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There are over 117 million lakes in the world and all of them are uniquely beautiful. However, we listed down some of the most stunning lakes that would take your breath away.

1. Lake Matheson

The Lake Matheson (image above) is located in South Westland, New Zealand and it is one of the most scenic tourist attractions in the area. The reason why this lake is one of the best in the world is because of its stunning mirror view of the highest peaks in New Zealand called Mount Tasman and Mount Cook.

You can clearly see the twin peaks being reflected on the surface of the lake. The lake also has a very unusual color because of the organic matters coming from the ancient forest.

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2. Lake Tahoe

If you are from the United States, you are in luck because Lake Tahoe is considered one of the best lakes in the world. It is the second deepest lake in the U.S. and the largest alpine lake in North America.

The main reason why Lake Tahoe was included in this list is because of its clear waters. You can clearly see the bottom of the lake through the water surface. The scenery surrounding the lake is also breathtaking, making it a hotspot for photography.

If you plan to visit this lake with your family, the online travel agency MustGo can help you prepare everything.

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3. Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice Lakes is probably one of the most unique and also one of the best lakes on this list. It is actually a group of 16 lakes found in Croatia and it forms one of the largest national parks in the area. This lake was also considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The main reason why the Plitvice Lakes is very popular is because of the multiple waterfalls that are surrounding the lakes. Yes, it is more than just a lake because you can also enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls around it. The lakes are also interconnected so it would not be easy to tour around the 16 lakes.

You can do a lot of things here so you can definitely bring your whole family with you to enjoy the sights of the lake.

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4. Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is not actually a sea, but a huge Salt Lake. It is located in the Jordan rift valley. The most amazing thing about the Dead Sea is the amount of salt that it contains. It is actually nine times saltier than ocean water so it is not capable of sustaining marine life. The name “Dead Sea” came from this fact as you won’t be able to find any living fish in the area.

Another attraction of the Dead Sea is its high salinity factor that can affect the density of the water. People will not have a hard time floating in the lake.

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5. Laguna Verde

Laguna Verde is a saltwater lake found in the southwestern part of Altiplano in Bolivia and it is also very close to the Chilean border. It is definitely one of the most beautiful lakes in the world because of its emerald green waters and the volcano Licancabur that is almost a perfect cone in its background.

However, even if the lake is very beautiful, the water is very poisonous. The emerald green color of the water is because of the mineral suspension of arsenic and other minerals. This is also the reason why the water will remain the same even if the weather is extremely cold.

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Lake Kawaguchi

6. Lake Kawaguchi

We also have an entry coming from Asia. Lake Kawaguchi is located on the border of Fujikawaguchiko and Minobu in Yamanashi Prefecture and it is near Mount Fuji, Japan. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world simply because of its stunning views. You can also see Mount Fuji from the background, making the lake extremely popular for the people who want to have a view of the mountain.

April to June is the best time to visit the lake so you can plan ahead of you want to view this beautiful lake.

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baikal lake

7. Lake Baikal

Baikal Lake is located in Southeastern Siberia and it is also one of the deepest and oldest freshwater lakes in the world. This lake is the home to more than 2,500 species of animals and almost 100 species of plants, making it one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in the world.

This alone made it one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Also, the unusual fresh faunas are only found on this lake. The lake is also surrounded by boreal forests, islands, and mountains so it is very scenic.

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Melissani Cave Lake - Greece

8. Melissani Cave Lake

The Melissani Cave Lake is definitely one of the best lakes in the world and it is also one of the known natural wonders of Greece. The country is known for its rich culture and history and this lake is definitely one of the things that you would not want to miss when you visit Greece.

It was formed through the dissolution of rocks and the water entered the cavities, forming the cave lake. This lake contains sea and freshwater and it also has a depth of 20 to 30 meters.

One of the reasons why the Melissani Cave Lake is extremely popular is because of the turquoise waters that would create an amazing illumination with direct sunlight hits the surface of the water.

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lake taal

9. Taal Lake

We have another entry from Asia and it comes from the Philippines. Taal Lake is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world simply because of its breathtaking views and because of its uniqueness.

There is actually a lake within a lake because at the center of the Taal Lake lies a huge island known as the Volcano island and within that island lies another lake known as the Main Crater Lake. It is pretty confusing, but amazing at the same time. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in the Philippines.

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10. Moraine Lake

Canada is known to have a lot of lakes, but none of them would compare with the beauty of Moraine Lake. It was so beautiful that the Canadian government decided to use it as the face of the Canadian currency.

This lake is extremely beautiful because of its amazing cerulean hue. The lake is also home to different animals that the visitors will surely enjoy. You can do so many things in this lake so if you plan to have a visit, make sure that you go during the summer season.

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Nature is amazing as it gave birth to a lot of beautiful wonders that humans can enjoy. All of these lakes, as long as they are taken care of, would still be beautiful in the years to come and the next generation will still enjoy its beauty.

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