Cadillac Mountain is infamous for it’s incredible views, and of course, the first point in the U.S. to see the sunrise. On Mount Desert Island within Acadia National Park, this mountain offers fantastic hiking trails, as well as a short drive or bike ride up to the summit.

Height: 1,530 Feet (466 Meters)

Distance: 4.4 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,150 feet

Duration: 2-5 hours

Difficulty: Easy-Intermediate

Trail Map

Cadillac Mountain Trail Map


North Ridge Trail – 4.4 Miles | 1,530 Feet Elevation Gain

The North Ridge Trail is probably the most popular option up to the summit. It features a steady gain up Cadillac, gorgeous views, and is just an all around fun trail.

West Face Trail – 3.1 Miles | 1,309 Feet Elevation Gain

This is the shortest and steepest route up Cadillac. It features extremely cool views of Bubble Pond and Eagle lake. This is a great quick option if you love rock faces and steeper hiking.

South Ridge Trail – 7 miles | 1,350 Feet Elevation Gain

The South Ridge trail begins off of Route 3 across from the Blackwoods Campground. Hikers can choose to park here, and campers at the campground can follow a .7 mile path to the trailhead as well. This is one of the most common routes up Cadillac due to the diverse views. It is one of the longest trails in Acadia.

How Long Does It Take To Hike Up Cadillac Mountain?

The average individuals will take around 2.5 hours to hike to the summit. Longer Trails, like the South Ridge Trail will take just over 3 hours typically. Frequent hikers can summit via North Ridge Trail, or West Face trail in under an hour and a half.

Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain

The sunrise on Cadillac Mountain is absolutely gorgeous. With 360 degree views of the surrounding bays, lakes and mountains, it is a must for every traveler to watch. Be sure to time your hike correctly so that you make it before sunrise! Bring headlamps. If your feeling lazy, you can also drive up.

Cadillac Mountain Sunrise


North Ridge Trail Directions:

South Ridge Trail Directions:

West Face Trail Directions:

West Face Trail Views

West Face Trail Views