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OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Goggle Review – Skiing & Snowboarding Goggle Test


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Goggles for winter sports are essential. Not only do they provide sun protection and allow you to see more clearly, but they add an element of protection for your eyes that is essential for skiing, snowboarding, or just being outdoors in a cold and windy environment. In this article, we do an in depth review of OutdoorMaster’s Ultra XL Goggles to see if they are worth the money.

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Our Testing

We brought these Goggles on Colorado 14ers, backcountry ski trips, and to the ski resort. This testing allowed us to experience the goggles in sunny environment, after sunset, in high winds, in heat, while sitting still, and while sweating like crazy. In other words, we put them to the complete test.

A little background on our testing: We are trail runners, hikers, skiers, bikers, and we take our nutrition, our safety, and athletic performance very seriously. Therefore, we make sure we test all the gear we recommend thoroughly.


Where To Purchase

You can purchase OutdoorMaster products on their site: OutdoorMaster

Or on Amazon


About OutdoorMaster

OutdoorMaster was founded by an ex IT engineer / tech geek that also happened to be an avid outdoorsman with a passion for skiing. His passion for the outdoors led him to gear frustrations, particularly with ski goggles that fogged too frequently, scratched too easily, were not durable enough, and broke the bank. He found himself partnering with an old friend to develop a new ski goggle that didn’t break the bank, but had the durability and clarity of the top goggles on the market.

Since then, OutdoorMaster has expanded to creating gear for all types of adventurers that is affordable, durable, yet maintains quality that is nearly impossible to come by at the price points OutdoorMaster sells at.

You can read more about OutdoorMaster here.



About The Goggles

OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Goggles on a sunny backcountry skiing day

OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Goggles on a sunny backcountry skiing day

These Goggles come with an extra lens so that you can have a darker lens, and a lighter lens depending upon the conditions. The magnetic lens release is strong enough to avoid any concern of the lenses falling, yet, make the process of swapping out lenses, easier, or equally as easy as any other goggles on the market. The goggles have a wide field of vision, have various color lens options, amazing ventilation and anti fog properties, full UV protection, a protective carrying case, two microfiber carrying bags, and a 1 year warranty.



Lens Size 8.66 Inches (W) X 3.93 Inches (H)
Lens Material Injection Molded Polycarbonate + UV Coating
Frame Material Bendable TPU
Weight 553g




OutdoorMaster offers free shipping with estimated delivery times listed below:

Country / Region Shipping Time
USA 3 – 7 Days
Canada 8 – 15 Days
UK 5 – 8 Days
Germany 6 – 9 Days
France 6 – 9 Days
Other Countries 7 – 15 Days


Returns & Warranty

Customers can return the purchased products within 30 days after receiving the product as long as it is undamaged, and in the same condition it was received. You can read more about the policy here.



Our Review



On the summit prepared to ski down in Colorado

On the summit prepared to ski down in Colorado

These goggles are extremely comfortable. The foam, and the microfiber inner foam layer allows for breathability, prevents fogging, and avoids getting uncomfortable even after extended use. In addition, the straps are very comfortable both inside, and outside of your helmet. There is not another Goggle that we have tried that is more comfortable than this Goggle, and therefore, we give comfort a 5/5.


Lens Clarity

This was the area in which we were extremely surprised. The reason most skiers and snowboarders elect for the higher priced goggles is due to lens clarity. These lenses match the clarity of the most expensive lenses on the market. In fact, our very expensive Smith goggles are now the backup pair to the far less expensive OutdoorMater Ultras because these lenses are more clear. Yet again, a 5/5.


Field Of View

The Ultra’s have fantastic field of view. The design of the lense and frame give ample field of view that rivals many other goggles on the market. This is considered and ultra wide angle lens, and it certainly lives up to that. While you can find wider angle lenses on the market, there aren’t very many. The lens technology also eliminates nearly all distortion even at the peripherals. We give these lenses a 4/5 in terms of field of view.



We took these goggles backcountry skiing. We sweat like crazy in them on the uphill, and pushed them to the absolute limits, and still didn’t fog. The ventilation is extreme, the anti-fog is extreme, and the three layer foam simply works. If goggles can survive an uphill backcountry session, then they can survive anything. Again, these goggles outperformed more expensive goggles when it came to anti-fog, which is why they will be with us on every backcountry trip. Another 5/5 rating.


Lens Changes

The magnets are incredible. They are strong enough to never have to worry about your lens falling off, but the perfect level to make removing, and replacing the lens easy. Yet again, this is a feature on much more expensive goggles, that OutdoorMaster rivals easily at a lower price point. 5/5 on lens changes and ease of use. There are many more expensive goggles on the market that don’t have magnetic interchangeable lenses, and it makes changing out the lens far more difficult. Especially if you are freezing on the summit of a backcountry ski trip. 5/5 rating.


Price & Value

Simply put, we would say that these are the best value goggles on the market. They have the features and quality of $200-$250 goggles. You could not ask for better value, and we were absolutely blown away by the quality at this price point. 5/5 rating.

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Recommendation And Overall Thoughts:

Overall, we highly recommend these goggles. They are probably the best value ski goggles on the market. They are at a mid range price point, yet they pack the punch of the highest end goggles.

  • Extremely solid design
  • Lens clarity is fantastic
  • Comes with extra lenses
  • Magnetic lens swap system

We will be buying these again for continued use. We cannot think of a single negative thing to say about these lenses. That’s why this review is so solid.



Additional Photos

Getting ready to ski down for sunset with the clear OutdoorMaster Ultra XL lenses

Getting ready to ski down for sunset with the clear OutdoorMaster Ultra XL lenses

OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Goggles on a sunny backcountry skiing day

OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Goggles on a sunny backcountry skiing day

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