Fall Stag Head | Artwork By Piper Nunn


This painting was done on thick Gouache paper with Gouache paints, it was inspired by the stunning Colorado rivers and aspen groves where one can often spot a graceful deer or elk. Prints are Giclee prints on thick archival matte paper.

Dimensions: 16” x 20”

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About The Artist

Hello, I’m Piper Nunn, an avid fly-fisher, artist, and lover of the outdoors based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Creating art allows me to capture the beauty of our natural world and my art is largely inspired by places I have been, and places that I hope to go. Rivers, beautiful fish, and towering mountain peaks are constant sources of inspiration and I hope to share their beauty with others through my artwork. I am passionate about not only enjoying our wild places, but also protecting them for the enjoyment of generations to come. I am pursuing a degree in Fisheries Biology to work specifically in salmon conservation. Sharing my artwork with others is my way of sharing the beauty which I see in the world. From large Alaskan mountain ranges to beautiful wild trout, I hope that my art helps others to bring the outdoors into their homes and be constantly reminded of the beautiful world which we are lucky to explore, and the duty which we have to protect it.

Piper Nunn