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Best Budget Backpacks – Top Hiking & Backpacking Packs In Your Budget


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Hiking and backpacking gear has a reputation for being expensive, a fact that deters many people from exploring the hobby. For many experienced hikers, expensive gear is a sore point that has inspired plenty of DIY solutions and communal effort to find more affordable options that work as well – if not better – than some high-end and luxury brands.

When it comes to hiking and backpacking backpacks, the most expensive models are frequently sold for more than $300, which is quite the hefty price-tag whether you are an amateur or otherwise. Although many of these high-end luxury packs are high-quality and useful on the trail, there are tons of affordable alternatives that provide the same durability, comfort, and storage capacity. Here, we’re highlighting the best hiking backpacks on a budget, plus a few tips for choosing the right pack for your needs.

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Key Considerations & Hiking Backpack Features

Researching a product before you buy is essential no matter how much you plan to pay, so don’t let the word ‘budget’ throw you off your game. Assessing whether a backpack has all the features you need before you buy will help you to find the perfect fit, and save you even more money in the long run. Every person is unique, so your specific needs will of course be determined by you, but there are a few key considerations to make when purchasing a hiking backpack. Here’s what to look for:


Size & Weight

Every human being is built a little differently, which means there is no one-size-fits-all backpack that will work universally for every body type. Your body needs to be able to comfortably wear and carry your pack throughout your hike, which means it can’t be too heavy, too large, or too snug for comfort.

Measuring your own body will give you a hint as to how tall and wide your pack should be. When it comes to weight, you don’t want anything too heavy, since this will only add more strain on the trail. Before you buy, check basic dimensions and the weight of the backpack to determine whether it will fit comfortably. Backpacks should have a sizing chart which will help you determine if it will fit you well. You can also look for reviews from people that say their height, weight, and sex for comparisons.


Pockets & Capacity

Your backpack serves as your storage for everything on the trail, so no matter how long you plan to hike, your pack needs to be able to carry everything for the duration. Day packs with a capacity of 30 liters or less are great for short, daytime hikes, but if you are planning to spend a few nights on the trail, you’ll want to choose an option with at least 50 liters.


Backpack Size Chart: 

Duration of Hike Recommended Backpack Capacity
Half-Day Hike (<4 hours) 20 liters or less
Full-Day Hike (>4 hours) 20-40 liters
1-3 Night Hike 40-50 liters
3-5 Night Hike 50-70 liters
5+ Night Hike 80-110+ liters


In addition to total capacity, consider whether you need/prefer separated pockets or one larger compartment. More pockets can help add organization but may limit the size of items you can bring with you. A large single compartment can give you more capacity but can make keeping smaller items organized a bit more difficult. Whatever you prefer, go with that option!


Suspension & Comfort

The ‘suspension’ of a backpack refers to the various straps and rigging systems used to attach the pack to the wearer. A backpack’s straps should be comfortable, padded, and placed for the best possible position to reduce the chance of strain while on the trail. Poorly designed suspension can cause chafing, muscle strain, and discomfort in the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, hips, and legs, severely reducing enjoyment during your hike and putting you at risk of injury.

Comfort is also a consideration when assessing how you will carry a pack. Packs made with extra padding are more comfortable, but may also need to include extra breathable fabric to allow air to pass between your body and the pack. Pay attention to whether a pack is designed for comfort or aesthetics, and always opt for the safest, most comfortable option.


Durability & Materials

In addition to comfort, backpacks should be made with durability in mind. There is plenty of deceptive advertising to be found in every industry including outdoor products and gear, but if you know what to look for to guarantee quality, you won’t have to worry about being duped. If you aren’t sure about a material being used, double-check with a quick internet search to determine whether or not it is high quality and worth the money.

We recommend reading this guide on backpacking backpack materials.


