Best Beginner Fly Rod Combo: The Top 5

Fly fishing is an incredible sport that can be extremely rewarding, but also very expensive. This guide is meant to help those looking to get into fly fishing find the right setup for those just trying to find a new hobby.

L.L. Bean’s Quest II Fly Rod and Reel Combo

(I own this one so I might be biased) This might be one of the best rod and reel combos out their. L.L. Bean makes some high quality rods that don’t break the bank…oh and don’t forget the lifetime warranty.

Price: $139-$149


This fly rod is balanced with the fly reel. You can get it lined and ready to go, or order rod and reel seperately. You also have the choice between 2 and 4 piece if you would like a smaller case for it. This outfit also comes with a very protective case to carry the rod in. At such a low price point for the quality of the rod and reel, you cannot go wrong. Not only is it a great beginner and intermediate rod, but this rod is comparable to far more expensive rods.

You also have the option to get this in a 4-9 weight. I’d recommend 5 or 6 as this is the most versatile weight for many situations.


  • Extremely Well Balanced
  • Quality Line and Reel
  • Lifetime Warranty

LL Bean Quest II Fly Rod


Orvis Fly Fishing Encounter Fly Rod & Reel Outfit

Price: $143.99


This rod and reel combo is affordable, and made by one of the top fly fishing companies out there, Orvis. They don’t put out any bad products, so you can be assured high quality. This is Orvis’ top beginner fly fishing outfit that is ready to go out of the box. Great reviews, great feel, and the rod and reel match up perfectly. 5-Weight 8.5 or 9 foot choice, so it is a good fit for nearly all situations.


  • Top Company
  • Highest Quality for the money (hands down)
  • Great balance of rod and reel

Link: Shop Here

Price: $95
This combo is great because it comes with everything you need, rod, reel, tippet, line, flies, rod case, and even a fly box. Not only does it come with all of this, but the rod and reel are both high quality, Don’t believe me? Amazon has an absurd amount of quality reviews coming from long time anglers, and beginners.
  • Comes with everything you need
  • Great Price
  • Highly Reviewed

Link: Shop Here

PLUSINNO Lightweight 4-Piece Rod & Reel with Rod Case (5-6#)

Price: $79.99


This combo slides in at a slightly lower cost without sacrificing too much on overall performance. If you end up getting addicted, you’ll be upgrading, but even when you do, this rod is a perfect backup. It will also allow you to learn to cast effectively. One of the best deals out there.


  • Great Case
  • Comes with fly box (not so great flies)
  • Solid rod and reel

Link: Shop Here

 Price: $31.99
Now I wouldn’t normally recommend a product like this, but if your on a very tight budget, and are simply just a little curious about fly fishing, you can’t really go wrong. You can test our fly fishing for under $50 and even catch some fish on it. It doesn’t cast like most fly rods, but you simply can’t get much cheaper than this. You’ll quickly be interested and want to upgrade. Please keep in mind, that this rod and line will not allow you to experience what its like to cast a whole lot of fly line out, but it will certainly get you the fly rod feel when you have a fish on!
  • Price (Only recommend if budget is a major concern)

Link: Shop Here

Honorable Mention:
Redington Crosswater 690-4 Fly Rod Outfit (9’0″, 6wt, 4pc)


These reviews are based solely on my opinion. Though I do get a small affiliate income when a purchase is made from this site on Amazon, all products were chosen as I felt they were the best fits for beginners to get into fly fishing. Please contact us if you have any additional input or thoughts on this! Thanks for reading, and I hope you end up loving fly fishing as much as I did when I bought my first outfit.

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