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Naked Protein Bar Review – Nutritional Bar Tested For Adventure


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Nutrition is extremely important while adventuring or working out. Without adequate nutrition, your performance will suffer, and you may even be putting yourself at risk. Here, we take nutrition for our adventures seriously and have taken the time to review Naked Protein Bars on a bunch of recent adventures. Here’s what we thought.

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Our Testing

We brought Naked Bars on Colorado 14ers, backcountry ski trips, trail runs, short hikes, and long days at the ski resort. This testing allowed us to experience bars while working hard, in cold temperatures, warm temperatures, and combined with other bars and foods during the same adventures. Because of this testing, we have a great picture of how these bars performed.

A little background on our testing. We are trail runners, hikers, skiers, bikers, and we take our nutrition and athletic performance serious. As with any type of nutrition or food you consume, reviews are still personal, meaning that our experience may not perfectly reflect anyone else’s, but is just a datapoint in your consideration of choosing the best bars for you.


Where To Purchase

You can purchase Naked Nutrition products on their site: Naked Nutrition

Or on Amazon


About Naked Nutrition

Naked Nutrition was founded in 2014 by All American track start Stephen Zieminski after realizing the lack of high quality ingredients in products that were being marketed as healthy. Naked Nutrition began creating products from simple ingredients without artificial colors, sweeteners, and has quickly grown to offering over 50 products all made from simple ingredients with health and fitness in mind. With protein powders, supplements of various kinds, and protein bars and cookies, there are a bunch of products for all kinds of use cases and needs.

You can read more about Naked Nutrition here.



About The Bars

Naked BarsNaked Nutrition’s has bars available in two flavors, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate. All bars are gluten free, GMO free, Soy Free, and Naked Nutrition prides themselves on bars that are made with natural, minimally processed ingredients.

Both bars are made with grass fed whey protein, almond butter, monk fruit juice, and feature a slightly sweet flavor, slightly crunchy mixed with chewy texture, and a unique, but satisfying protein bar flavor.


Nutritional Information

Chocolate Peanut Butter
Protein 15 g 15 g
Sugar 8 g 8 g
Calories 180 190
Sodium 95 mg 125 mg
Fiber 11 g 8 g
Carbs 23 20




Naked Nutrition offers free shipping on overs over $49, so ordering a few different items off of the website is recommended.


Returns & Warranty

Being a food item, once opened, products cannot be returned. A 14 day return policy applies for unopened products, and any issues with packaging or shipping damage will be addressed by support. You can read more about the policy here.



Our Review



We have tested and probably over 100 protein and granola bars over the years. Some amazing, some terrible, and many in the middle. When looking for a protein bar for performance, you should be hesitant if a bar tastes absolutely incredible. This generally means that the ingredients may not be optimal for performance or nutrition. When you compare the ingredients and macronutrients of Naked Nutrition bars to other bars in a similar space that have a similar purpose, we are definitely impressed.

The bars are not overly sweet, and have a great mix of texture between chewy and crunchy. This allows them to taste good both in hot weather, and cold weather.

Overall, we are impressed with the taste of these bars and thoroughly enjoy them during adventures. Looking forward to eating a bar can sometimes be hard to come by during vigorous activity, yet, we look forward to eating these bars.


Packaging / Ease Of Use

When working out or on an adventure, you’d be surprised at how some bars can be difficult to open. The wrapper here is easy to open, yet secure, making these easy to pull out of a backpack and eat on the move. In addition, when utilizing a bar in freezing temperatures, it needs to be edible while frozen or partially frozen. These bars are a good bar to have in the bag during cold temperatures. The thinner bar, and breakability of the bar makes them edible in freezing conditions, when some bars may not be.



As far as nutrition, these bars have far simpler and more natural ingredients when compared to other protein bars on the market. We like this, and most should like this. In addition to this, the macros in this bar are solid for adventure. With a good mix of protein, sugar, carbs, and, fiber, this bar gives both fast and long lasting energy.

It is a great bar for replenishment of proteins and carbs in the middle of an extended workout or long day out on the trail.

Given that this bar doesn’t use artificial sweeteners, and contains quality natural ingredients while maintaining a great taste, we are impressed with the macronutrient balance, good taste, and quality nutrition.



This goes hand in hand with nutrition. As we stated, the macros of this bar make it a solid option for during long workouts or days on the trail. The bar is edible in all types of situations and temperatures. It is worth noting that the sodium content of this bar is on the lower end, so for heavy endurance activities, having a source of sodium other than this bar may be essential. Though most avid athletes will be supplementing many of these electrolytes through drinks, and not through bars.

Just like most bars, on the run, it may be difficult to wolf down in motion. That being said, it is easily feasible, especially with the assistance of a drink.


Price & Value

These bars are fairly priced. Other bars with high end ingredients like Naked Nutrition offers are often more expensive than Naked Nutrition’s bars. Therefore, the value here is solid. It is easy to find cheaper bars, but you will be sacrificing quality ingredients, taste, balanced macronutrients, and potentially your performance if electing for cheaper options.

Because of the high end ingredients, we believe these bars are very fairly priced in comparison to other top notch bars on the market, and cheaper in many cases.


Recommendation And Overall Thoughts:

Overall, we highly recommend Naked Nutrition Bars. To recap what we love:

  • High quality ingredients
  • Great balance of macronutrients
  • Solid flavor
  • Overall high value when compared to other quality ingredient bars
  • Good chewiness for consumption during activity

Naked Nutrition will be one of the several bars that we continue to consume in the future, and should be tested for your own personal use.



Additional Photos

Naked Protein Bar

Eating a Naked protein bar on a backcountry ski trip.

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