Weather Proofing

Whether you live in a rainy region, want to hike during the winter months, or simply want to give your items extra protection on the trail, weatherproofing features are an excellent addition to any backpack. Though you don’t necessarily need a waterproof backpack, extra features like a rain cover or sealed seams are super helpful for keeping your pack in great condition for as long as possible and offer extra protection for anything you bring with you.


Best Hiking Backpacks Under $25

Yes, it’s true, you can find great hiking backpacks for under $25! These packs are perfect for use as basic day packs, are easy to travel with, and are great options for beginner or novice hikers that are just starting to tiptoe onto the trails. It will be tough to find a backpacking sized pack in this price range, but for a short trip of less than a couple hours, there are tons of options that can help you store water, a snack, and other important items.


Everest – Classic

Everest Classic BackpackOur most affordable option, the Everest Classic is far from ‘cheap’ and features super durable 600D polyester, padded straps, and an impressive 22L capacity. Perfect for short treks through state parks and picnics in your favorite forest reserves, this pack is ideal for beginners, kids, and anyone that wants a super-casual hiking pack. Available in tons of colors to let you stand out on the trail, this pack is simple, straightforward, and will last.

Price: $13.65


  • 22-liter capacity
  • 1 lb.
  • Large interior pocket
  • Small exterior pocket
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Moisture resistant


Pros: If affordable is what you want, this pack won’t disappoint – add moisture resistance and more than a dozen color options, and this pack is looking pretty great!

Cons: While this pack is comfortable and affordable, it won’t be a long-term option if you want something that will be comfortable on many hikes or long days. This pack is perfect for the short-term or occasional hike, but you’ll want something with more features for the frequent hiker.


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Outlander – Ultra Lightweight Daypack

Outlander Ultra Lightweight Packable Water Resistant Travel Hiking BackpackThe Ultra Lightweight Daypack from New Outlander is super affordable, water-resistant, and made from high-durability anti-abrasion nylon, but that’s not all there is to love about this pack. The Ultra Lightweight is considered ‘packable’, meaning that it folds down into a super compact carrying bag that can go with you anywhere. Bring this backpack with you on the trail as an emergency backup, bring it along on your travels, or simply enjoy its super-compact low-storage needs.

Price: $17.82


  • 20-liter capacity
  • 0.46 lbs.
  • Dual compartment design with inner zippered security pockets
  • Small outer pocket and side pockets for water
  • Water-resistant
  • Breathable mesh shoulder straps
  • Packable


Pros: The Ultra Lightweight Daypack packs down into a super-compact bag that can be clipped to your keys or backpack, popped in your suitcase, or kept in your car for emergency hiking needs.

Cons: Designed to be flexible enough to fold down super small, the fabric of this pack is thinner than other comparable models. Because of this, this pack may be prone to ripping if subjected to extended wear and isn’t a good option if you need something that will withstand tons of stress.


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Venture Pal – Field Operation 40L

Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Backpack DaypackThis pack is lightweight, features nylon fabric and seemingly sturdy zippers. You’ll be getting a durable and lightweight pack that has a waterproof compartment. This pack doesn’t have a ton of features, but it has a solid capacity, will be durable, and will handle weight reasonably comfortably, especially compared to other packs in this price range.

Price: $24.99


  • 40-liter capacity
  • 0.7 lbs.
  • Dual compartments
  • Side pockets
  • Inner waterproof wet pocket for valuables
  • Nylon body
  • Chest strap
  • Whistle
  • Packable


Pros: A waterproof backpack isn’t for everyone, but if you want to be sure your valuables are protected, a waterproof wet pocket can give you that extra security. This pack features an inner wet pocket where smaller valuables can be stored and kept safe from potential spills, rainfall, or exposure to moisture.

Cons: This pack does feature some padding, but because it is designed to fold down into a packable bag, it is relatively minimal. Not the most comfortable pack, we don’t recommend this one for long journeys despite its large capacity.


