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Carp Fishing in Slovenia


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Slovenia has around 321 lakes and many more rivers and streams. A large number of these, especially lakes, are home to carp. This species of fish has been present in Slovenia for a very long time, but it was only in recent decades, with the development of modern carp fishing, that the sport has gained in popularity among fly fishers in Slovenia.

With the careful management of our largest and most carp-filled lakes, the carp fishing industry in Slovenia is definitely on the rise. This article presents the top 3 of Slovenia’s most famous carp lakes, all of which contain carp weighing over 30 kg.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled

Lake Bled lies in the north-eastern part of the country, tucked away in a valley surrounded by hills which steadily grow into the majestic Alps. Lake Bled is Slovenia’s most famous national treasure. In recent years, the glacial gem’s appeal has also been attracting numerous carp fishermen from all over the world. The lake’s beauty is not only reflected by its amazing surroundings and symbolic island with the church, but also by the riches it holds beneath the surface. A large carp exceeding the 30 kg mark has been caught in the lake many years ago.

Today, similar-sized specimens are reeled in on a regular basis in autumn, when their average weight rises by a few kg. Fishing here presents you with the best odds at catching an over 20-kg fish. Unsurprising, the lake gained in popularity among carp enthusiasts. In fact, the influx of carp tourism grew to such an extent that the Lake Bled fishing family had to take action. Recently, they limited the sale of carp fishing tickets on Lake Bled to 10 per day. Due to strict regulations, tickets can only be purchased on their website. With the large demand, the tickets are sold out months in advance, so for anyone who would like to fish at Bled, it is advisable to plan your fishing trip at the beginning of the year.

Šmartinsko Lake

Šmartinsko Lake is located in the Celje basin and is the 2nd largest lake in Slovenia. Its diverse shoreline is particularly appealing to carp fishermen. The lake has 3 areas intended exclusively for fishing, and fishing spots are beautifully arranged, offering superb fishing even after several days or even weeks. You can of course fish on other, undesignated parts of the lake, but night fishing and camping are only allowed on official fishing areas.

As far as fish are concerned, Šmartinsko Lake still holds the official Slovenian record. In 2013, a carp weighing 34.5 kg was caught in its waters. in addition to this catch, there are a few fish over 30 kg hiding beneath the surface, and you are sure to catch a 20-kg carp after a few days’ worth of fishing.

Rudniško Lake

Located in south-eastern Slovenia, Rudniško Lake is the most overlooked lake among foreign fishermen. Which is a shame, as it promises fantastic catches. Due to the lake’s enviable age, plentiful natural food resources and a huge amount of extra fish food added by local fishermen who fish there all year round, the carp in this lake grow to record sizes. The amount of fish competing for food may lead to a ‘carp overload’, which could make fishing with two rods quite challenging by the end of the day. Undoubtedly, with a little luck, a 20kg + fish is a sure catch. Not to mention the real possibility of catching a 30kg + carp!

There is a lot more to carp fishing in Slovenia. If you have any additions to this article, let us know in the comments down below.

Max DesMarais

Max DesMarais

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