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Outdoor industry marketing can be more complex than other industries due to the values of consumers often being different from the general population. While some local business strategies can potentially be simple, other organizations may have extremely complex strategies in place to capitalize on consumer needs and grow in a sustainable manner.

Categories like sustainable product design, extensive supply chains, diversity, equity, and social responsibilities often become even more important in the outdoor space.

If you are looking for a marketing position at an outdoor company, here are some tips, as well as certifications to consider acquiring. These certifications and tips, will help turn you into a more well rounded candidate.


7 Outdoor Industry Certificate Programs to Consider


Sustainable Product Design and Supply Chain Certificate by Utah State University.

It focuses on product design and development. You will learn about the circular economy, sustainability assessment tools, supply chains, and logistics. USU offers 3 courses that cover a sustainable supply chain, creating a more circular economy, and how to integrate sustainability into business. Each contain a video description of the courses available. The courses are available for $600 each and are fully online.


Responsible Business In The Outdoor Industry Certificate by Western Colorado University.

It focuses on leadership, social responsibility, workplace equity, and the moral sides of the outdoor industry. It also explains how to start a business if you are a student with a detailed explanation of outdoor industry workplace challenges. The courses are available for $600 each and are fully online.


Athletic And Outdoor Industry Certificate by Portland State University.

This certificate represents an undergraduate certificate program. If you are a talented person wishing to explore the industry’s top challenges, do not ignore this amazing program. If you are an athlete or would like to work with sports equipment marketing, consider human resources management and leadership disciplines already included in this course.


Outdoor Leadership Certificate by Oregon State University.

If you would like to enter a professional development program designed for leaders in the field of the outdoor recreation industry, it is your chance to make this world a better place and help hikers, fishermen, scouts, and people of all ages achieve safety.


Professional Outdoor Industry Certificate by WCU.

Another industry certificate that you may consider, which takes place as an online course and may fit the beginners. Even though it is full now, you must consider contacting the WCU committee and voice your concerns regarding flexible professional outdoor industry certification. Regardless if you want to focus on Marketing or Business Entrepreneurship, it is best to choose something that combines these two together.


Outdoor / Physical Education Degree & Certificate by Red Rocks Community College.

This amazing community college offers various outdoor education certificates that include: Outdoor Professional (Guiding), Outdoor Industry Business / Management, Wilderness Therapy Specialist Certificate, Facilitation/Education Specialist, and Introduction to Outdoor Leadership certification. The latest is aimed at high school students in Jefferson County.

Since Outdoor Industry programs are not so common, remember to book your place early and get your personal statement and resume ready and polished. Just make sure that you also join Outdoor Industry Association and contact them for more tips and information.


Outdoor Industry Tips For Beginners

Even though you do not even need a specific college degree to start with Outdoor Industry marketing in most cases, it is still necessary to have at least some college or technical training. Any professional experience will be beneficial as well. You should be willing to learn and possess a creative mind. Do not forget that strong leadership qualities and moral values will be specifically important for your professional success and recognition. If you can support yourself with a relevant certificate, you will definitely achieve success!

We can’t stress enough the importance of both written and oral communication skills in any industry, especially in the outdoor industry, where both have to be top quality. When going through any certification or education process, we see too many students searching for the best paper writing services online instead of taking the time to practice their oral and written communication skills. We recommend that students refine their own skills instead of utilizing services like this.

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