This article will supply you with all of maps for the NH 48 that you could need. If you are looking for a list of the 48, full descriptions for each hike, and tips on finishing the 48, refer to our NH 4000 footers page.

NH 4000 Footers Google Map

Below we have a Google Maps with all of the NH 4000 Footers in it. We have included a full trail guide for each of the 4000 footers in the pins.

Best Hiking Maps for New Hampshire’s 4000 footers

There are many great maps, but we find these two are the most common and include accurate and detailed information for hikers.

National Geographic’s Map Pack

AMC’s Map Pack

Want a map for your wall?

On Amazon you can find dozens of White Mountain maps that will look pretty on your wall. We also recommend checking out SherpaAnt for some gorgeous locally designed maps..

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