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Best Hiking Backpacks Under $50


Mountaintop – Speeding 40L

MOUNTAINTOP 40L Unisex Hiking:Camping BackpackThe Mountaintop Speeding features everything you’d expect from a high-end hiking backpack but for a fraction of the price, plus, this is one of the most comfortable packs you’ll find under $50. Featuring a heavily padded back with built-in airflow channels, a hydration system for hands-free access to water on the trail, and a removable rain cover, you’ll look and feel like a pro with this on your back.

Price: $38.99


  • 40-liter capacity
  • 2.25 lbs.
  • Water-resistant polyester
  • Reflective edging
  • Padded backing with airflow channels
  • Built-in hydration system
  • Hip and chest straps
  • Removable rain cover


Pros: Backpacks with built-in hydration systems tend to be quite expensive, but this option is super affordable and features a separate bladder sleeve that can hold up to 3-liters of water.

Cons: Though this pack features tons of extra features, it doesn’t have many pockets for keeping items separate and organized, leaving small items to fall straight to the bottom of the pack.


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WASING – Adventure 55L with Rain Cover

WASING 55L Internal Frame BackpackThis pack is affordable, and large enough to be used on backpacking trips. The WASING Adventure 55L backpack has tons of space for everything you could require on the trail, plus extra features to keep your items super-safe. Featuring a rip-resistant and water-resistant polyester design, you don’t need to worry about brambles, branches, or sticks destroying the body of your pack, or a few drops of rain getting into your belongings. Need extra protection from the elements? This pack comes with a removable rain-cover that completely encloses the pack, protecting every inch. This is one of the most affordable backpacking packs out there.

Price: $49.99


  • 55-liter capacity
  • 2.98 lbs.
  • Water and rip-resistant polyester
  • Molded foam back padding with built-in airflow
  • Bladder sleeve
  • Large inner compartment
  • Outer pocket
  • Side pouches for water
  • Removable rain cover


Pros: Hiking somewhere with unpredictable weather? The easily removable rain cover that comes with the WASING Adventure completely covers every inch of the pack providing head to toe protection whenever you need it.

Cons: In trying this pack, we don’t think it is the best option for larger individuals just based on the design and strap lengths. Anyone over 5 foot 10 inches tall or a waist over 34 inches should look elsewhere. This pack is great for the average sized female, and smaller males.


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Best Hiking Backpacks Under $75

Whether you need a daypack or are looking for something a little larger for longer hiking trips, the $75 price range has plenty to offer. Great for beginners but sturdy enough for experienced pros, these packs are still super affordable while offering a little more capacity and comfort on the trail.


REI Co-Op – Flash 22

REI Co-op Flash 22 PackIf your main priority is finding a lightweight, easy to carry bag, the Flash 22 from REI Co-Op is a great option. Weighing in at just three-quarters of a pound, anyone can comfortably carry this pack even on longer hikes. Featuring a drawstring closure with a solid cover that straps securely to the outside of the bag. Simple, sleek, and comfortable, this basic pack features a built-in sleeve for hydration reservoirs.

Price: $54.95


  • 22-liter capacity
  • 13 oz.
  • Nylon construction
  • Large internal pocket
  • Side pockets for water
  • Drawcord closure
  • Hip and chest straps
  • Sleeve for hydration bladder


Pros: Coming in at less than a pound and made from super durable material, this is the kind of pack you can carry for hours without worrying about discomfort or items ripping through your bag.

Cons: Although this pack is lightweight and comfortable to carry, some customers complain of poor ventilation causing slight overheating and excess back sweating.


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Mountaintop – Adventure 55L

MOUNTAINTOP 55L:65L Internal Frame BackpackThe Mountaintop Adventure 55L hiking pack is perfect for the super-organized hiker and features special compartments for all the items you’ll need on the trail. Featuring tons of capacity and a durable aluminum frame, this pack will serve you well for years with proper care no matter how much you ask it to carry.

