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Who doesn’t love subscription boxes? Whether you’re giving them as gifts or subscribing for yourself, subscription boxes are a great way to discover and try new products. There’s a subscription box out there for nearly every interest, and that includes fly fishing! But which subscription box is right for you, or for a friend? If you’re looking for the best fly fishing subscription boxes, we’ve got you covered.

Subscription boxes are especially fun for fly fishers because there’s so much variety in the types of flies available. While lots of anglers have their favorites, a subscription box’s curated selections can challenge you to try something new and outside of your comfort zone, or simply keep you stocked up on great flies.

Additionally, we’ve broken down the pricing model for each box. Some boxes are monthly subscriptions; others come quarterly or have single box purchase models. Each one is a little bit different. In addition to listing the prices, we’ve also listed the price per box for a 12-month subscription, so that you can compare the value of these boxes!


Subscription Boxes by Category

No matter how you enjoy fishing, there’s a fly fishing subscription box for you. We’ve put together a list of boxes based on what each box does best. If you’re looking for the best fly fishing subscription boxes for beginners, experts, saltwater anglers, freshwater trout fiends, or anyone in between, we’ve found the perfect subscription box for you!


Best For Freshwater Fly Fishing


The Fly Crate

The Fly CrateThe Fly Crate offers a great assortment of gear and flies at an affordable price. You get 36 flies in every box, plus you’ll get gear in the form of either tippet, leader, floatants, fly boxes, and others in every package.

  • What’s Inside: Up to $80 worth of flies and gear, along with fun extras like stickers and expert advice
  • Pros: Incredible assortment of flies and fly-fishing accessories tailored to seasonal fly fishing needs
  • Cons: Confusing pricing; advertises as being $23.33 a month. However, boxes aren’t monthly; they’re quarterly. Each box costs $69.99. Their $19.99 a month plan is not a subscription box– it’s a discount on $30 of store credit that you can use to choose whatever you want from the store. Once you understand the pricing, these flies, and the assortment are super high quality.
  • Pricing Model: Quarterly shipping and quarterly billing at $69.99 per box. Additionally, they have a plan that allows you to select flies and order flies at your convenience. This is a pretty great option for anglers looking to get high quality discounted flies.


Best For Beginners


Postfly Regular Box

Postfly’s subscription boxes are great for beginners. They offer a nice assortment of premium flies and the gear you need to be successful with them. We really like that each box comes with a tapered leader that’s ideal to use with the flies in the box– it’s already set up for you, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right leader!

    • What’s Inside: 10-12 flies, tapered leader sized to the flies in the box, fly guide, Postfly branded bonus gear, stickers, access to pro video guides
    • Pros: Three different box options (trout, warm water, and saltwater), free shipping, free 1-year subscription to Trout Unlimited in your first box
    • Cons: Sometimes the bonus gear is great, other times, not so much.
    • Pricing Model: Monthly billing at $27.95 per month or prepaid 3-month ($71.85), 6-month ($143.70), or 12-month ($275.40) plans


Best Box For Experienced Fisherman


Smitty’s Fly Box

Smitty’s Fly Boxes are a great way to up your fly fishing game. These boxes have fewer frills and are for the fisher who knows what they’re after. Each box is uniquely hand-picked for you; you indicate what species you’re fishing at checkout and where you are, and you’ll receive a box that will help you land the fish of your dreams.

    • What’s Inside: 12 hand-picked flies, tippet, leader, split shot or indicators
    • Pros: Curated precisely for your area and the fish you’re after. There is also a fly tyers subscription box that sends you fly tying materials.
    • Cons: You do need to know what kind of fish you’re after, and know some of your favorite flies before purchasing- this box is perfect for someone with some experience.
    • Pricing Model: Monthly billing at $20, auto-renews on the first of the month


Best For Saltwater Fly Fishing


TrueFly Supply Salt Box

Saltwater fish are fast, strong, and big– and a saltwater fly angler needs heavy-duty equipment to keep up.

    • What’s Inside: 9 flies, monthly mystery item, leader, sticker, educational card, and 20% off everything TrueFly sells
    • Pros: Heavy duty gear, good value (around $65), option to buy a one-off saltwater box without subscribing. There are several box types to choose from, including euro nymphing boxes, warm water boxes, trout boxes, and fly tying boxes.
    • Cons: Can’t easily switch subscriptions- if you buy the salt box, you’re locked into the salt box until you cancel (for now)
    • Pricing Model: Monthly billing at $29.00 (auto-renews)



Best for Fly Tying


Postfly Fly Tying Box

The Postfly Fly Tying Box bills itself as the easiest way to learn how to tie flies, and that very well might be true. This box makes it simple to learn how to tie flies because all of the materials you need and the instructions are included. Fly tying can be intimidating for beginners because there are so many options out there.

