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In this article, we take a look at one of the new up and coming sleeping pads on Amazon, the Elegear Sleeping Pad. We put it to the test in real camping scenarios, in cold weather, warm weather, on rough ground, and here we tell you how it held up.

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About Elegear

Elegear is simply a company created to provide inexpensive, but effective camping gear for those looking to get in the outdoors.


Our Testing Scenario

We are pretty much spending every weekend hiking, camping, or fishing, or backpacking, so we have been able to put this pad to the test on some warm nights, as well as some chilly nights in the backcountry. Both car camping, and tent camping around the Colorado 14ers.


About The Pad


Technical Specs

Compacted Size 5.1in x 10.23in
Inflated Size 24.8in x 77.5in x 2.4in
Inflation About 30 seconds to 1 minute utilizing a hand/foot pump built in.
Thickness (Inflated) Thickness: 2.2″ for optimal comfort, support, and warmth
Weight 1.65lb / 750g
Material 40D nylon + TPU
Colors Blue
R-Value Unknown, but was warm in 35 degree F situation – See our article on R-Values


Additional Features

  • Waterproof
  • Built in comfortable pillow
  • Foot / hand pump built into foot section for easy pumping
  • Comes with patch kit
  • Comes with bag to pack away in

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Our Review



As far as backpacking sleeping pads go, this is more comfortable than the cheap options. While this doesn’t stack up to the most expensive options, the value per comfort of this pad is great. Having a built in pillow is a huge deal for comfort. Additionally, this pad is very long, and blows up relatively thick, which ads a lot of comfort over ultralight camping and backpacking options.

This pad is substantially more comfortable than non-inflatable pads like the Therma-Rest Z Lite.

In terms of comfort, we would rate this really high compared to other backpacking sleeping pads. The air pad design does a great job of distributing your weight.


Ease of Inflation

This device is easy to inflate. The foot / hand blow up pad built in make it easy to blow up the mattress in less than a minute. It can be done inside a tent, in a car, or on the ground easily. The easiest way is to use your foot.


Ease of Deflation

This is actually one of the easiest sleeping pads we have used to deflate. A simple deflation latch at the foot part of the pad, then make a couple folds, and the pad has awesome clips to help while you roll up the pad.



This pad is significantly larger than other backpacking pads. Poth inflated and deflated. This makes the packability for backpacking not great. This is very much a car camping sleeping pad due to the size. It folds up to a fantastic size if you plan on camping in or near your car.



If you are camping above 35 degrees F, you should have no problem with warmth of this sleeping pad. If you are a winter camper, you may want to consider a pad with a higher r-value. We are not sure the R-value of this pad, but it held up fine in reasonably cold conditions.



The nylon material is very durable. Just the fabric feels sturdy when you touch it. We laid this directly on the ground, directly on plywood, and moved around without any punctures, leakage, or even visible damage to the fabric. We anticipate that this pad is just as durable, if not more durable than the most expensive blow up pads in the market.



This is a huge pad when inflated. It is suitable for an extremely tall person. The size makes it very comfortable for most camping situations when compared to other pads, but the size makes this pad not ideal for backpacking. Again, if you are car camping, or camping in a short distance from your car, this is a fantastic sleeping pad option.


Cost / Value

You can’t beat the value of this sleeping pad. It is very inexpensive when compared to close alternatives. This makes it a fantastic budget sleeping pad option.




This is a high quality budget friendly sleeping pad. If you frequently camp out of your car, or want a pad for sleeping in the wilderness, this is a great option. While this isn’t ideal for backpacking situations, we are avid backpackers and will be having this pad with us all the time. Especially for situations where we camp at trailheads or in the car for backpacking adventures.

*Disclaimer: We were given this pad by Elegear to review. This review is our honest opinion as we were genuinely impressed by this product. The links above to Amazon are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase this pad through that link, we get a small commission that supports our site. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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