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BOTE Breeze Aero Inflatable SUP Review


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If you are in the market for a new inflatable SUP, you may be wondering if the BOTE Breeze Aero is right for you. In this review, we will take a look at all of the pros and cons of this board to help you make an informed decision. The BOTE Breeze Aero is a great option for anyone looking for an easy-to-use SUP that can be taken on trips with ease. Keep reading for our full review!

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Our Testing

We have taken this paddleboard out on calm sunny days, cold windy days, calm water, rough water, in high winds, and even when it was raining. We packed it up, hauled multiple miles to subalpine and alpine lakes, fished from it, taken two people on it, ate on it, and gave it as good of a test as we possibly could in our review.

Much of our test and review has to do specifically with the Breeze Aero 10 foot, eight inch SUP, but many of the qualities of this board apply to other boards that BOTE offers.


Where To Purchase

You can purchase Bote paddle boards and accessories on their website or on Amazon.


About BOTE

Bote was founded by Corey and Magda Cooper, a couple that left successful careers to develop a solution to a problem they found in the stand up paddleboard space. This process led them to develop a board that a person of any age could paddle with ease. They wanted to create a board that was stable, simple, and also looked great. You can read more about BOTE’s story here.

In addition to the Breeze Aero paddleboard that we are reviewing here, BOTE has paddleboards for all types of ability levels, accessories to add on to your paddleboards, fishing paddle boards, paddleboards you can haul up to alpine lakes, coolers, and other items.


About The Breeze Aero iSUP

The Breeze Aero is designed to be a beginner friendly board that is lightweight (and therefore portable), and has fantastic stability on the water. It is designed to be extremely easy to set up, easy to carry, easy to deflate, and durable.

The Breeze Aero comes with two length options, 10’8″ and 11’6″. The extra length model will add weight, but it will add overall weight capacity, a bit of stability, and a bit of performance.


Who Is The Breeze Aero Best For?

BOTE offers paddle boards that are best for certain types of adventurers or activities. In our opinion, the Breeze Aero is best for:

  • Beginner to intermediate stand up paddle boarders
  • Anyone that wants to hike with their paddle board to a destination (this is probably the best paddleboard on the market for this)
  • Anyone that has a mid level paddleboard budget Between $400-$800, this is one of, if not, the best board in this price range


Technical Specs

Breeze Aero 10’8″ Breeze Aero 11’6″
Dimensions: 10′8″ L × 33″ W × 6″ D 11′6″ L × 33″ W × 6″ D
Capacity: 250 LBS 315 LBS
Avg. Weight: 20 LBS 22 LBS
Construction: Inflatable AeroULTRA Technology Inflatable AeroULTRA Technology
Optimal Inflation: 10-15 PSI 10-15 PSI
Travel Bag Dimensions: 38″ L × 18″ W × 12″ D 38″ L × 18″ W × 12″ D
Loaded Bag Weight: 26 LBS 28 LBS


Free Shipping

Free FedEx SmartPost Shipping (5 to 10 business days) for any order over $100. Faster shipping options are available at additional costs as well. You can read more on the shipping information here.


Returns & Warranty

BOTE has a limited 2 year warranty on their products with the AeroULTRA technology. You can read about this warranty here.



Our Review



We wanted to talk about portability first as we believe this is one of the best and most unique selling feature of this paddleboard. If you are like us, and want to take your adventures to stunning destinations, having the portability of an inflatable board that is lightweight, and can easily be backed in a small car, and then hiked up to an alpine lake is a huge advantage.





Stability may be one of the most important elements to consider when purchasing a paddle board. Especially for beginners. The 33″ width of the Breeze Aero and great design makes this an extremely stable paddle board. If you compare this board to other boards in similar price ranges, other inflatable boards, and even boards in much higher price ranges, this boards meets and exceeds stability expectations. Overall, this is a very stable board.

