be easy, or difficult, but simply spending time with friends and family in a beautiful place is the goal.

Max DesMarais

Max DesMarais

Max DesMarais is the founder of hikingandfishing.com. He has a passion for the outdoors and making outdoor education and adventure more accessible. Max is a published author for various outdoor adventure, travel, and marketing websites. He is an experienced hiker, backpacker, fly fisherman, backcountry skier, trail runner, and spends his free time in the outdoors. These adventures allow him to test gear, learn new skills, and experience new places so that he can educate others. Max grew up hiking all around New Hampshire and New England. He became obsessed with the New Hampshire mountains, and the NH 48, where he guided hikes and trail runs in the White Mountains. Since moving out west, Max has continued climbed all of the Colorado 14ers, is always testing gear, learning skills, gaining experience, and building his endurance for outdoor sports. You can read more about his experience here: hikingandfishing/about