Price: $55.99


  • 55-liter capacity
  • 3.3 lbs.
  • Removable rain cover
  • Sleeve for hydration bladder
  • Side pockets
  • Dual inner compartments
  • Small outer pocket
  • Hip and chest straps
  • Buckle whistle
  • Bottom access sleeping bag compartment
  • Aluminum internal frame


Pros: Featuring 55 liters of capacity and an aluminum rod frame, the Mountaintop Adventure is the kind of bag you’ll be able to pack everything in without worrying about disorganization.

Cons: The rain shield that comes with this backpack isn’t actually waterproof, so beware of using it in heavy rain to protect your items.


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TETON Sports – Canyon 2100

TETON Sports Canyon 2100 BackpackDesigned for use in canyons and rocky climbing ranges, the TETON Sports Canyon 2100 straps tightly to the body, contouring to the back, sides, and shoulders for added security and immovable comfort. Featuring plenty of gear ties and external suspension, you’ll have no trouble carrying every piece of gear you need.

Price: $63.51


  • 35-liter capacity
  • 4 lbs
  • Honeycomb ripstop shell
  • Large inner compartment
  • Side pockets
  • 20-liter dry bag included
  • Waist and chest straps
  • Breathable padding


Pros: Whether you are taking a leisurely stroll through a canyon or scaling a boulder, this pack won’t slip or move an inch.

Cons: At 4 pounds, this isn’t the lightest pack you’ll come by. If you are worried about overloading yourself, avoid this option and choose something lighter-weight instead.


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High Sierra – Pathway 40L

High Sierra Pathway Internal Frame Hiking PackA low-profile backpack with a surprisingly large inner capacity, the High Sierra Pathway 40-liter hiking backpack is a great choice if you like to keep it simple. Padded mesh with built-in airflow channels make this pack extra comfortable and easy to carry, plus chest and hip straps help to keep it firmly in place. Designed for low-profile comfort without sacrificing any space, this is the perfect weekend trip backpack.

Price: $67.99


  • 40-liter capacity
  • 2.6 lbs.
  • Duraweave material
  • Internal frame
  • Built-in airways
  • Trekking pole loops
  • Pocket for hydration bladder
  • Side pocket for water bottle
  • Chest and hip strap


Pros: Designed to fit virtually any body, the High Sierra Pathway has adjustable straps that can be fitted to individuals at every height.

Cons: Because this pack has no inner pockets or smaller zippered pockets for small items, this pack isn’t ideal if you carry a lot of small gear. Organization may be a challenge with this backpack.


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The North Face – Jester Day Pack

North Face Jester BackpackLooking for a backpack that can transition with you from weekday work to weekend hiking trips? Then you’ll love the Jester day pack from The North Face. This backpack has all the inner organizational features you need to keep yourself organized at work or school with the added durability and comfort of an excellent hiking pack. Bring this everywhere you go without worry, and stay comfortable whether you are in the office or at the top of a mountain.

Price: $69.00


  • 27-liter capacity
  • 1 lb.
  • Large inner compartment
  • Organization pockets
  • Side pockets for water bottles
  • Standing design
  • Outer bungee system
  • Chest strap


Pros: Super versatile, durable, and lightweight, this is the backpack for the hiker on the go that wants to bring their pack everywhere. Perfect for travel, work, hiking, school, or anything else, this awesome backpack is everything you need in one.

Cons: Not specifically designed for hiking, this pack doesn’t have space designed specifically for items like sleeping bags or water reservoirs. This is really a day pack only.


See On The North Face | See On Amazon


Best Hiking Backpacks Under $100

Moderately priced without sacrificing any quality, these hiking packs that come in under $100 make the perfect gift for a nature lover and make novice hikers feel like a pro. Enjoy extra features and improved comfort when you spend a little more, but stay well under $100 and on budget.


