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About Hiking & Fishing

Our Purpose

Thank you for visiting our site and taking a step towards joining our outdoor community. I started this website to take a new angle at making the outdoors more accessible and safer by educating the public through the creation of valuable, accurate and unbiased information. In doing so, I hope to foster a community that is able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors while wanting to preserve and protect the planet.

This website, hikingandfishing.com, is a hub of high-quality, heavily researched content that is created, edited, and published for you by highly experienced outdoor enthusiasts and professionals. We take pride in providing all of the information that people need, with none of the fluff or misinformation that can be found on other sites.


About Our Content Research And Development

All content published on hikingandfishing.com is thoughtfully crafted by professionals with experience in the outdoors space. Content is first thoroughly researched by a writing team member, where other experts are consulted as needed. Before publishing, all information is reviewed by multiple team members for accuracy, helpfulness, and overall quality. Our team is filled with individuals that have spent large portions of their lives hiking, fishing, climbing, running, traveling, utilizing gear, and adventuring. Because of this, we take pride in our work, and strive for it to be as accurate and helpful as possible for you.

Our writing team, guide partners and consultants include certified AMGA and fly fishing guides, wilderness first responders, weekend warriors and those who have spent decades exploring the outdoors, traveling, and honing in their knowledge and skills.

If you want more in depth information about our editorial policies and guidelines, see here.

About Our Partners

We have partnerships with dozens of outdoor guiding companies across the United States. Not only does this allow us to refer our readers to the best guides, but it allows us to consult and leverage professional guides across various outdoor disciplines for information on activities, gear, and more.


About Me

Max DesMaraisI developed hikingandfishing.com as a way to share my passions for the outdoors with you all, whether someone has never hiked before or is an avid nature adventurer. I began this website while completing the NH 48 when I found myself wishing for articles that provided concise but all-encompassing information. During this time, I found myself increasingly interested in and pursuing fly fishing, hence the name of the website.

I grew up in New Hampshire, and while I have always had an admiration for nature, I did not spend my childhood years in the backcountry. Because of this, it was particularly important for me that I created something that can be useful for someone at any step of their outdoor skills development.

Since completing the NH 48, I have acquired years of experience hiking, trail running, fishing, backpacking, skiing, and showing others some of the most beautiful places New Hampshire has to offer. I moved to Colorado with my partner Vicky in 2019 and completed all of the Colorado 14ers within 3 years. Since moving out west, my outdoor interests quickly shifted to endurance activities. I have recently successfully completed the WURL in Utah, an adventure that combines ultra distance endurance, trail running, and high exposure scrambling. I also competed in my first ultra race, the 100 mile Run Rabbit Run.

My experience guiding hiking trips and trail runs, and acquired outdoors skillset over thousands of days in the backcountry has equipped me with substantial knowledge of outdoor adventure, gear, best practices, and travel advice. This is further demonstrated with my publications within various outdoor websites and marketing sites. You can find his work on some of the most influential publishers and organizations in marketing and the outdoors. Some examples include: Flylords, Eastern Mountain Sports, Mount Washington Valley Vibe, Acquisio, Wordstream, Zapier, Mailmoto, Vital Design, and others.

I am currently residing in Utah where I have the privilege to explore the mountains through trail running, hiking, backpacking, fly fishing, and backcountry skiing.

I hold a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire and am the Director of Strategy for Vital in Portsmouth New Hampshire. I manage a large and growing marketing department while balancing the creation of marketing strategies that drive results.

History Of Hikingandfishing.com

Max started hikingandfishing.com while studying at the University of New Hampshire. At that time, there wasn’t much vision about what this small website could become. It aimed to improve the experience for any fellow nature explorer looking for information for New Hampshire hikes.

Since those early days, hikingandfishing.com has grown to have thousands of followers across social media, email, and over 100,000 monthly website visitors. Content has expanded to cover recreation areas across the United States and a few international locations.

The vision and mission has narrowed, and this still remains Max’s ultimate passion, just ask anyone that knows him!


Where Else Can You Find Us?

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Max DesMarais and his better half Vicky

Hey! This is me, Max, and my beautiful better half Vicky. Thanks so much for checking out my passion project and small business here at hikingandfishing.com

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