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Einova Ultra Fast Power Bank Laptop Power Bank – Tested For Campers & Travelers


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In this article, we take a look at the Einova Ultra Fast Power Bank. We took this power bank on some cold weather camping trips, used it while working remote, and car camping to really put it to the test.

About Einova / Eggtronic | About The Charger | Our Review | Summary


You can purchase the Eggtronic / Einova chargers on:
Einova / Eggtronic Website


About Eggtronic & Einova

Eggtronic is an organization started out of Modena, Italy under the consumer brand Einova. Well known for being a leader in the space of consumer and b2b electronics with powerful energy conversion technology. They pride themselves on quality products.

You can read more about Eggtronic / Eionova here 


Our Testing Scenario

We have spent an entire spring weekend camping in the Colorado Wilderness. This charger has been rained on, hiked up to over 14,000 feet several times, run through dirt and snow, sat in a very hot car, been in below freezing conditions, and charged several different phones, smartwatches and laptops. We think that if this charge worked for our situations, it will probably work quite well for yours.



About The Charger

Here are the specifications for this charge. Of course, these are important for understanding how many devices, and how much charge your devices.


Technical Specs

Materials & Design Blue, or Green
Ports 1 x 45W USB-C PD, 1 x 18W USB-A Quick Charge 3.0, 1 x 5W USB-A 2.4A
Power Outputs 20,000mAh backup battery with 63W total output over three ports can charge 3 devices simultaneously.
Durability IP 67 rating the charger is waterproof, shockproof, and dirt proof.
Dimensions 17,1 x 10,2 x 1,6 cm (6.75 x 4 x 0.63 in)
Weight 0.98 Pounds

The 20,000mAh battery capacity makes for 4-8 charges for your smartphone, 3-5 charges for your tablet or 1.5 charges for your laptop.


Additional Features

  • Ultra-Fast: Fast charge your MacBook*, Macbook Air and other fast charge compatible devices.
  • The two high power fast charge ports (USB-C and USB-A Quick Charge 3.0) deliver power at 2x the speed.
  • Stylish and Practical Design: Slim and portable profile, covered in soft waterproof linen canvas and a soft touch frame.
  • The LCD display shows the remaining battery life at a glance.
  • Package Includes: Laptop Power Bank, USB-C to USB-C cable (3ft/0.91m), USB-C to USB-A adapter tip, user manual. Designed in Italy. We recommend recharging the Laptop Power Bank with a 30W USB-C PD power adapter (not included)
  • Smart Universal USB-C/USB-A Compatibility: Charge all your USB and USB-C devices on the go. Automatic device detection ensures your devices will always charge safely and efficiently.

Free Standard Shipping

This item has free shipping on Amazon and on their own website.



Eggtronic has a limited 1 year warranty. Many users report having a good experience with customer support and replacements being sent if any issues arise. Here is the warranty policy: https://einova.com/us/wp-content/themes/storefront-child/assets/manuals/Einova-Warranty.pdf



Our Review



It charges iphones fast, smartwatches fast, and most laptops fast. The estimates hold true to be able to charge a phone several times, and a laptop just a touch over 1 time depending upon the laptop size. We were happy with how fast it charge phones and small devices. In addition, the device itself takes some time to charge plugged into the wall. We leave it charging overnight, and it is ready to go in the morning.


Ease of Use

This product is extremely easy to use. The power button allows you to turn it on and charge devices while also conveniently showing you how much battery is left with a gorgeous digital readout. Charging devices and the actual charger is as simple as plugging the item in.



This isn’t a heavily durable or waterproof device. While you probably can get away with dropping in, we don’t recommend taking this on backcountry trips. This is an awesome device for car camping or travel, but maybe not for stuffing in your pack for a backpacking trip in the backcountry.



The sleek design makes this fit nicely in many backpack compartments or a laptop case without issue.

Cost / Value

We think this is a great value. You will be able to find cheaper chargers with the same output, but this seems to be a really well built charger. The sleek design makes it really good looking as well. We’d recommend this middle price range as opposed to going for a cheaper device, or a more expensive device. This is right in the great value range.




We highly recommend this charger for traveling or car camping. It is hugely helpful to have the larger battery storage size and easily lasts you a whole weekend. While this isn’t a waterproof or shock proof design, it is perfect for the car camping trip or longer travel trip.

As remote workers often working in places where electricity may not be readily available, this is an awesome device.

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