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Gun owners are always on the go, and it’s essential to have a safe way to transport your firearms. There are many different types of traveling gun safes, and it’s important to know what you’re looking for before buying.

Traveling gun cases tend to be smaller, making them more compact and easier to transport. They may not have the level of security of larger units, but they can still do a great job of protecting your firearms. Some styles are lockable, waterproof, lightweight, biometric, or made of soft or hard shell cases. This gives travelers many options when choosing a specific style that suits their needs.

There are many different types of gun safes on the market, but which one is the best for your situation? There are factors to consider, such as the safe side, locking mechanism, and the price. We’ve narrowed down some of the different kinds of gun safes for you to choose from.

Please keep in mind that traveling with weapons requires travelers to be knowledgeable of the laws, and must follow them appropriately.


Unlocking Mechanism

There are various different mechanism for locking your cases. These include:

  • Biometric (fingerprint) locks
  • Key
  • Numerical or letter digits
  • Pad locked

Keyed systems tend to be the most common due to ease of use, and affordability. Biometric cases are often more expensive, but are very secure, and offer quick access without the need to fumble for keys. The same goes for numerical or letter codes typed into cases or safes. Traveling cases may also be in small boxes or soft cases. These can often be locked by pad lock systems that keep zippers or clips shut closed.

Knowing which type of system you are looking for will help in choosing a case.


Your Use Case

  • Do you need to travel via a car? Via flight? There are regulations for checking weapons on airplanes that will affect the case you need to purchase.
  • Is this just for your vehicle? Consider how easily you want it accessed, and where your vehicle can safely store a case or safe.
  • Type of Gun – Obviously a handgun needs a significantly different style case than a rifle.
  • Will you be carrying the case a lot? For example, carrying your weapon to the range vs storing for longer periods of time in a place. A carrying case will be best for those who are looking to hold and walk with the gun frequently.
  • Do you value ease of access most? Or Complete security? Or somewhere in between.


These are all questions you need to ask yourself before making a purchasing decision.


Types Of Gun Safes & Cases That Work For Travel


Travel & Car Gun Safes

You’ll find safes designed specifically for cars and travel. These safes will have a several designs, some meant for glove boxes, while others meant for between seats or under seats. These safes will come in key lock boxes or biometric boxes. They will also often secure the weapon in place so that an accident will keep the firearm steady and safe within the case without moving.

In addition to cases designed specifically for cars and travel, weapon owners can utilize other cases to be repurposed for travel.



Biometric Gun Safe

There are many options for the best traveling gun safe types, but one of the most popular is the biometric gun safe. It’s easy to set up, and it’s incredibly secure. Plus, it’s lightweight and compact, so it’s easy to transport. This type of safe will keep your weapons secured and out of the hands of unauthorized users.

The speed at which these safes can be opened is a major positive, but often the higher end biometric safes can be expensive.




Under Bed Or Nightstand Gun Safe

Repurposing under bed or nightstand gun safes can potentially be great travel case options. These cases come in a wide variety of styles, can be quite affordable, and have a very low profile. The low profile make them great options for sliding or installing under car seats.



Hard Shelled Gun Cases

A hard shelled gun case is generally lightweight, compact, and extremely protective of weapons. They can easily be carried to a car, or locked up. These are often used for air travel or car travel with proper locking procedures. You generally need to purchase pad locks to lock these up appropriately.




Range Bag

Another type of gun case that’s popular with many people is a range bag. A range bag is lightweight, easy to use, and less expensive than other options. They work great for carrying weapons to your vehicle, or to a range and back. These are the least protective and secure of the traveling gun safe options, but are great for quick transportation that provides a bit of privacy and protection from bumps or fast movements.

These are not great for air travel or utilizing locks. These are generally lightweight and semi protective for quick and easy carrying to and from the range.





When traveling, it is essential to have a gun safe that is both durable and reliable. Many different types of gun safes are designed for traveling. Some will fit perfectly in the trunk of your car. In contrast, others are small enough to fit into a glovebox, or under a seat. While finding a traveling gun case might involve a different process than finding the best nightstand gun safe for your needs, with creativity, you can utilize smaller sized gun safes for travel purposes.

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