    • What’s Inside: Pre-proportioned materials, example fly, link to instructional video
    • Pros: All inclusive, options for trout, warm water, and saltwater fly tying, free shipping
    • Cons: Starter box does not include tying vice; you’ll need to get that yourself
    • Pricing Model: $27.95 monthly delivery or 3-month ($71.85), 6-month ($143.70), or 12-month ($275.40) pre-paid subscriptions


Best Versatile Fly Box


TrueFly Supply Ultimate Supply Drop

This awesome box of fly fishing supplies is sure to thrill you and challenge your fishing game. The Ultimate Supply Drop is designed to make sure that you’re getting new flies in each box and that these flies are good for trout, and warm water species. TrueFly also has trout specific plans, saltwater plans, euro nymphing plans, and more. So they have a versatile monthly plan, plus great specific monthly plans.

    • What’s Inside: 24 flies (3 trout-specific patterns, 1 all-around streamer pattern, and 2 warm water patterns), a monthly mystery item, 2 leaders, stickers, educational cards, and a 20% discount code for everything TrueFly sells
    • Pros: Lots of cool and unique flies for lots of fishing situations, great value (around $75 per box)
    • Cons: No auto-renew or prepaid option- might be a perk for some people!
    • Pricing Model: Monthly billing at $34.99


Best Value


Freestone On The Water Subscription Box

Freestone offers great subscription boxes with a huge variety of options. They have a fly-tying box, a freshwater trout box, a salmon/steelhead box, a warm water bass box, and a saltwater box. Each box of goodies has at least $80 worth of flies and gear inside for less than $40 a month!

    • What’s Inside: 24 trout flies/12-16 salmon/steelhead, warm water bass, or saltwater flies/materials to tie 24 flies, at least 5 pieces of top-tier fly fishing gear, stickers, fly guide, and a free one-year membership to Trout Unlimited
    • Pros: Incredible value, lots of variety, high-quality gear
    • Cons: Sometimes freshwater gear gets into the saltwater box (according to some reviews), shipping isn’t free
    • Pricing Model: Monthly billing at $39.95, or prepaid 3-month ($116.85), 6-month (227.70), or 12-month ($443.40) subscriptions


Fly Fishing Subscription Boxes By Species

If you’re looking for a subscription box that will support your species-designated fly fishing needs, there are boxes that are perfectly tailored for many of the most popular fly fishing targets


Best for Trout


The Fly Crate

We think this is the all around best box for trout due to its simplicity. You get killer flies for tons of situations, and you get tippet. To be honest, this is a huge win for us due to simplicity. High quality flies, and tippet, is generally all you need on a regular basis, and this makes it our top pick for trout fisherman.


Postfly Guide Series Box

Possibly the most popular subscription box in fly fishing, the Postfly Guide Series Box is a little on the pricey side, but totally worth it. Each box is packed with seasonally-selected flies, name-brand tools, and everything you need for a great fishing experience.

    • What’s Inside: 20-24 seasonally selected flies in size variations, tools, fly guides, Postfly branded gear, tapered leader sized to the flies in your box, free one-year subscription to Trout Unlimited
    • Pros: Easy to change species/subscription model
    • Cons: One of the more expensive boxes out there, especially if you’re looking at the up-front cost for a 12-month subscription
    • Pricing Model: Monthly at $49.95 a month or 3-month ($129.45), 6-month ($258.90), or 12-month ($496.20) pre-paid subscriptions


TrueFly Supply Trout Supply Drop

TrueFly has 3 options specifically designed for trout. A 24 fly box, a pro box that doubles down on gear with 24 flies, and a box that gives you just flies for simplicity. Because of these three options, and the price point, this is a great option for trout fisherman.


Best Warm Water Fly Fishing Boxes


TrueFly Supply Warmwater Supply Drop

TrueFly has an awesome subscription available for warm water species. Anglers have 3 options that are specific to warmwater species that range in the cost and the amount of accessories included. 16 hand selected flies in the most common box.


Postly Box Warmwater Species Box

Postfly’s warmwater box comes with 10-12 flies, leader, stickers, and bonus gear in each box. The upgraded  version (guide series), comes with double the flies, and extra gear in each box. Postfly has one of the best warmwater fly selections on the market.


Best for Steelhead and Salmon


Freestone On The Water Subscription Box for Steelhead and Salmon

Steelhead and salmon are a fun freshwater challenge, and Freestone’s high-quality steelhead and salmon subscription box is the perfect way to get top-quality salmon and steelhead gear at an amazing price.

    • What’s Inside: 12-16 salmon/steelhead flies, at least 5 pieces of top-tier fly fishing gear, stickers, fly guide, and a free one-year membership to Trout Unlimited
    • Pros: Incredible value, very high-quality gear
    • Cons: Shipping isn’t free
    • Pricing Model: Monthly billing at $39.95, or prepaid 3-month ($116.85), 6-month (227.70), or 12-month ($443.40) subscriptions
  • Subscribe Here


Fly Fishing Box Value Comparison Chart

The subscription box model usually means that you save money per box if you subscribe for longer periods of time. Here, we’ve taken each box and looked at the 12 month cost in order to help you determine the plan’s value.

