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Hiking Ouzel Falls, Colorado – Trail Map, Pictures, Description & More


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Ouzel Falls is a beautiful and easy to intermediate hike located on the southeastern part of Rocky Mountain National Park. This hike features stunning views, waterfalls, streams, fishing opportunities, and the ability for hikers to continue hiking to other awesome destinations. Here is everything you need to know about hiking to Ouzel Falls. Ouzel Falls is often combined with hiking to Ouzel Lake and/or Bluebird Lake.

Distance – 5.32 miles round trip (8.56 km)
Height – 9,472 feet (2887.07 m)
Elevation gain – 1,216 feet (370.64 meters)
Duration –  4-5 hours
Difficulty – Intermediate
Class: Class 1 Hike
Trailhead Location – Wild Basin Trailhead (8,532 feet)


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Need To Know Information

    • This hike lies within Rocky Mountain National Park, so a national park permit is required. The entrance is the Wild Basin Entrance station which can have up to date information here: https://www.nps.gov/romo/entrance_stations.htm
    • Permits may be required depending upon the time of year. This information can be found here: https://www.nps.gov/romo/planyourvisit/timed-entry-permit-system.htm
    • Winter season has parking lot closures, which would mean hikers need to park at the Wild Basin Winter Parking trailhead. (More information below)
    • Dogs are not allowed in Rocky Mountain National Park.


Hiking Route Options

The most common hiking option is from the Wild Basin Trailhead, however some hikers may leave from the Allenspark Trailhead. This makes it a longer hike, but still quite simple. We recommend the Wild Basin Trailhead due to the ability for hikers to enjoy upper and lower Copeland falls along the way.


Wild Basin Trailhead | 5.32 Miles Round Trip (8.56 km) – 1,216 Feet Elevation Gain (370.64 meters) | Class 1

Hikers begin at the Wild Basin Trailhead where the trail is very well marked and well traveled. The trailhead has bathrooms, a trail map, a large parking lot, and quickly takes hikers to the trail right next to the gorgeous river.

0.4 miles into the hike, hikers can take a couple hundred foot detour to view upper and lower Copeland Falls.

About 1.4 miles in hikers, should turn left to stay on the Wild Basin Trail towards Ouzel Falls. It is after this, that the hike starts to have some more serious elevation gain, however the entire hike contains relatively gradual gaines.

Hikers will then hike towards Calypso Cascades, where they will cross a gorgeous bridge just after turning right towards Ouzel Falls.

2.6 Miles into the hike, hikers will reach the spur to Ouzel Falls. This is the couple hundred foot spur that everyone should take to the base of the falls. The falls are visible from the bridge, but it is this spur trail that gives the best views.


Hiking Ouzel Falls In Winter

This hike is accessible in winter, but traction should be brought due to icy conditions. It should also be noted that in winter, the road to Wild Basin Trailhead closes, which means that hikers need to park at the Wild Basin Winter Trailhead. It is about 1 mile from the winter trailhead to the summer trailhead and about 150 feet of elevation. So in winter, hikers need to be prepared to hike an additional 2 miles round trip.

Trail Map

Ouzel Falls Trail Map

Ouzel Falls Elevation Profile


Camping For Ouzel Falls

Because this hike is located in RMNP, camping in this area requires a wilderness backpacking permit. There are several camping areas, including a tentsite at Ouzel lake that can be reserved. Information on how to reserve is here: https://www.nps.gov/romo/planyourvisit/wild_guide.htm#permit

Ouzel Lake Tentsite
Upper Ouzel Creek
Pine Ridge Tentsite
Aspen Knoll Tentsite
Tahosa Tent Site
Thunder Lake Campsite (not very close, but great for Thunder Lake!)

For each of the above, see this link: https://www.nps.gov/romo/planyourvisit/site_details.htm

This includes information about each of the tent sites.


Fishing Ouzel Creek, Ouzel Lake, and North St. Vrain Creek

Ouzel Lake is known for fantastic fly fishing. All of the waters around the lake, including the creeks and the other lakes have fantastic fishing. All catch and release waters for anglers. This is a fantastic hiking destination to bring the fly rod to. These are artificial lure, catch and release only waters.


Current Weather Conditions:

Here is the detailed weather forecast for the next few days. We highly recommend you check out the mountain forecast for this area the morning of your hike.


Allenspark, CO


Directions & Parking


Directions to Wild Basin Trailhead:


Additional Pictures

Ouzel Falls Ouzel Lake Views

Ouzel Creek just before the lake

Ouzel Creek just before the lake

Ouzel Lake Panorama

Ouzel Lake In Winter

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Max DesMarais

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