Amazon Basics – 75 Liter Pack with Rain Fly

AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack with RainflyYou read that right, Amazon Basics is now offering customers a variety of hiking gear including this awesome 75-liter backpack with a built-in rain fly! This backpack has tons of zippered compartments, various attachment points to carry extra gear on the outside of your pack, super-comfortable padded straps, and a water-repellent exterior coating that helps keep your items safe no matter the weather.

Price: $82.07


  • 75-liter capacity
  • Internal frame
  • Large inner compartment
  • Multiple outer zippered pockets
  • Water-resistant rain fly
  • Polyester construction
  • Separate sleeping bag compartment
  • Waist strap with hip wings
  • Chest strap


Pros: This is one of the most affordable backpacking packs out there. Never lose your rain cover again with this pack from Amazon basics that features a rain fly built directly into the pack.

Cons: Some customers complain that this backpack’s adjustable shoulder straps tend to slide open, requiring frequent readjustments on the trail.


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Patagonia – Refugio

Patagonia Refugio Backpack 28LDescribed by Patagonia as a ‘midsize classic backpack’, the Refugio is perfect for everyday use as well as hitting the trails for a weekend hike. The Refugio features that classic rucksack profile with the extra padding and ventilation needed for a great hiking pack. Perfect to bring your laptop and lunch to work or to pack an overnight bag for a quick camping trip, you’ll get virtually endless use from this Patagonia classic.

Price: $89.00


  • 28-liter capacity
  • 1 lb. 7.5 oz.
  • Recycled nylon treated with durable water repellent
  • Dual inner compartments
  • Mesh side pockets for water bottles
  • Inner organization pockets
  • Chest strap


Pros: Patagonia backpacks are known for being super durable, but even if you do need to replace this backpack in a few years, you won’t need to feel any guilt over its environmental impact since it is partially made from recycled materials.

Cons: If you carry tons of gear or want specialty pockets for your hiking-specific items, this pack won’t have what you need. This backpack is better for minimal packers that aren’t relying on their backpack to carry a week’s worth of items or anything that requires specialty equipment.


See On Patagonia


Deuter – Trail 30

Deuter Trail 30 Hiking BackpackDesigned to be slim and to fit securely against the back, the Deuter Trail 30 is the kind of backpack that will feel like part of your body. Padded shoulder straps plus padded hip wings help to make the experience of carrying this pack as comfortable as possible, and a built-in ventilation system helps to keep you from overheating no matter how tightly you secure your pack. This is one of the best day hike packs for comfort in this price range.

Price: $99.60


  • 30-liter capacity
  • 2.6 lbs.
  • Polyester construction
  • Large inner compartment
  • Front and side zippered pockets
  • Internal organization system
  • Chest and hip straps
  • Back ventilation system


Pros: Compression hip wings help take some of the pressure off your back while carrying the Deuter Trail and help to prevent bumping and shifting as you hike.

Cons: Though the Trail features plenty of pockets, some customers complain that the pockets are too small to fit standard-sized items. Especially with the larger sized smartphones today.


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Kelty – Redwing 36, 40, or 50

Kelty Redwing 36 BackpackDesigned for versatility and the ability to adapt to virtually any situation, the Kelty Redwing 36 can easily be used for travel, fishing, hiking, climbing, or for practically anything else. Compact, sturdy, and low profile, this bag has a deceptive amount of storage and features Kelty signature wing side pockets so you can pick up extra items throughout your journeys. Because of the well designed storage, this 36 L pack can still be used on 1-2 night backpacks trips. If you need a larger pack, simply size up as Kelty has larger variations of this bag that are still affordable.

Price: $99.95


  • 36-liter capacity
  • 2 lbs. 9 oz.
  • Perimeter stability frame
  • Bungee gear tie system
  • Chest and waist straps
  • Large inner compartment
  • Ventilated back panel
  • Zippered wing side pockets


Pros: This is a well designed pack form a storage perspective that is just large enough for an overnight, but small enough for day treks.

