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Piper Mountain is in the Belknap Range in Gilford, NH. It is neighbored, and often combined with Belknap Mountain, and Whiteface Mountain. This hike features various routes to summit (explained below), a rock seat at the summit, and great views of Lake Winnipesaukee.

Distance: 2.8 Miles Round Trip (4.51 km)
Height: 2,030 Feet (618.7 meters)
Elevation Gain: 962 feet (293.5 meters)
Difficulty: Easy to intermediate
Duration (Hike Time): 2 hours


Piper MountainTrails


Piper Mountain Trail (Lower Carriage Road) – 1.4 Miles To Summit – 963 Feet Elevation Gain

This is the most common route to the summit, and is accessible year round. The trailhead, is located just after the gate on Carriage Road (directions below) so hikers can park in the parking area and walk a couple hundred feet to the trailhead which is located just after the road bridge on the right.

Hikers will quickly cross a small creek and footbridge early on in the hike.

The trail features a gradual gain with a few moderately steep sections heading towards the summit. There is only one path all the way to the summit, so the trail is easy to follow and is well traveled.


White Trail (Upper Carriage Road) – From End of Belknap Mountain Road – .81 Miles To Summit – 392 Feet Elevation Gain

This route begins off of Carriage Road after the gate. (See GPS parking below). This is a short route to the summit, and can be driven to in summer months. In winter months, the road is closed, and hikers must start below.

This trail features gradual gains to the summit of Piper.


From End of Belknap Mountain Road – 3.2 Miles Round Trip – 1,270 Feet Elevation Gain

This is a fantastic option that begins at the end of Belknap Mountain Road (directions below). There is no official parking area here, but many choose this route if they are looking to avoid the other hikers on Carriage road, or want to combine Piper Mountain with Whiteface.

This trail features gradual gains to the summit, is well traveled, and easy to follow. Hikers begin on the trail, between two residential properties and continue straight.

Hikers will bear left at the only junction known as the Piper-Whiteface Link, which will take them to the summit of Piper. If hikers go right, they will be heading towards Mount Whiteface.


Trail Map

Download Full Map Here:

Belknap Range Trail Maps

Piper Mountain Trail Map

Piper Mountain Trail Map


Alternate Routes

Hikers may also choose to hike Belknap Mountain in a loop with Piper. Belknap, Gunstock, and Piper are also a common way to summit. There are tons of trails for hikers to choose from, so you can make your own path as long as you understand your abilities and navigation. Take a look at the full Belknap Range trail map provided above.



To Lower Carriage Road Trailhead (Belknap Range Trails)


To Upper Carriage Road


To End of Belknap Mountain Road (Whiteface Trailhead)


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Additional Pictures

Mount Piper From Mount Belknap

Mount Piper From Mount Belknap

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