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Couples Camping 101: Why You Should Try It [Plus 10 Key Tips]


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Top Reasons Why Camping Strengthens Couples Relationships

Have you ever thought of going camping with your partner? If so, do you think you’d both enjoy? Well, if you’ve been considering some couples camping, we’ve got some tips for you, as well as reasons It has many advantages, including being economical, having a thrilling experience that will provide you with a different excitement, make you relax, and improve your relationship.


Having an Adventure that is Low Cost is Always Satisfactory for Both

If you’re looking for budget-friendly alternatives for your vacation as a couple, camping is unquestionably the best choice (we are probably a little biased though). Apart from being fun, camping for couples can be very advantageous for all budgets when compared to other types of outings or dates. You don’t have to go to expensive hotels, high-end restaurants, or spend a fortune in shopping malls.

Camping is different, and it is about nature, which has all you need to have quality time with your significant other. You can enjoy the beautiful landscapes, stroll along the beach or other areas, enjoy seeing different plants and animals, have a view of the stars at night, far from the artificial lightings in the city and simply enjoy some time away.


Remove Any Stress That Comes From Trying to Keep Up with the Busy World

Going camping with your partner not only gives you the alternative to detach from the world and your busy life, but it’s also the best chance to relax with your partner, recharge your energy, and refine your sleep behavior. Camping nights are lovely, the tone of nature is pleasurable, and the sky is full of stars that invite you to dream, fantasize about being in a position to live that life with your companion or spouse. Apart from being an event difficult to forget, it is a lively way to bypass the circumstances of your daily activities and focus more on your inner self, or to simply just leave some stress behind for a night. In better terms, it is to have the opportunity to go to bed wherever you feel like and get up when your body wants to, maybe with the rising sun or the birds’ sweet melody. The crucial thing is to eliminate the unhealthy work programs that compel both of you to wake up with an alarm.


A Lifestyle That Fits Both In The Relationship

Camping is a romantic way to spice up your relationship; hence, both need it, although nowadays it’s not easy to find romance. The good thing is there are plenty of romantic destinations available that can be good for both of you. You both need to spend some time in a peaceful and quiet place. This is a thing that most couples don’t do nowadays though it is vital for any relationship. Look at the stars together, crack a bottle of Champaign, and feed one another. Make camping a necessity, and let romance have its place. Again, since you have plenty of time while camping, you’ll have enough time to talk and listen to one another. Instead of sharing scary stories at the campfire, you can tell stories about your past or future dreams. During this time, you can finish up on those conversations that you kept on postponing. You can bond more by trying out new outdoor games or adventure activities.


10 Tips for Couples Camping


Comfort Is Key

If you want to both have a good time, you need to consider your comfort a top priority. That means having the proper clothing, proper bedding, proper shelter, and knowing your weather and location ahead of time. Not sure what to bring? Check out our camping checklist

For better comfort, bring some loveseat camp chairs along, or maybe a two person sleeping bag. Both have enough space to curl up near the campfire, or spend the night a bit closer than you normally could with two separate sleeping bags.

If you are hiking into your destination, you’ll have to pack lighter, but if you are car camping, it becomes really easy to ensure your comfort. Always have a quality sleeping pad for each of you (or air mattress if you are next to your car), extra pillows, extra blankets and some hygiene products. When camping next to your car, always bring a little more than you think you’ll need as that extra comfort will be great to have.

You’ll want a nice two person tent as well. Check out our guide to the best budget backpacking tents.


Cook and Have Delicious Meals Together

If you want to try a different kind of roasting technique, come with a double pie iron. Prepare some blueberry cream cheese filled with French toast for breakfast. At lunchtime, take Monte Cristo, and take chicken pot pie for supper. Take chocolate marshmallow puffs as a desert. For your inventions during romantic camping, you may need some form of bread or dough and continue from there.

Really, what we are getting at, is that food can make a camping trip spectacular, or horrendous. You don’t want to be left hungry, and being able to cook delicious items together can be a great experience. Campfire foods are awesome where fires are allowed, but there really are tons of options here.


Set Good Expectations

You are camping, which means that things don’t always go perfect. If you are hiking in, plan for that hike to take longer than you would expect. Understand each of your hiking abilities. If you have seen a good weather forecast, still be prepared for worse weather. Be mentally and physically prepared for sub par conditions, and your trip will go much smoother. Don’t forget that sometimes the best bonding experiences are getting through tough times together. That can even be a cold and wet night of camping. And if everything does go flawlessly? Great! You’ll have a time you’ll never forget that way, too.


Take The Necessary Camping Accessories

When camping during warm or moderate climates, a simple picnic bag will work correctly for you. The picnic bag has everything you require for your adventure like; plates, wine glasses, cutlery, Corkscrew, and blankets. This list can get more complex and more fun if you are camping next to your car. You can bring all types of fun date items, games, s’mores, or whatever else you may want to bring. Just be sure to consider some activities that you’ll both enjoy.


Hike in The Dark

We actually don’t recommend this one for newbie campers, but hiking in the dark can be a really amazing experience as well. If you have some experience, hiking in at night can give you amazing views of the stars, and an entirely unique perspective on the location you are camping in. Of course, the dark requires extra precautions, so you shouldn’t make this your first time camping experience.


Stop Checking Your Phone

Avoid using any gadgets that will distract from your adventure. Always keep your phone on silent mode and use it only when necessary. You are likely camping to get away. Try and embrace that a bit.


Play Some Games

You may lack time to play romantic games, or any games at home because of your kids, work, friends, etc. That’s why couples camping adventure is the ideal place to play some fun dice, fun card, or talking games with a romantic voice. Bring a deck of cards, or some other game. Remember that when you are camping, when the sun goes down, you may have a have a lot of time to kill!


Listen to Music, Maybe Even Dance

Carry some portable Bluetooth speakers or campsite radio and dance to music in the dark. Or just listen to some nice tunes, whatever floats your boat. Sometimes leaving the speaker at home is great, but other times, a little music can be fantastic.


Take Some Drinks!

For the perfect date, wine and romance go together. You can even find backpacking wine holders for these occasions, or you can bring some beer. Not the alcoholic drink type? Take some tea or hot chocolate.


Check, Recheck And Pack Neatly

Nothing can get worse during a trip when the situation requires you to use the necessary item or equipment and you forgot to pack it. Review the checklist carefully so that you have everything you need for the tour.

Camping may be wet and cold. You may encounter wild animals and nasty terrain. You may not have the coziest of the toilets, rodents may jump in your food, or you may not just be ready for it. However, there is a risk that any negative experiences can happen on any vacation or even where you live. Remember that all these setups that come while snuggling at the edge of a dark field surrounded by nothing but a light tent canvas come with endless positives. And those are what make you happy than anything else in the world.

Always remember that it can be really great to move outside the comfort zone once in a while. There is not much that will make you appreciate a warm shower, or your comfortable bed more than a camping trip.

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