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OutdoorsmanLab Ultralight Sleeping Pad Review – Tested Camping On Colorado 14ers.


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In this article, we take a look at one of the top selling sleeping pads on Amazon, the OutdoorsmanLab Ultralight Sleeping Pad. We put it to the test in real camping scenarios, in cold weather, warm weather, on rough ground, and here we tell you how it held up.

About OutdoorsmanLab | About The Pad | Our Review | Summary

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About OutdoorsmanLab

OutdoorsmanLab is a company created to provide affordable outdoor gear to the weekend warrior and outdoor lovers. They strive to create quality gear at significantly lower costs than the big brands.

Our Testing Scenario

We have spent 5 weekends straight camping in the Colorado wilderness. Each week, we took this sleeping pad out. We had rain, snow, warm weather, flat ground, sloped ground, soft ground, and hard ground. With some big hikes (Colorado 14ers) after these camping nights, it is important to get quality sleep. Basically, we are avid campers, and we put this product to the test how most people are going to use it.

About The Pad

Technical Specs

Compacted Size Compact Size: 8″ x 3″ x 3″ for carrying and storage
Inflated Size Inflated Size: 73″ x 21.6″ x 2.2″ fits all types of single sleeping bags
Inflation Easy-to-Use Air Valve: Quick inflation with 10-15 breaths and deflates in seconds
Thickness (Inflated) Thickness: 2.2″ for optimal comfort, support, and warmth
Weight 14.5 0unces (just under 1 pound)
Material durable 200 ripstop woven Nylon with a laminated TPU coating
Colors Available in Blue, Green, and Orange
R-Value 2.2 (3 season level warmth) – See our article on R-Values
Weight 14.5 0unces (just under 1 pound)

Additional Features

  • Double air valve that holds air while even if you take your mouth off of the device.
  • Carrying case for easy packability
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Inflatable cell design that gives substantial comfort and transfers air efficiently.

Free Standard Shipping

This item has free shipping on Amazon and on their own website.


OutdoorLab has a lifetime warranty. Many users report having a good experience with customer support and replacements being sent.

Our Review


As far as backpacking sleeping pads go, this is extremely comfortable. This pad is substantially more comfortable than non-inflatable pads like the Therma-Rest Z Lite. When compared to the more expensive blowup pads, this rivals those as well, and beats many.

We used to recommend the Therma-Rest Z Lite as our go to budget pad, but we know will be recommending this as the number one budget friendly sleeping pad.

In terms of comfort, we would rate this really high compared to other backpacking sleeping pads. The air pad design does a great job of distributing your weight.

Ease of Inflation

This device is extremely easy to inflate. It takes 9-10 breaths for myself, and 15 or so for the average person. You can grab this out of your pack and have it inflated within 30 seconds. No issues here.

Ease of Deflation

This device is relatively easy to deflate. In a few minutes of carefully squeezing out the pad, you can have it fully deflated. We did notice that it is very easy to accidentally leave a tiny bit of air in the pad, making it hard to pack into the small case. Simply take your time rolling and squeezing all of the air out, and you’ll be in great shape.


The packability and small size of this pad when bundled up rivals the most expensive pads in the market. We consider this to be one of the best features of this pad. The 8″ x 3″ x 3″ compact size is amazing for backpacking. This is substantially smaller than other pads, and especially non inflatable pads. With the weight being less than 1 pound, it is also a lightweight option that is great for even long distance backpacking.

Do remember, you have to take your time squeezing out all the air to fit it into the compact carrying case, but even if you are lazy, this is such a small packed pad when deflated that you can shove it in your pack really easily.


This paid doesn’t have a high R-Value, so it isn’t extremely warm. If you are camping above 20 degrees F, you should have no problem with warmth of this sleeping pad. If you are a winter camper, you may want to consider a pad with a higher r-value.


We were super satisfied with the durability of this. Just the fabric feels sturdy when you touch it. We laid this directly on the ground, directly on plywood, and moved around without any punctures, leakage, or even visible damage to the fabric. We anticipate that this pad is just as durable, if not more durable than the most expensive blow up pads in the market.


It is huge when inflated! At 6 feet 1 inches long, and 21.6 inches wide, this pad comfortable fits almost everyone. This is a bit longer and wider than most sleeping pads, though you can find larger if you are a big person, looking for a massive pad. Overall, the size is perfect for small to large people, and it fits in 1 person tents.

Cost / Value

You can’t beat the value of this sleeping pad. It has the quality of the much more expensive higher end brands, a lifetime warranty to back it up, thousands of quality reviews, solid comfort, excellent packability, and is overall an extremely good value. We will be recommending this to all of our budget backpackers and value seekers without a doubt.


We were absolutely blown away with the quality of this sleeping pad. For the money, we expected it to be on par with far less quality pads, but we were completely proven wrong. As an avid camper and backpacker, this pad is certainly replacing my normal sleeping pad. We highly recommend this product.

*Disclaimer: We were given this pad by OutdoorsmanLab to review. This review is our honest opinion as we were genuinely impressed by this product. The links above to Amazon are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase this pad through that link, we get a small commission that supports our site. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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