Hiking Mount Garfield via the Garfield Trail


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Mount Garfield is a 10 mile round trip hike with incredible 360 degree views. With 3,500 feet of elevation gain spread over 5 miles, it offers mostly gradual incline, making the hike seem to be at the easy to moderate level.

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Height: 4,501 feet
Length: 10 miles round trip
Duration: 4-9 hours (Book time 8 hours)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Elevation Gain: 2,959




Mount Garfield Trail

The trail starts near the middle of Gale River Loop Road. The gradual incline continues for around 4.8 miles before the last .2 miles brings you to the summit. The foundation of an old fire tower lies at the top. Clear views into the heart of the Pemi Wilderness with clear views of the Franconia Range, Owl’s Head, North and South Twin, and the Bonds.


Other Trails

Hikers can also choose to summit Mount Garfield from Mount Lafayette on Franconia Ridge. This path is absolutely stunning but far more strenuous. You can take a look at the maps in our Lafayette or Franconia Ridge post (linked to in this paragraph).

Hikers can also choose to hike from the trailhead further east on Gale River Loop Road. This is the quickest trail to hike Galehead Mountain, but it can be a detour to Mount Garfield as well. Adding in Galehead is a good way to knock of two 4,000 footers on a long day hike.


Trail Map

Mount Garfield Trail Map


Trail Conditions

The trail is often dry, well maintained and well traveled. No issues with any type of footwear. The gradual incline nearly the whole way makes the conditions in Winter, Summer, Fall or Spring all manageable.

Nearby hikes. Mount Garfield is most often hiked alone, but it is part of the Pemi loop, and is connected the Franconia Ridge and Galehead Mountain.


Driving Directions

Take 93 North through Franconia Notch, hop on to Route 3 towards Twin Mountain and take a right onto Gale River Loop Road. You will pass numerous campsites before coming to the parking area.


Weather Forecast

Bethlehem, NH



Garfield Summit

Garfield Summit


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