Box Name Price for 12 Months Number of Boxes in 12 Months Price Per Box for 12 Months Do you save with a longer subscription?
Postfly Regular Box $275.40 12 $22.95 Yes
Smitty’s Fly Box $240 12 $20 No
TrueFly Supply Salt Box $348 12 $29 No
The Fly Crate $209.97 4 $69.99 No
Postfly Fly Tying Box $275.40 12 $22.95 Yes
TrueFly Supply Ultimate Supply Drop $419.88 12 $34.99 No
Freestone On The Water Subscription Box $443.40 12 $36.95 Yes
Postfly Guide Series Box $496.20 12 $41.35 Yes
Mystery Tackle Box Bass Pro Box $323.88 12 $26.99 Yes
Simple Fishing Elite Pike Box $780 CAD (about $575 USD) 6 $65 CAD (about $50 USD) No
Freestone On The Water Steelhead/Salmon Subscription Box $443.40 12 $36.95 Yes

Best for Bass Spin Fisherman

Several of these subscription boxes offer subscriptions specifically for warm water species and bass.


Mystery Tackle Box Bass Pro Box

Mystery Tackle Box by Catch Co. has three levels of species-specific monthly tackle boxes available, and we love the pro level because it provides you with a lot of great gear suitable for anglers at any level. If you subscribe to the 6-month or 12-month plans, you can switch species for greater variety, too– Mystery Tackle Box offers boxes for bass, pike, panfish, inshore saltwater fishing, and walleye,

    • What’s Inside: About $40 worth of tackle, lures, sample products, and an in-box magazine with fishing tips and advice for using your new gear
    • Pros: Free shipping, 6-month and 12-month plans come with free e-gift cards,
    • Cons: You do pay upfront for the whole plan and there are no refunds
    • Pricing Model: Monthly billing at $29.99; 6-month ($167.94) and 12-month ($323.88 )  plans available for monthly shipping
  • Subscribe Here


Best for Pike Spin Fisherman


Simple Fishing Elite Pike Box

Anglers who go after pike need big bait that’s enticing to these top-level predators. Pike are fast, strong, and fierce, and the tools delivered in the Simple Fishing Elite Pike Box will challenge your pike fishing techniques and supplement the lures you already have.

    • What’s Inside: Roughly $75 worth of lures, hooks, and accessories, a copy of Elite Angler magazine, special manufacturer offers from subscribers, and some stickers for your tackle box
    • Pros: Good value, easy cancellation, fun online community, free shipping to the US and Canada
    • Cons: You may get repeat lures if you’re subscribed to any of Simple Fishing’s other elite tackle boxes; cart automatically adds package protection surcharge as a hidden cost
    • Pricing Model: $65 CAD (about $50 USD) charged bimonthly. Boxes are delivered every other month.


Best Outdoor Lover Subscription Boxes

Odds are if you enjoy the sport of fly fishing, you enjoy other outdoor activities and probably spend some time hiking, backpacking, or having fun outside. We’ve found three fun subscription boxes for people who love being outside that would make great gifts or a fun monthly surprise for you!


Timber Edge Monthly Outdoor Box

This box is a curated selection of outdoor items hand-chosen by outdoor enthusiasts in Rifle, Colorado. It offers lots of fun gear and usually includes a trail snack or two.

    • What’s Inside: 4-6 outdoor items, possibly including gloves, shirts, hiking gear, hunting accessories, and fishing items delivered monthly
    • Pros: Lots of variety, high-quality gear, add-ons available
    • Cons: Items may not be useful for your preferred activity– if you don’t hunt, the hunting items might not be great for you
    • Pricing Model: $39.99 for a single month or $119.97 for a 3-month auto-renewing subscription


Outdoor Essentials Camping Crate

The Outdoor Essentials Camping Crate comes packed with gear that’s sure to make your next camping trip great. Each quarterly box has a theme and contains essential supplies at a great price.

    • What’s Inside: 4-5 items worth over $55; past boxes have included shirts, dry bags, full-sized first aid kits, silicone trail dishes, and more
    • Pros: Really high-quality gear, full-sized items (not samples), company uses recycled shipping material to reduce environmental footprint
    • Cons: No size options for gear like gloves and socks
    • Pricing Model: Quarterly delivery and auto-renewing subscription; $44.95 for one box, $89.90 for two boxes, or $179.80 for four boxes
  • Subscribe Here


Nomadik Subscription Box

The Nomadik Subscription Box is an all-around outdoors box that features lots of awesome products at big savings. You start your subscription with a pre-designed themed box and then fill out your profile to let the company know what type of gear is best for you

    • What’s Inside: At least $60 worth of new, best-in-class products, adventure activity suggestions, educational content
    • Pros: Good value, high-quality gear, boxes are tailored to your interests if you fill out your profile, all subscription levels come with a free box
    • Cons: Initial subscription is a little confusing
    • Pricing Model: 1-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions with up-front billing; pay $34.99 monthly, $197.94 biannually, or $359.88 once a year


So what do you think? Are you going to try a fly fishing subscription box? For fun, value, and variety, these boxes are all great choices and we think you’ll have a great time with them. Whether you’re buying a gift for yourself or for someone else, we think that a box subscription is a great idea. The best fly fishing subscription boxes are designed to push you and challenge your fly fishing skills. They’re a great way to learn new skills and take on new challenges that you might not have otherwise considered. No matter how you like to fish, there’s a subscription box out there for you!

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