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Best Fishing Apps For Beginners & Pros


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Today’s smartphones have the ability to enhance your fishing experiences through increased efficiency, weather, navigation help, tips, record keeping, and much more. In this article, we are going to list out some of the best fishing apps in the marketplace, but apps meant specifically for fishing, as well as apps that will support fishing adventures.

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Best Saltwater Fishing Apps



Navionics AppAvailable for iOS and Android platforms, Navionics offers incredible nautical charts, overlays on those charts, detailed weather specific to boaters, navigation, tide information, and tons of other extremely important features. For anyone fishing on lakes, rivers, or oceans via a boat, Navionics, is one of the most robust apps on the market.

While this is one of the most expensive apps on our list, it is really one of the most powerful boating apps that is extremely important for anyone boating in either lakes or the ocean.

Pricing: Navionics is free during the first 15 days, and sold in yearly subscriptions that varies by location. These are usually from $149.99-$199.99 per year.

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RadarScope MapThe latest updates of Radarscope make it an extremely powerful weather app. The spectacular radar data with high resolution maps with detailed but easy to read information provides users with the tracking and prediction of storm warnings and weather changes, including tornados, floods, severe thunderstorms, snow blasts, etc. (the data is pulled from the U.S. National Weather Service every 2-10 minutes depending on the settings).

Technically, this app is for weather enthusiasts and meteorologists, not anglers, but the power of this app makes it a great option particularly for offshore fisherman, or those venturing out on larger bodies of water. The average spin fisherman or fly fisherman may not need this level of weather data, but ocean bearing vessels can benefit greatly from this resource.

This app is $9.99 with additional in store purchases.

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Fishbrain MapsIf you like social networks, Fishbrain is one of the best fishing apps with a built on social network. Along with a company of 13 million active members, its comprehensive features include:

  • Local fishing maps
  • Depth maps
  • Marking catches
  • Nearby waters to test out
  • Product and gear recommendations
  • Community of users for advice, sharing, and tips

It works on most smartphones with iOS and Android platforms, tablets, and desktops. After upgrading, you get access to extra hotspots, private waypoints, private groups, and more super helpful fishing information.

Overall, the app helps you find the best fishing locations, record your successes and failures, consult with other local anglers, and use weather and other angler data to land more fish.

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FishTrack AppFor saltwater anglers that love high quality maps, water temperature charts, satellite imagery, and marine weather forecasts done in easy to understand visuals, this is a perfect app.

This is a free app with in app upgrades available.

With FishTrack you can:

– View the latest SST, chlorophyll and true color satellite imagery
– Overlay bathymetry, ocean currents and sea surface height
– Save waypoints to mark fishing spots and catches
– Create routes to plan a trip and view distances and headings
– View marine weather forecasts and tides/solunar tables
– Save fishing chart imagery for offline use
– View your current location both online and offline

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Fishing Points

Fishing Points AppThis app has specific features for trolling paths and trotlines, making it a fantastic option for ocean anglers. With great nautical maps, solunar data, tide prediction, and weather all built into one location, it makes a great fishing trip planning app. It also contains a fishing log function to save details and data for continuous improvement.

This is a free app that contains ads, and some in app upgrades.

  • save fishing hotspots and find new ones with GPS;
  • online and offline mode with nautical charts (the U.S. and worldwide);
  • compass;
  • distance estimation;
  • best feeding times;
  • weather forecasts;
  • waves and wind forecast;
  • water temperature;
  • sea currents;
  • dawns and sunset schedule;
  • moonrise, moonset schedule, moon phases;
  • save catches;
  • Share locations with the crowd of fishermen.


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Pro Angler

Pro Angler AppThe application is for saltwater anglers. It includes regulations and special techniques, tips from local pro anglers, weather data, fish identification charts and resources, and solunar data. The app package offers:

  • GPS spots with boat speeds, species info, and other key info.
  • angling techniques;
  • federal regulations;
  • finds hot spots and artificial reefs;
  • gear recommendations;
  • marine weather;
  • fish solunar information
  • wallet to store fishing documents.


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Best Freshwater Fishing Apps


My Fishing Advisor Pro

My Fishing Advisor ProThis $4.99 fishing app is a tool for freshwater fishing that helps anglers decide where to fish, when to fish, what to utilize, and what techniques to utilize. Many anglers say it helps them catch more fish consistently. Inputting data into the app about conditions, catches, and specific locations allows anglers to gather data that will enable them to make improvements over time.

My Fishing Advisor Pro has the following functions and features:

  • a user-friendly interface
  • detailed fishing log
  • weather monitoring
  • tips on fish activity, lures, and retrieval methods


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River Flows

River flows is one of the Android fishing apps that will come in handy during fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and other lake and river journeys in the USA. It is ideal for showing river water levels, the temperature of the water, and monitoring the river flowing per second in graph form or cubic feet. The data come from USGS, theCalifornia Data Exchange Center, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and other trusted services.

