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The crux just west of Monte Cristo. These moves have lots of air below, but are very straightforward.

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tips for camping in bad weather

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Fly Fishing for Beginners

Fly Fishing For Beginners – Gear Needs, Setup & Everything You Need to Get Started

If you are new to fly fishing, there is a lot to learn, but the journey is worthwhile. This article aims to help you understand the basics around a fly fishing rod setup.

Best Budget Hiking Backpacks

Best Budget Backpacks – Top Hiking & Backpacking Packs In Your Budget

Here, we’re highlighting the best hiking backpacks on a budget, plus a few tips for choosing the right pack for your needs.

Best Beginner Fly Rod Combo

Best Beginner & Advanced Fly Rod Combos & How To Choose

We list some of the best fly fishing rod and reel combos on the market for beginners. These choices will provide performance, durability, and do so on a budget.

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Best Skiing Gear Companies & Brands

Best Skiing Gear Companies & Brands

Skiing is one of those hobbies that requires quite a bit of equipment. When you’re just starting out, it can be a great idea to rent equipment rather than buy it– after all, you might find that you don’t enjoy the hobby, or you’d rather be snowboarding instead. But...

Best Roof Tents For Subarus

Best Roof Tents For Subarus

Picture this: You’re out camping at your favorite spot. You’ve had a great night’s sleep, and you’re ready to start the day. You yawn, stretch, and then go down the ladder to hit the ground and get ready to hike. The ladder? Yes! When you sleep in a rooftop tent,...

Tifosi Sunglasses Review: Crit

Tifosi Sunglasses Review: Crit

When you’re an outdoors enthusiast, having a great pair of sunglasses is absolutely crucial. UV damage to your eyes is irreversible, but sunglasses can do a lot more than offer protection. The right lens color or treatment can also make certain activities easier,...

Anker Vs Jackery Power Stations

Anker Vs Jackery Power Stations

When you’re shopping for portable power stations, two of the best and most common options that you’ll see are the brands Anker and Jackery. These two brands are known for the reliability and durability of their products, so what are the differences? What makes these...