8 Reasons to Buy an EDC Flashlight


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Most people used flashlights during power outages, camping, or hiking, nowadays more people carry flashlights every day. Before you search for the best EDC pocket flashlight to keep with your wallet and keys, let us tell you the reasons to always take these ‘everyday carry flashlights’ with you.

You will be surprised to learn how many situations a pocket flashlight can come in handy.


Dark Streets

If you come home late often, like to go on long walks or run at night or park your car in a secluded spot, a flashlight should definitely be a part of your supplies. Thankfully the more advanced flashlights are brighter with long-distance beams, so you can see pretty far and feel more aware of your surroundings. If you don’t want to carry a flashlight on your person all the time, you can keep one in your car.


Disorient Others

Have your eyes ever hurt when someone shone a torch at your face suddenly? Well, then you know how flashlights can disorient a potential attacker and give you some thinking time to get your bearings in any harmful situation. You can carry it everywhere you go, unlike another self-defence item such as a taser or knife. We of course hope this never occurs, but a flashlight can be a tool in these situations.


Your Phone Isn’t As Reliable Or Powerful

Your phone is not a substitute for a flashlight. Like most people, you use your phone the whole day, and you don’t know exactly when the battery will run out. The flashlight will drain your phone’s battery faster and heat it. The last thing you need in an emergency is for your phone battery to die.

The purpose of a flashlight is to give light as it is designed for that purpose. It is more powerful than any phone’s flash and can be switched on quicker with a single button. Similarly, the long-lasting battery will keep you at ease, and you won’t be switching on the screen every few minutes to check the battery percentage.


Tough Spaces

Even if it is not entirely dark, certain situations still require much more than natural light. Changing your tire in the evening or a cloudy day to looking for something that fell in the dark, many situations need extra light. From searching under your car seat to looking inside a gap, flashlights are useful in tight spaces. Flashlights are always going to come in handy. An easy-to-carry pocket flashlight can be used as a keychain too.



Multifunctional tools that have a built-in flashlight might appeal to you. From batons and tasers to light pens, these tools give you a two in one benefit. And yet, their primary purpose was not to provide you with light. Thus, they will not have the full benefits of an EDC flashlight (power, compactness, etc).

Pocket-friendly flashlights are more accessible to carry around than a baton and easier to use too.



EDC flashlights come in many styles and sizes. They are easily concealable in your everyday look, either as a keychain or small enough to look like a pen. If you are someone who carries their keys everywhere, then if you have to run to get something from the basement, you do not have to start searching for a flashlight in your drawers. You just have pick up your keys with the keychain flashlight and take it with you.



Yes, you read that right. Bugs are probably everywhere. Ever had your eye on a spider, but it disappeared, and it made you feel anxious? You probably did not have the time to rummage a drawer for a light. A pocket flashlight can fit into your pocket, as simple as it sounds, and you can easily use it in such situations.

We camp a lot, and often end up searching ourselves for ticks and other bugs. Lights come in handy during these situations.

If you are someone squeamish about insects and you feel like something is on your bed, then you probably pull off your covers and dust them thoroughly. But what about hotels and guest rooms? Some hotels have shady mattresses, and even though there is nothing visible in normal light, you might want to take a closer look through your flashlight. Always check for bed bugs at hotels, and a powerful flashlight will make it easier to scan.


Adventure Times

Whether you’re travelling to exotic places with dense forests and dark caves or going on a hike and camping in the local area, a flashlight is essential on adventures that usually involve nature. You will feel much safer with a flashlight, so when something moves in the dark, you don’t have to fall and trip and can see what it is.


Get It!

Getting yourself a pocket-friendly flashlight for everyday carry can prepare you for numerous situations and give you mental peace. Be the one with the light even when others around you do not have it.

Max DesMarais

Max DesMarais

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