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Chamonix is one of the most sought after locations for skiing in the entire world. There are various resorts available with terrain suitable for beginners, all the way to terrain that is difficult for even the top skiers and snowboarders on the planet. In this list here, we show and briefly describe the ski resorts in close proximity to Chamonix.



Brévent-Flégère is a popular slope and a 5-minute walk from the centre of Chamonix. Brévent has mostly blue and red pistes and has a couple of green slopes for beginners. This is a great place to come if you have a group of people with varying ski levels as there are a wide variety of slopes to accommodate a group of intermediate to advanced skiers. Brevent has been connected to La Flégère via cable car since 1997, and official partnered with Brevent in 2000.

Type Of Terrain:
Easy (Blue) = 11 km of trails
Intermediate (Red) –  25 km of trails
Advanced (Black) – 20 km of trails


Lifts: 17 Lifts

Lift Elevation Gain: 1,495 Meters




Grands Montets

If you’re a seasoned skier who is confident in their skills, then it’s time to hit up Grands Montets. Grands Montets is the most challenging slope in the valley and is only a 10-minute drive from the centre of Chamonix. If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge on your ski holiday, then make sure you plan a day at Grands Montets.

Type Of Terrain:
Easy (Blue) = 6 km of trails
Intermediate (Red) –  9 km of trails
Advanced (Black) – 14 km of trails


Lifts: 7 Lifts

Lift Elevation Gain: 1513 Meters


Domaine de Balme

If you need an area that is suitable for skiers of many different levels, then Domaine de Balme is right for you. They have nursery slopes suitable for beginners and intermediate slopes from the top of Les Autannes. You can even seek out off-piste routes if you’re an advanced skier, too! It boasts some of the most incredible views in all of the Chamonix valley.

Type Of Terrain:
Easy (Blue) = 13 km of trails
Intermediate (Red) –  16 km of trails
Advanced (Black) – 0 km of trails


Lifts: 13 Lifts

Lift Elevation Gain: 817 Meters


Les Houches

Les Houches is a 10-minute drive from the centre of Chamonix. If you’re a highly advanced skier, you may be better off choosing a different place to go as Les Houches mostly caters to beginner and intermediate skiers. If you’re looking for a place that’s great for skiing but even better for lunch, Les Houches boasts lots of privately owned restaurants with fresh food to fuel your journey ahead.

Type Of Terrain:
Easy (Blue) = 25 km of trails
Intermediate (Red) –  25 km of trails
Advanced (Black) – 5 km of trails


Lifts: 15 Lifts

Lift Elevation Gain: 900 Meters



The great thing about staying in Chamonix is the number of ski locations nearby. So why not take a day trip to Italy and venture to Courmayeur? Courmayeur is 20 minutes from the centre of Chamonix and has 31 slops and 18 lifts. The large resort boasts lots of restaurants serving authentic Italian pizzas, gorgeous coffee and more!

Type Of Terrain:
Easy (Blue) = 27% of trails
Intermediate (Red) –  59%  of trails
Advanced (Black) – 14% of trails


Lifts: 18 Lifts

Lift Elevation Gain: 1545 Meters


La Vormaine

La Vormaine is located in the village of Le Tour that is a fully beginner resort with 4 total drag lists. The largest taking visitors up 145 meters. Simply put, this small ski area may be great for anyone that is just starting out and needs some practice. There is one short blue run as well if skiers start getting a little more comfortable.


Plan Your Chamonix Ski Trip

If you’re looking to plan your perfect ski trip in Chamonix, it’s important to get acquainted with the slopes beforehand to make sure you choose a place that’s right for your group. Once you’ve chosen your perfect slopes, make sure you check out the snow forecast for Chamonix to make sure you have the proper gear based on the weather.

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