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This article will supply you with all of maps for the CO 14ers that you could need. We have a custom Google Map, links to paper maps, links to guide books, and more.


CO 14ers Google Map

Below we have a Google Maps with all of the Colorado peaks above 14,000 feet in it. We have included a full trail guide for each of the 14ers in the pins (we are missing a few but adding quickly).

Each range is color coded for easy identification as well.


Best Hiking Maps for Colorado 14ers

There are many great maps, but we find these two are the most common and include accurate and detailed information for hikers.


National Geographic’s Map Pack

This pack is fantastic for the most common routes up 14ers, but does lack details for many alternate routes. If you are looking for the standard route for all 14ers on a simply designed map, this is a fantastic option.


The Best 14er Guide Book

Based on reviews and our experience, this is the most comprehensive 14er book:

While you can get most of this information from online sources like, this is a great hand held version for various routes up all the 14ers.


How Should You Be Mapping Your 14er Hikes?

We highly recommend utilizing a tool like Gaia for free that allows you to map out your route, know exact mileage, elevation gain, and even track your progress on your phone. Everyone should be using a tool like this before your hike to know the area you’ll be traveling in. You’ll be able to map out the best route for what you are looking to accomplish, and save it for use later.

Other frequently used mobile apps include: OnXBackcountry, the app, and FatMap.

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