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What Is Maps.Me And Should You Consider Using It?


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Maps.Me is a free and easy way to navigate on the go. The app provides users with high-resolution offline maps that are utilized for travel and adventure. With over 50 million downloads, it is evident that this app has a solid user base for offline mapping.

Downloading offline maps enables travelers to utilize navigation effectively without service or internet. Users only need a GPS connection, which is an extremely reliable and free source for most with smartphones today.

Maps.Me is a community-driven platform for sharing, discovering, and improving global maps. Every day millions of people use Maps.Me to search for directions; find businesses and places to go; track down places based on reviews by locals; see everything from restaurants to wildlife; etc.


App Features And Characteristics


Finding And Sharing Locations

Users can share (and find) nearby locations of interest on Maps.Me and create an itinerary and guide to the places they may want to visit next. It will help users find businesses, attractions, adventures, and restaurants while traveling in any part of the world.


Open Source

Maps.Me is an open-source software for offline maps. The quality of the map data on Maps.Me is comparable to Google Maps, but the universal nature of Maps.Me’s content means it can be used by any mobile device that needs detailed maps.

Maps.Me code can be found on GitHub (an open-source code collaborator) where a group of community work to improve the app. A single entity or company doesn’t hold the app.


Offline Maps

The internet has transformed our lives in ways we could never have imagined. Nowadays, almost everyone uses the web to access information, communicate, shop, play games, etc. It’s even possible to get directions at any time in any place, thanks to smartphones.

Unfortunately, the internet isn’t always accessible to us. This means we need to rely on other sources of information to navigate around town. For example, if you’re driving somewhere new, you might want to check out local businesses and attractions before arriving. This is where Maps.Me offline maps come in handy.

Maps.Me lets you download Maps offline. Turn-by-turn navigation and directions can be viewed without an Internet connection. The app also allows you to download maps from anywhere in the world. The interface is simple and intuitive, and it is easy to use.


Offline Search

With Maps.Me, you can offline search for things like an address, coordinate, name, or by categories (restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, etc). The search feature uses a combination of community-provided data and OpenStreetMaps.

Maps.Me provides up-to-date maps and intelligent guesses when you have speech problems. So that you can find what you’re looking for even when you don’t know precisely the search term. You can even get directions to an address using only your phone’s location.

Its smart search feature will understand misspellings and typos, even when they are too complex to understand easily. Search for lodgings, shops, health care, or entertainment anywhere in the world – it’s all right there on the offline map.


Route Planning

If you’re looking for an great way to plan routes, then Maps.Me is a solid option. With the app, you can easily search for directions between two locations, see what route you should take, and even save your favorite routes so you can use them again later.

Maps Me uses the same underlying technology as OpenStreetMap, but it also offers additional features such as offline maps, elevation profiles, and detailed trail maps (a great benefit for hikers).


Easy Sharing

Travelers who want to stay safe and efficient will enjoy the sharing functionality. Using the route planner, you can easily create and share a route with friends and family.

Traffic Density

You can easily find and plan your route quickly by providing data. The traffic overlay feature will highlight the traffic density in a route. It also gives warnings about roadblocks or other issues in your route. Although for real-time information you will need to connect to the internet.

Maps.Me also offers booking taxis and other e-hailing services option. In the absence of public transportation, this option can be helpful. Also, you can easily compare the estimated cost of a ride.



Maps.Me provides a seamless experience when it comes to bookmarking your favorite place for later reference. You can quickly bookmark any place and save it to local storage or even transfer it to another device.

Also, you can share your favorite places with friends using the powerful bookmarking feature. This handy feature is very useful, especially if traveling with a friend or significant other.


Should You Use Maps.Me?

Maps are essential for anyone traveling outside of the country, any trails for outdoor adventure, or traveling in any region where there isn’t familiarity with all of the roads and buildings. Sometimes, we fall into a situation where network connections are not available. This is where offline maps systems are extremely important.

If you like traveling and often go off trail, you should undoubtedly get your hands on Maps.Me to give it a test. Its powerful features will act as a guide along your journey.

There are many offline map tools to be utilized, but this is a free app, with lots of functionality and constant improvement. We utilize maps.me for traveling, and utilize other offline map providers for hiking, trail running, and backcountry skiing.

Any traveler should give it a download, and test it out for a few weeks to determine if this is a tool that is worth keeping.

Max DesMarais

Max DesMarais

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