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10 Vegan Hiking & Backpacking Foods You Can Buy On Amazon


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In this article, we talk about 10 easy to carry vegan hiking foods that can be bought easily on Amazon. We know it can be difficult to find tasty, affordable, and healthy vegan options, so we aimed to make it a little easier. If you have more to add to this list, please message us!


1. Herbed Mushroom Risotto

GOOD TO-GO Mushroom RisottoManufactured by Good To-Go in Maine USA.

This lightweight, dehydrated real food includes various ingredients like rice (Arborio), onions, Cremini mushrooms, garlic, walnuts, and any more nutritious items.

These days it’s not easy to find a food item that is quick to make and healthy to eat, this isn’t the case anymore.

Just add water and you can have a gluten-free vegan meal readied in just minutes.

It has a shelf life of 4 years.

See it on Amazon | See on Good To-Go


2. Pad Thai

Backpacker's Pantry Pad ThaiIntending to please not only your appetite but also to meet your nutritional needs, Backpacker’s pantry brings to you, Pad Thai.

Depending upon the package it may either contain 1 or 2 servings.

As for the qualities, Pad Thai is vegan, gluten-free, Non-GMO, and USDA organic.

With a longer shelf life, you can have a gourmet flavored meal in just minutes.

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3. Mexican Quinoa Bowl

GOOD TO-GO Mexican Quinoa BowlOften regarded as the national dish of Mexico, Quinoa bowl is laden with tomato, butternut squash, and corn. Another super delicious choice from Good To-Go

It doesn’t include any preservatives, is low on sodium, and made from real food. This high protein meal is gluten-free and includes raw cacao which is an excellent source of iron, magnesium, and anti-oxidants.

Moreover, it has a shelf life of 4 years.

See it on Amazon | View On Good To-Go


4. Louisiana Red Beans & Rice

Backpacker’s pantry has tons of Vegetarian, Vegan, and healthy food options. This is another classic, yet delicious one to try out.

So next time you take a break while hiking just relax on one of the best backpacking chairs of 2020  and enjoy this gluten-free, vegan, and high protein meal.

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5. Kathmandu Curry

Compared with other freeze-dried food items, Backpacker’s pantry food is never cooked.

This means until you add boiling water in the bag the food remains uncooked. Kathmandu Curry is no exception.

It contains peas, potatoes, carrots, lentils, curry, and brown rice, just add some water and you can have 1 or 2 servings (depending upon the package) of this vegan meal.

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6. Classic Marinara with Pasta

This traditionally cooked meal has the soothing flavor of Italian tomato sauce which is served with the brown rice pasta.

It’s so good that even the wheat pasta enthusiast will fall in love with it.

With 4 years of shelf life, this vegan food includes Italian herbs like oregano, basil, and thyme flavor.

It has no harmful preservatives or excess of sodium instead the preservation is accomplished by removing the excess of water.

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7. Cuban Coconut Rice and Black Beans

Yet another high protein vegan meal from the kitchen of Backpacker’s pantry, Cuban coconut rice & black beans is a lightweight, dehydrated food that you can enjoy with your friends and family while you are hiking.

Just add some water and you are good to go.

It has been certified Non-GMO and USDA organic (Colorado department of agriculture).

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8. Smoked Three-Bean Chili

The best thing about chili is that it will warm you up from the inside, right from the first morsel to your last.

The exciting flavor of chili along with flavors of nutty beans, sweet potatoes, and mildly smoked paprika, gives you the vibe of campfire cooked food.

This protein-packed vegan meal has an extraordinary shelf life of 5 years.

Without any unnecessary preservatives and chemicals, this meal is made from scratch using clean and healthy ingredients to give you the feel of a homemade dish.

See it on Amazon | See On Good To-Go


9. Hungarian Goulash (Vegan)

Check out this unique company, food and brand. Nomad Nutrition has some amazing options for vegan, gluten free, and dairy free meals. This one is spectacular and unique.

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10. Bibimbap

The term bibim means mixing different ingredients and bap refers to rice.

This spicy Korean dish includes a key component known as gochujang, which is a dark red immensely tangy and spicy sauce made from Korean chilies and fermented miso.

With 4 years of shelf life, this gluten-free vegan meal consists of carrots, zucchini, and spinach.

So wherever you decide to have an adventure having bibimbap will make it completely worthwhile.

See it on Amazon



Many food items indeed require refrigeration, but you need shelf-stable healthy food items for backpackers so that you can enjoy your hike.

So make sure you pack your bag with at least one of the above mentioned portable food items so that you can stay powered up. Be sure to check out our article on the best hiking foods.

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