Mount Mansfield is a 4,393 foot mountain located in the Green Mountains of Vermont. It is the tallest peak in the entire state. Mount Mansfield has many secondary peaks including The Nose, Forehead and the Adam’s Apple.

Elevation: 4,393 feet

Elevation gain: 2,800 feet

Distance: 4.8 miles roundtrip

Duration (book time): 3 hours

Difficulty: Moderate


The Long Trail

From the parking lot, follow the Long trail for roughly 2 miles. You will pass by the Taft Lodge, an overnight spot for hikers. You will stay on the Long Trail by keeping left here. For 0.3 miles, hike until you reach the summit of Mount Mansfield, AKA The Chin. To get back to the parking lot, simply retrace your steps the way you came.

Trail map

Mount Mansfield Trail Map

Alternate routes

Hellbrook Trail

Elevation gain: 2,683 feet

Distance: 3.7 miles roundtrip

Difficulty: Strenuous

Duration (book time): 4 hours

Mount Mansfield Trail Map

Camping and Overnight Hiking Options

There is lodging at the Green Mountain Club’s Taft Lodge. A reader has added: The “lodge rate” is $6 per person


The parking lot for the Long Trail is located on Route 108 in Underhill, Vermont.


From I-89 North, take exit 10 for VT-100 South towards Waterbury US-2. Drive for roughly 0.3 miles and make a turn right onto VT-100 North. Drive for about 9.5 miles, then turn left onto VT-108 N/Mountain Road. Drive for another 9 miles and the trailhead parking lot will be on the right side of the road. *NOTE* The actual trail begins on the left side of the road.

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Additional Photos

Mount Mansfield Trail Views

Mount Mansfield Views

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