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Hillsound Trail Crampon (Microspikes) Review – Durability & Traction Testing


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Microspikes are essential for winter hiking. Here we take a look at the Hillsound Trail Crampon in our review. It is important to note that Hillsound calls these crampons, but in our experience, they should be called microspikes. Here is an article explaining the difference between crampons, microspikes, and snowshoes. We tested these microspikes in harsh conditions repeatedly. If you’ve been looking around for Microspikes, you’ll come across a lot of cheaper options than Hillsound, but after years of winter hiking, it has become clear that spending a little extra gives you a much more durable product.

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You can purchase the Hillsound Trail Crampons (microspikes) on their website or here:

Amazon | Backcountry | REI


About Hillsound

Hillsound was founded in British Columbia with the mission to create products that increase performance and accessibility in the outdoors. They innovated in the footwear traction space, tested thuroughly, and created a product that is well used and well respected worldwide.

You can read more about the company and social responsibility practices here.


Our Testing Scenario

Our experience with Hillsound spikes has taken us across many Colorado 14ers in the winter, across many of the other CO peaks, and countless other places.

The spikes have taken us across terrain that has ranged from heavy snowfields, ice sheets, icy rocks, and much more.

We have even ran into scenarios where we passed on our spikes to other hikers in need.


About The Microspikes


Best Uses

This spikes are best used for flat to moderate incline trails where ice and snow is present. They fit well on hiking boots, hiking shoes, and other insulated boots. The have other traction products that are better suited for shoes and trail runners, however, we have used them successfully on our trail runners while running in winter.


Technical Specs


  • Heat-treated carbon steel spikes
  • Heat-treated carbon steel plate system
  • Stainless steel chains
  • Elastomer harness


  • 16.3 oz | 462 g (pair)


  • Length 2/3″ | 1.7 cm
  • Number of spikes: 11

Recommended use:

  • Hiking (ice, snow, mud)
  • Backpacking (ice, snow, mud)

Care Instructions: Wash with lukewarm water and air-dry (do NOT dry with heat). Ensure the product is clean and dry before storage. Inspect before each use.




All of Hillsound’s traction products have a 2 year warranty which is honored on the website.



Hillsound has a 30 day return policy that can be read about here.



Our Review



Super strong chains

Super strong chains

This is a very durable product. The chains have held up great, the rubber has held up great, and the rubber eyelets of held up great. All of these points are where cheap microspikes have broken for us in the past, but Hillsound’s have stayed strong.



If you are walking on ice, you need traction. If you are into winter hiking, these are on the essential equipment list. No hiker with experience will head out on the trails without adequate traction, and these absolutely provide that. Hillsound Trail Crampons have an aggressive 1.7 cm spike, making them have tons of traction on just about any surface.

Great traction on ice lakes, icy walkways, ice trails, and packed snow at different slopes below 40 degrees.



Hillsound offers various sizes that will fit all boot sizes:

HIllsound Size Chart

HIllsound Size Chart




If you are going to be hiking in snowy or icy conditions, or are in any need of a winter traction device, Hillsound comes highly recommended by our team. We have all been the victim of purchasing a lesser quality product that broke too quickly, and specifically in the case of footwear traction. Do yourself a favor, and skip the purchasing of the cheap Amazon products, and go straight to something that will be able to take a beating. Simple as that.



Additional Photos

Super strong chains

Super strong chains

Velcro strap to keep spikes secure

Velcro strap to keep spikes secure

Plate system for more natural walking

Plate system for more natural walking

Toe bar for added strength

Toe bar for added strength

Max DesMarais

Max DesMarais

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