The Best Wet Fly Assortment Pack For Trout


We have been fishing for years across tons of different environments, seasons, and elevations. In fast water, slow water, stillwater, and everything in between. Through this experience, we really have come to find out what the ultimate wet flies are. These flies perform pretty much year round, in nearly every condition. We wanted to put together the ultimate wet fly assortment for you to test yourself.

We are minimizing cost by shipping in a simple envelope (free shipping for you!), and producing the absolutely best and most versatile set of wet flies possible in a 14 fly affordable selection.

With two flies of each of our top picks, you’ll be able to test which fly best suits your needs and go buy or tie more for yourself!

What’s In The Pack (14 Flies):

Wooly Bugger x 2 (Size 12)
Rs2 x 2 (Size 20)
Copper John x 2 (Size 14)
Zebra Midge x 2 (Size 18)
Hare’s Ear Nymph x 2 (Size 16)
Partridge Soft Hackle Nymph x 2 (Size 14)
Pheasant Tail Nymph x 2 (Size 16)

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