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Lake Winnipesaukee Water Temperatures


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Lake Winnipesaukee is New Hampshire’s largest lake, and with thousands of visitors daily looking to fish, boat, or even snowmobile across the lake, the water temperatures of the lake can be pretty important. Whether you are a local resident, fisherman, vacationer, or individual looking for Lake Winnipesaukee homes for sale, hopefully you can find this post helpful. Do keep in mind that the water temperatures can vary a few degrees depending on the area of the lake, and of course can be significantly different at other depths.

Current Water Temperatures

If you are looking to plan ahead, take a look at the chart below for average, low and high lake temperatures.

Up to date water temps are posted here: https://www4.des.state.nh.us/rti_data/WEIN3_TABLE.HTML

Average Water Temperatures Per Month

High. Temperature °F (°C) Mean Temperature °F (°C) Low. Temperature °F (°C) Days with rain
January 27 16 4 14
(-3) (-9) (-16)
February 31 17 4 11
(-1) (-8) (-16)
March 40 28 16 16
-4 (-2) (-9)
April 55 41 28 17
-13 -5 (-2)
May 66 52 38 18
-19 -11 -3
June 76 62 47 21
-24 -17 -9
July 79 65 51 22
-26 -18 -11
August 78 64 50 22
-26 -18 -10
September 71 57 42 18
-22 -14 -6
October 57 45 32 18
-14 -7 0
November 46 35 25 19
(-3) -2 (-4)
December 33 22 11 17
-1 (-6) (-12)


Ice-In and Ice-Out

Ice Out

Earliest Recorded Ice Out: March 18

Latest Recorded Ice Out: May 12

The below chart shows that ice out is usually in mid April, but can often be earlier or later. The chart marks the number of years ice out has occurred on each date.

Winnipesaukee Ice Out Dates

Ice In

Ice in usually occurs between January and February. Obviously ice in doesn’t indicate safety, just that the lake has frozen over. Be sure to check current ice conditions, and ice thickness while on the ice frequently. People die every year.

Of course, it is time for some Lake Winnipesaukee ice fishing once the lake has iced over.

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