Are you just beginning to explore hiking? Or are you an avid hiker? Well, your hiking adventures don’t have to be limited to the long and vigorous walks on the trails. In addition to enjoying the natural scenery across your hiking trail, you can make your hikes a lot more exciting with metal detecting. Yes, you heard right! You can turn your hiking into a treasure hunting adventure by metal detecting on your hiking trials.

After all, all you need is a portable metal detector that will not weigh you down with the rest of your hiking gear. And the best part about metal detecting on hiking trails is that you are never short of locations. Whether you choose to explore the trails along rivers, at high elevations, near the ocean, or in your local park, there is always the possibility for a great experience.

By now, you must be wondering exactly what it is you will be looking for. We have that part covered for you as well. Below, we’ve outlined in detail what you can find metal detecting on hiking trails – so you can start sprucing up your hiking adventures.


Any person that does metal detecting whether at the beach, backyard or on the trails, will tell you that the possibility of detecting coins is always the highest. Therefore, you should most definitely expect to detect coins. Plus, coins are the number one favorite treasure that metal detecting fans like to find.

You are most likely to drop coins unknowingly because of their relatively small size. This happens a lot due to many reasons – this may be that the coins slipped to the ground whilst you were tossing them into your pants pockets or even that your bag has a hole the coins may have slipped through.

Either way, your chances of noticing are also low because sand, grass, and other material that may be on the trail can easily hide the coins; leaving them for metal detector fans to find them as treasure. Commonly detected coins include pennies and dimes, but of course, the occasional high value coin can be found!


Detecting jewelry on hiking trails is a rare occurrence. However, this is not to say that it doesn’t ever happen. From time to time, you may find some precious jewelry on your hiking trails. These may include lost wedding rings, snapped lockets, and other types of trinkets.

In general, jewelry found on hiking trails is normally lost by hikers or people who have passed through those trails. Thus, it is always a good idea to try and find the owner. They may be people who are nearby or even people in your group. And if you are around a place that is under the custodianship of a certain authority, be it a park or the city, you should surrender it to their lost and found office.

There are plenty of stories of hikers losing rings, and metal detecting enthusiasts coming to the rescue and finding lost jewelery for them.


Surprisingly enough, you may also stumble upon cans. And no, these cans didn’t just fall off the sky and bury themselves into the trails. These are cans that are discarded on the trails by people who use it. Most of the time, you will find soda cans or vitamin water cans.

Sometimes during the rain, the cans can also be washed off and covered by dirt; only to be discovered during metal detecting. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should abandon them after realizing its just cans. You can always do your part to ensure the environment is clean and safe.

So the next time you go metal detecting on your hiking trails, pack a trash bag or two so you can stuff in the cans you collect. You can always discard them when you return from the trails, recycle them, or even sell or donate them to a small profit. That in itself is a form, of profiting from the treasure.


In addition to soda and vitamin water cans, you will also stumble upon other types of trash. On hiking trails, you are most likely to find bottle caps, metal wires, and other small metal pieces.  Yes, this can be a disappointment sometimes.

Not every treasure you find on the trail during metal detection will be valuable. You don’t have to think of it that way. This can also be your way of contributing to clean up the hiking trails and ensuring they are safe. You can use another trash bag to collect the trash you may find.

Although it’s rare, you may also come across metal deposits that naturally occur on the earth’s surface. This is your chance to marvel and appreciate Mother Nature. However, leave the deposits as you find them so you can preserve nature.

Bottom Line

Before you rush off to grab your metal detector and hiking gear, you should also know the tricks to be more successful with metal detecting on hiking trails. The most common trick is knowing where to look. Check the edges of a trail especially if it is lined with rocks, you are more likely to find something there than you are at the center of the trail.

On hiking trails, there are common spots where hikers like to stop and rest. If this is the first time you are hiking there, make it a point to familiarize yourself with these spots. Such spots normally include shaded areas with trees or rocky platforms.  As more people sit around these spots, there are more likely to drop things.

The most scenic parts of the hiking trail are also likely to harbor treasure because this is where many people would stop to take pictures or admire the scenery. If the trail also has places such as streams or small creeks, you should also look there because hikers are most likely going to enter to refresh, wash off, or enjoy the water.

In addition to knowing the right spots, you should also know the norms, laws, or rules of the rails you are on. Whilst some trails may not be restrictive, others may be depending on the caretaker or authorities. And other areas, especially foreign, may even have their local norms and customs. So before you pop out your metal detector,  check with your guide or group leader.

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