Cons: An almost perfect backpack, the only thing missing from the Kelty Redwing 36 is additional water resistance to keep your items dry. You’ll have to get a separate rainfly or dry sack for backpacking trips or rainy days.


See On Kelty | See Redwing 50 On Amazon


Best Hiking Backpacks Under $150

Want to invest in a higher-end backpack without breaking the bank? Any of these packs under $150 will make the perfect accessory for the next few hundred miles of your hiking journey and are sturdy enough to withstand extended use and extreme weather. The perfect entry point to the world of backpacking and hiking backpacks. In this category, you’ll find more backpacking and larger packs for overnight trips.


Gregory Stout 65 L Backpack

Gregory Stout 65L BackpackGregory is a well known brand that creates high quality packs. This 65 L pack has tons of great features, great design, comfortable straps, rainfly, and external storage options.

Price: $129.99 – $169.99


  • 65 L Capacity
  • Rainfly
  • External Straps
  • Breathable back panel
  • Separate sleeping bag compartment


Pros: The external straps and storage add a lot of capacity to this backpack. It is also a plus to have the rainfly attached.

Cons: This pack isn’t widely available across many online stores at all times.


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REI Co-Op Trailbreak 60 Pack

REI Trailbreak 60 L BackpackREI simply makes really great gear of all kinds. This pack has both a men’s and women’s version to be suitable for a variety of body types. With REI, you can be assured you’d get great customer service with any issues on products, but also you are just going to get a well designed and well tested pack.

Price: $149.00


  • 60-liter capacity
  • Ability to carry 25-35 pounds comfortably
  • 3 lbs. 13 oz.
  • Ripstop Nylon
  • Numerous compartments and storage options


Pros: This is a super comfortable backpack from a reliable company with great service.

Cons: This pack doesn’t come with a rainfly. You’ll want to purchase one separately for backpacking trips.


See Men’s On REI | See Women’s On REI


High Sierra – Pathway 90 Liter

High Sierra Pathway Internal Frame Hiking Pack 90LDesigned for the serious backpacking enthusiast carrying everything but the kitchen sink on their backs, the High Sierra Pathway is a fantastic budget backpacking backpack option. Featuring 90 liters of carrying capacity and plenty of compartments for organizing your items, you’ll feel extra prepared when you bring this backpack on your next hiking trip. This pack has hundreds of high quality reviews due to its quality design.

Price: $119.99


  • 90-liter capacity
  • 4.6 lbs.
  • 600D polyester construction
  • Internal frame
  • Hydration port
  • Large inner compartment
  • Small outer pocket
  • Mesh side pockets


Pros: If you are looking for a backpack that can carry everything, this is the one for you! Featuring 90 liters of capacity, the Pathway will be more than sufficient for even a week-long hiking trip.

Cons: While this pack is water resistant, it doesn’t have a rainfly with it, which we do recommend for backpacking packs.


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Carrion 65L Backpack

Carrion 65L BackpackThe Carrion is a very well designed pack made of high quality materials, and is at what we consider to be a budget backpacking price-point. It is good looking, has great features, and solid storage size. This pack also has a lot of great reviews from other backpackers. For the price-point, this is a quality pack.

Price: $89.99 – $149.99


  • 65 liters
  • Adjustable straps
  • Rain cover included
  • Lots of external straps


Pros: This pack is lightweight, comes with a rainfly, and can adjust to fit a wide amount of body sizes and types.

Cons: There honestly isn’t a con for this pack as it has the features of much more expensive packs. This will likely be a little less comfortable than the higher priced alternatives to this pack.


View On Mountain Warehouse | See On Amazon


TOPO Designs – Subalpine Pack

Topo Designs Subalpine PackFunky, multi-colored, and super-unique, this is the backpack for the nature-lover with a flair for fashion. The Subalpine Pack from TOPO Designs is as comfortable to carry as it is to look at, and features tons of pockets and compartments to keep your gear safely organized. Made from nylon to increase durability while keeping the total weight down, you’ll love the look and feel of the Subalpine.

