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Surviveware First Aid Kit Review – Tested For Adventure


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Every traveler, hiker, backpacker, skier, or outdoor adventurer, you should be traveling with a first aid kit. In this article, we will review the Surviveware Small Waterproof First Aid Kit to let you know how it performed, and what situations it is best for.

About Surviveware | About The Kit | Our Review | Summary


Surviveware’s first aid kits can be purchased on:



About Surviveware

Surviveware is an organization founded by Janco and Amanda, a couple who uncovered the need for a compact survival kit to aid adventurers and travelers. The first aid kits developed from Surviveware are some of the best and most well thought out first aid kits on the market. With a product quality guarantee, and a commitment to creating top of the line quality products, this organization has developed a brand well known in the outdoors space.

You can read more about Suerviveware here.



About The Kit

The Small Waterproof Kit is 100% waterproof (IPX7), with durable materials, zippers, and contains a surprisingly large and versatile amount of supplies. The straps on the outside and compact sizing make this kit great for bikers, hikers, car campers, kayakers, and other outdoor adventures.


Technical Specs


Small Waterproof Bag
Dimension 5.5″ x 7.5″ x 3.5″
Weight 1 lbs
MOLLE System Straps for easy compatibility with all packs.
Bag Material 600D Tarpaulin Bag
Water-resistant ✓ (IPX 7)
Kit Pieces 100
FSA/HSA Eligible


What’s In The Kit?

6” Shears(1), 600D Polyester Bag(1), Adhesive Bandages: Butterfly Shape(5), Butterfly Small(5), H-Shape(5), Large(2), Standard(20), Mini(5), Square Shape(5), Cotton Gauze (3), Cotton Swabs(10), Pouch with Instructions(1), Crepe Bandage(1), Emergency Blanket(1), Head bandage Pads(2), Tape(1), (1), Laminate Baggies(1), Personal Mini Bags(5), PBT Conforming Bandage(1), Safety Pins(4), Splinter Probes(2), Closures(3), Guide(1), Triangular Bandage(1),Tweezer(1), Whistle(1)


Free Shipping On Orders Over $25

Surviveware offers free shipping on orders over $25, so this kit will come with free shipping.


Returns & Warranty

If your product comes with any type of defect or damage, it can be returned within 30 days. Surviveware will not cover return shipping. Our product came in flawlessly, and there are few complaints from other customers. The reviews on Amazon say a lot about the quality of this kit.



Our Review

We were extremely impressed by the overall thoughtfulness and design of this kit. This is unlike other first aid kits in that everything is extremely well organized, and thought out to the most minute details. For example, they include zipper lubrication in a small bottle and bag to ensure you can keep your zipper operating well.


Our Favorite Features

Before we dive into specific items, we wanted to cover a few of our favorite features of this kit:

Surviveware First Aid Kit Inside

Well organized and labeled interior

  • Every item is labeled and organized neatly. This makes access in an emergency situation far more simple, even if someone has to hop into the kit with little first aid kit or emergency experience. (See image)
  • Zipper system is extremely durable and waterproof
  • External straps make it easy to attach to backpack, car, bike, kayak or wall.



Durability & Waterproofness

We tested it, as well as many others, and can confirm that this kit is fully waterproof. The IPX 7 rating appears to hold up, the zippers do their job when fully closed, and the 600D Tarpaulin material we don’t think will ever tear. Basically, this kit is going to hold up, and you’ll just need to replace supplies as you use them.



The straps on this first aid kit allow for easy strapping to a car, backpack, kayak or bike, making this kit very versatile. While this is considered a small kit, it is not ideal for backpackers or long day hikes in most situations due to the size. The fact that it is only one pound however still makes it a great option to strap to the outside of a bag. For instance, if you are backpacking with a group of people, this one first aid kit will cover several of you.

We therefore find this kit extremely versatile, and we always keep it in the car and strap it on to the bag when going for day adventures.



Simply put, the kit is good looking! It isn’t an eye sore. The design is solid, and it looks good just about anywhere you strap it.

In addition, the interior design of the pack is fantastic for organizing all of the supplies.


The Gear

This kit has everything you need in it. The list above confirms just that. Everything within it is high quality, and the waterproof case keeps everything in good condition.


Recommendation and Overall Thoughts:

Overall, if you need a first aid kit, this is one of the best on the market. It is always best to be prepared, and this kit will do just that for you.

First aid kits are for preparedness and often difficult situations. Therefore, we recommend purchasing a high quality, and well designed kits. You’ll find cheaper kits on the market, but they will not be made as durable as this kit, they will likely not be waterproof, the organization and access will not be as easy, and therefore, when you really need it, they won’t be as effective.

Safety is worth spending a few extra dollars on in our opinion. All in all, we highly recommend this kit for nearly any type of adventurer.



Additional Photos

Surviveware First Aid Kit Exterior

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