Stability Score: 9/10



These BOTE boards are not the fastest boards out there, but they do allow users to move at a solid clip with relative ease. The design of these boards create a smooth glide through the water that is pretty solid comparative to other SUP’s we have tried.

Speed Score: 8/10



These are very lightweight boards, stable boards, and boards with good pads/traction for your feet. These three elements make it quite maneuverable when compared to other paddleboards. The shorter length of the 10’8″ board also adds additional maneuverability which improves the functionality for beginners and intermediate paddleboarders.

Maneuverability Score: 9/10



Overall, the removeable main fin seems to do a great job of helping these boards track straight. This is a very maneuverable board, so it is easy to turn, and wind can have a greater effect on it. You will find a few reviews that mention users not loving the small permanent side fins. These fins are small, and do get in the way a little bit when packing up, but still the board is easy to roll up, and pack in the backpack without issue. Adding removable fins as the secondary fins might be a great idea, but overall, this board tracks straight as it currently is designed. Riders lose a little bit of performance in terms of tracking as a tradeoff for great maneuverability, but overall the balance here is solid.

Tracking Score: 8/10



This isn’t a common characteristic when you think of a paddleboard, but we wanted to point out that the padding on this SUP is extremely comfortable. Whether you are standing, sitting, or kneeling for long periods of time, the padding across the entire board gives friction and a bit of cushion while still allowing for great performance. Compared to other paddleboards, we love the design and materials that come in contact with your skin, it is simply a very comfortable board.

Comfort Rating: 10/10



BOTE uses patented technology known as AeroULTRA. This technology utilizes single layer PVC and a stitching technology that is supposed to be extremely sturdy. In our testing, and based on how the board looks and feels, it appears that this construction is highly durable. We will continue to test and utilize this board heavily and we may upgrade or downgrade our rating based on continued use. Based on our use of this board, opinions, and the reviews of long time users, we think this board is about as durable as it gets for inflatable boards.

We have zero concern about dropping it on rocks or sand, we’ve dragged it across rocks and sand, and we have given it a bit of a beating already without any signs of wear and tear.

Durability Score: 9/10


Ease Of Use

With inflatable SUPs, having a quality system for inflating, deflating, packing, and unpacking is highly important. Difficult boards can be cumbersome and frustrating, so if you plan on doing a lot of unpacking and packing of your board, getting one that has a great system is highly recommended. This board is about as easy as it gets. The pump it comes with works great, the valves are super easy to use and work fantastic, the board rolls up extremely easy, and it all fits in the backpack with ease.

We haven’t encountered an iSUP with a better more more user friendly system. Do keep in mind, that this is an inflatable board, so it is going to take a person 8-12 minutes to blow up by themselves with a few breaks, or about 5-7 minutes to blow up with a partner.

Ease Of Use Score: 10/10



We think this is a great looking board. The backpack looks great while your hiking with it, the design choices are all simple, yet great looking. Overall, the look of this board is fantastic

Looks Score: 10/10



All in all, this iSUP sits it a mid level price range, with top quality materials, great design, amazing packability, and great overall performance. In terms of value for your dollar, we think this SUP is comparable, or better than any other board on the market. The durability, ease of use, performance, and portability leaves us with suggesting this board to nearly all beginner or intermediate paddleboarders.

Overall Value: 10/10


On the fence about an inflatable board vs a rigid board? Check out our article on the topic.



Additional Photos

Hiking with an inflatable SUP

Hiking with the Breeze Aero and fishing gear.


Pumping up the board on an uneven and rocky surface

Pumping up the board on an uneven and rocky surface


Paddling across a lake in Colorado

Paddling across a lake in Colorado


Kneeling while heading across the lake

Kneeling while heading across the lake


Rolling up the BOTE Breeze Aero

Rolling up the BOTE Breeze Aero


BOTE iSUP hiked up to a subalpine lake in Colorado

BOTE iSUP hiked up to a subalpine lake in Colorado

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