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Nature Wall Art Ideas For Home Decor


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In this article, we are going to give you great nature wall art ideas, as well as give you tips on how you can make your adventures come to life through your own photography and experiences.

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Turning Your Photos Into Art


Canvas Wall Display

A canvas exhibition on your walls offers a sense of balance in your home. To add some flair to your wall art, mix and match different times from your adventures and turn them into a single piece. Taking a panoramic photo, or photos from different areas, mixing and matching colors, and staggering multiple canvases, or creating a shape with multiple canvases are all fantastic ways to really bring out a space.

Here is a great example of how utilizing 1 panoramic photo split into 3 canvases, can create a stunning look. This can be done with your own photography, or purchased via dozens of different methods.

National Park Canvas Prints

See Example Here


Some of the most unique looking examples are when different canvas sizes are used to change the shape of the frame and photo. This can be a stunning way to bring a photo to life, and make your space look unique.

Canvas Wall Art

See Example Here


A single large canvas is a simple, yet still gorgeous way to display photography. Even very wide panoramas can be stunning.

White Birch Forest Canvas Print

See Example Here


Panoramic photos over couches or on long walls can look stunning. Black and white, as well as color photos can be strategically used for the aesthetic of the room.

Panoramic Canvas Print In Living Room

See Example Here


Here is another example of utilizing different sized canvases. This particular example highlights how utilizing artwork instead of photography can bring in a unique but stunning style as well.

Canvas Prints Of Mountains In A Shape

See Example Here


Poster Prints Of Photography

Poster prints are a great way to bring a room to life. Most will choose to utilize a professional photograph, or a photo that they are proud of to frame and place on a wall. This can be done in a single photo, or multiple photos in different frames to create a more complex wall display. In addition to photos, you will also find many posters, or photos with writing added to create an even more unique piece of art.


Customized Poster Prints

One of our favorite examples here is from Just Go Travel Studies, a small family operated company that customizes your own photos into a beautiful poster:

Custom Travel Poster

See Custom Posters Here


Here at Hiking And Fishing, we also sell our own travel posters and photography prints that may be great for you. Bundling multiple up is a great way to spice up an adventure room.

NH 48 Poster Franconia Ridge

See Posters Here


Utilizing multiple posters to create a set on the wall can be a stunning way to decorate a room or hallway. Using prints like this is nearly the same as utilizing canvas, however, choosing different frame styles can greatly change the overall aesthetic when utilizing poster or photography prints.

Poster Print Set Of 3

See Example Here


Metal Wall Art

Utilizing metal can be a unique and extremely beautiful way to bring nature into your home or office. Metal provides an very different look for feel over canvas and prints. The less detailed and single color metal designs are often more simple, but can be fitting for many different styles of rooms.

See Example Here


Metal Wall Art

See Example Here


In addition to metal designs like this, metal photography is also extremely beautiful. Instead of printing photographs on paper or canvas, printing on aluminum has an entirely different but stunning look.

Metal Print

See Example Here


Hexagon Wall Display

A custom hexagon-shaped canvas will give your walls a one-of-a-kind look. Choose from a variety of arrangement possibilities to creatively exhibit your priceless memories.

Hexagonal Canvas Prints

See Example Here


Photo Collage

While showcasing all of your best experiences on one eye-catching collage, enjoy the durability and beauty of canvas prints. Making a collage is quick and straightforward, and the memories will last a lifetime. Take a ton of your photos, and create a beautiful collage by yourself, or simply buy a pre-made collage kit.

Adventure Photo Collage

See Example Here


Turning Your Photography Into Wall Art

You don’t have to be a very talented photographer to turn your own photos into gorgeous wall pieces. This is a fantastic way to show off your adventures, and an even better conversation starter when people enter your home or office. Whether you are looking to get a modern living room decor, a classic feel, or you don’t know what you are looking for, even not so artistically inclined people can create great art with ease.

So how?


Utilizing Services To Design For You

Companies like Just Go Travel Studios will take your photos for you, and customize them with text of your choosing to help create something beautiful. Worried about photo quality? They can apply filters to turn your photo into a classic poster looking style that is unique, beautiful, and hides some photography flaws.

Check It Out Here


Utilizing Applications To Turn Your Photos Into Paintings

Many apps in the market have amazing functionality to turn your photos into paintings. This can be a really great way to turn a not so clear, overly exposed, or underexposed photo into an incredible piece of art.

Here are some resources to do so:



Creating Canvas Prints, Metal prints, or Photography Prints

Happy with your photographs and want to turn them into canvas prints or photography prints? Here are our favorite companies to do this with.

Photo, Canvas, Hexagonal, Collages, and More:
Elephant Stock

A Fantastic Canvas & Metal Print Organization:
Easy Canvas Prints

A Fantastic Photography Print Option:


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