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The Best Outdoor Apps and Games for Phones and Computers


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A day with bad weather can put a damper on your outdoor activities. A great way to combat this, is to find apps and games to play on rainy, or poor weather days. While they may not be as fun as your planned adventure, they can still be enjoyable when the weather, health, or other factors don’t cooperate.


Game Types

There are tons of games on the app store that can be played outside. Some of them are even best when played outside. Games like “Pokemon Go” and “Ingress” use your real world surroundings to create an augmented reality game-play experience. These games get you up and walking around, often to places you wouldn’t normally

For the purpose of this article, we are going to focus on games that can be played while indoors, not games that take you outside. These will be mobile apps, or simple computer games.


“The Oregon Trail”

The Oregon Trail GameThis computer game from the 1970s, has been turned into a mobile app that you can play on your phone. The goal of the game is to make it across the country without dying of dysentery. The game is simple, but can be quite challenging. It’s a great way to spend some time, and is considered an absolute classic.

You can play the game and read more about it here.


The Trail

The Trail is a game that was developed by Kongregate, alongside Peter Molyneux and 22Cans. It’s available on multiple platforms (including your phone) and basically has players on a relaxing, meandering frontier journey. You control a pioneer taking off for parts unknown, exploring beautifully drawn landscapes, gathering and crafting resources, and meeting other people (and animals) on your way. It’s a bit methodical; you won’t beat the game in one sitting. But it will keep you entertained, and even give you a sense of accomplishment at times.


Let’s Fish: Fishing Simulator

Sometimes, it’s all in the name. This is a pretty straightforward animated fishing simulator in which you can try different locations, load up your choice of tackle, and try to catch any of hundreds of different types of fish. It’s another relaxing game, and one that can be enjoyed fairly idly. However, there are also competitive features for those interested (and millions of players participating in challenges and tournaments).


Big Bass Bonanza

Oddly enough, some of the most enjoyable and visually impressive fishing games out there actually exist at online casinos. And Big Bass Bonanza, which is consistently among the top featured slots at Foxy Games online, is perhaps the chief example. It’s an arcade slot reel, but one in which various types of fish, bait, and poles populate the reels (with an underwater background that’s strangely soothing). It’s not so much a fishing simulator, but there is a certain similar satisfaction to seeing fish pop up as special bonuses on the reels –– as if you’re landing a rare catch from time to time.


Slingone Fishin’

Similar to slots, there are also a few Slingo games (which blend bingo and slot gameplay) that incorporate fishing themes. Slingone Fishin’ isn’t quite as prominent as Big Bass Bonanza at major casino gaming platforms, but it’s one of the better Slingo offerings you’ll find, and another game that –– in its own way –– simulates the thrill of catching fish. Animated pelicans, starfish, fishermen, boats, and assorted types of fish drift around the screen pretty much throughout your time playing.

Watch Gameplay Here

Wandering Trails: A Hiking Game

Wandering Trails isn’t quite as accessible as some of the other games here, in that it’s primarily available on Steam. But if you have the ability to load it up, it’s about the best simulation of hiking or fishing you’ll find. This game invites you on a first-person hike through a blocky but beautiful mountain landscape –– and that’s about it. You won’t find too many adventures, challenges, missions, and the like, but you will enjoy an almost meditative virtual hiking experience.

Read more and purchase here.


Ridiculous Fishing

Finally there’s Ridiculous Fishing –– a mobile game by Vlambeer that’s been around for a while, but remains one of the most entertaining games in app stores. It’s by no means an accurate or realistic-looking simulation of fishing. But the gameplay –– which consists of casting a line, avoiding obstacles as it sinks through the sea, and snagging as many fish as possible as it comes back up –– is simply a joy. Throw in the satisfying sense of progress as you upgrade your gear and try more challenging spots, and it’s a game you almost won’t want to put down even when the rain stops.


Other Apps

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