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Tag - Jackets

How To Choose The Perfect Windshirt For Hiking & Camping


Choosing the right thing to wear when hiking can be a difficult and expensive task. Every individual requires different equipment, layers, and accessories. And a hiker’s needs can depend on the terrain, climate, and intensity of the hike.…

Down Fill Power Explained – Everything You Need To Know About Jacket Warmth


While not everyone is a technical mastermind, when you go shopping for a hunting jacket, you’ve probably heard the term “down fill power”. But what is it exactly? How do you measure it and how should it affect…

Waterproof Ratings – Jacket and Clothing Ratings Explained


Every avid nature lover knows that bad weather can instantly make a trip go from enjoyable to miserable, or potentially even dangerous. But that’s only if one is unprepared. For this very reason, one of the first things…

Cleaning & Washing Your Down Jacket [Everything You Need to Know]


If you’re anything like me, you wait until the last possible moment to wash your down jackets. It feels risky to just toss it in the wash, yet that pasta sauce from your backpacking trip last summer is…

Cortazu Hard Shell Jacket Review – [Actually Tested]


We had the pleasure of testing out two of Cortazu’s jackets, the Hard Shell (All Round) Outerlayer, and Mid-Layer Mountain jacket. This review will talk about our experience with these jackets while putting them to the test in…