This style of app is an amazing resource for fly fisherman and other river fisherman where water levels play a huge role in your location selection, and strategy for catching fish.

This is a free app.


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HuntStand AppHuntStand, while tailored to hunters, has some incredible features for freshwater fisherman. Knowing where public and private land lies are is key to navigating waterways legally, and HuntStand allows you to do this with ease. In addition, anglers will get access to stellar maps of the area, weather data, and field notes. Many anglers are also hunters, so this can have some dual benefits for those lucky individuals.

If you love hiking to alpine lakes, or hard to get to ponds and streams, this is just like some of the best hiking apps, but with essential info for anglers regarding property lines.

Upgrading to the pro version gives anglers and hunters lots of enhanced features.


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Bass Forecast App

Bass ForecastThis app is tailored specifically to Bass Anglers. The app is free, but most of the features you’ll want are in the premium versions ($2.99 per month).

Utilizing weather forecasts, and bass studies and data, the app gives specific time recommendations and bait recommendations for anglers. In addition to this, it has a catch log feature.


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Best Overall Fishing Apps (For Freshwater & Saltwater Anglers)



ANGLR Fishing AppAnglr allows anglers to capture data about fishing trips to make continuous improvements over time. In addition to capturing this helpful data to record all your fishing trips, it has a social element to share your trip with others, challenge others, and see other angler’s fishing trips.

In addition to an incredibly user friendly log system and social sharing, this app has integrations with USGS and NOAA for incredible maps and weather forecasts.

The more data you record in your app, the greater insights you’ll get to enhance your future fishing trips.

This is a free app with in app upgrades.

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FishAngler AppMuch like ANGLR and My Fishing Pro, FishAngler offers great mapping, tons of data tracking and analytics, and an easy to use interface. Like ANGLR, this app also has a social aspect built in. The integrations for weather forecasts, map layers, and even marked ocean buoys give this app a fantastic navigation element, mixed with great fishing trip data collection.

Like many of the other fishing apps, the more info the angler logs, the more improvement they will see overtime.

This app is completely free. This app allows you to log all your gear and tackle into the app to track what gear you may be running short on as well.

See FishAngler Here


Fishing Knots

Fishing Knots AppIt is indispensable for anglers to look up the various knots, and this app will support anglers with personal knots encyclopedia for fishing. Organized by categories, each knot includes a detailed illustrated explanation with a how-to and step-by-step guide. Video and detailed instructions will tell you how to do them carefully.

The application is free and has a simple, intuitively understandable interface. Anglers can save the data onto the phone to access knots and information without any service.

Each knot contains information about break strength, and the app is consistently updated with new knots and more helpful information.

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Interactive fishing maps, local reports from other anglers, and an easy to use fishing log system makes this a great all around app. With great map features, and tons of specific locations logged for various water bodies across the country, this can be a hugely valuable resource. You can look up your local waterways to see the types of data on that waterway before downloading.

Free version has limited features, and the paid version contains Hot Spots that have proven success for other anglers, bottom composition data for understanding the bottom features of the anglers waterways, as well as underwater structures logged in the body of water. This data can be hugely impactful for catching more fish.

This is a free app with premium upgrades available.

Record catches and fishing spots directly on the map X X
View real-time weather and fishing forecasts X X
Find fishing reports and recent waterway activity X X
Exclusive Fishing Hot SpotsĀ® map layer X
Proven fishing spots with GPS coordinates X
Trusted fishing tips from local experts X
Mapped underwater structures X
Feature Basic Premium


See Fishidy Here


iAngler Tournament

iAngler AppiAngler Tournament is a coherent system to manage and operate fishing tournaments and outside competitions. The system provides marine data and provides environmental evaluation. The registered participants can submit their catch results into the system.

The prime functions of the applications are:

  • view tournament advertisements;
  • register in local tournaments;
  • receive announcements and other competition-related messages;
  • check the weather conditions within the location;
  • monitor leadership of competitions while staying on the water.

This is a fantastic app that has allowed tournaments to operate with catch and release structures, helping preserve wildlife.

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Troll Master Depth Calculator

Troll Master Depth Calculator is a simple and intuitively understandable tool for depth calculation. Ideal for saltwater, freshwater, or border areas anglers. It basically allows anglers to plugin lure, leader, speed, and weight information to determine exact line amounts that need to be let out to get your lures to the correct depth. This is a niche app, but great for avid trollers.

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Summing Up

These are just some of the dozens of amazing fishing apps in the market. Hopefully this helps you find some great apps to up your fishing game. Have additional apps to add? Let us know!

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