Price: $113.00 – $189.00


  • 35-liter capacity
  • Load-lifter straps
  • Drawstring closure
  • Large inner compartment
  • Side, top, and outer pockets
  • Bungee gear attachments
  • Chest strap


Pros: Lightweight, padded, and made from breathable fabric, this backpack is super comfortable. The Subalpine features load-lifter straps that can easily be adjusted while you’re wearing it, so you’ll be able to adjust for comfort whenever necessary.

Cons: Although there are plenty of external pockets to help you keep track of your gear on the trail, the Subalpine does not feature any internal pockets, making it difficult to keep the inner compartment organized. It also doesn’t come with a built in rainfly.


See On Topo Designs | See On Amazon


Patagonia – Arbor Grande

Patagonia Arbor Grande Pack 28LRustic, sleek, and simple while remaining stylish, the Arbor Grande from Patagonia is an understated luxury pack. Made from recycled materials and using sustainable practices, this backpack is perfect for someone that wants to reduce their own environmental impact, support a sustainable brand, while still getting a quality bag on a budget.

Price: $129.00


  • 28-liter capacity
  • 1 lb. 8.3 oz.
  • Recycled polyester construction
  • Large inner compartment with organization pockets
  • Bottom access/sleeping bag pocket
  • Side pockets for water bottles
  • Treated with durable water repellent
  • Waist strap


Pros: In line with Patagonia’s eco-friendly messaging, this backpack is made from 68% recycled materials.

Cons: Designed to be low-profile, this pack doesn’t have much in the way of padding, which can make it a bit uncomfortable to carry on longer hikes or with a heavy load. The 28 liter capacity makes this a pack for day hikes, but not for overnight hikes.


See On Patagonia


Osprey – SKARAB 30

SKARAB 30 BackpackSometimes, it can be difficult to see what you are doing inside your hiking pack, but with the SKARAB from Osprey’s extra-wide bucket-style opening, you can see everything inside. Designed for easy packing and access to items on the trail, the SKARAB also features super comfortable compression straps, plenty of internal space, and precisely placed pole loops to free up your hands.

Price: $130.00


  • 30-liter capacity
  • 1.54 lbs.
  • Bucket style opening
  • Large inner compartment
  • Small front pocket
  • Zippered side pockets for water bottles
  • Nylon construction
  • Trekking pole loops
  • Waist and chest straps


Pros: What looks like an understated rucksack is actually a high-performance hiking backpack, designed for easy access to its contents with a wide, bucket-style opening.

Cons: The side pockets of this pack zip from the bottom up, making it easier for items to fall out if one is left open. This is a great feature as long as you don’t leave anything open!


See On Osprey | See On Amazon


Mountain Hardwear – Scrambler 25

Mountain Hardwear - Scrambler 25 Day PackIf you are looking for a workhorse that won’t let you down in any situation, the Mountain Hardwear Scrambler might be your match. Despite its relatively small capacity of 25 liters, you’ll be surprised how spacious its interior is, and will easily be able to pack everything you need for a few days on the trail. Perfect for everything from a quick hike to a day of scaling boulders, you’ll love how versatile this backpack can be.

Price: $140.00


  • 25-liter capacity
  • 1 lb. 14 oz.
  • Waterproof Dimension-Polyant material
  • Draw-cord closure with removable lid
  • Back and strap padding with ventilation airways
  • Chest and waist strap
  • Whistle buckle
  • Standing design


Pros: If you want to stand out on the trail, or impress your hiking buddies with your trendy sense of style, you’ll love the unique retro design of the Scrambler.

Cons: Some customers complain that, unless the bag is stuffed full, they experience some trouble keeping the lid secured.


See On Mountain Hardwear


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