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Fishing Marketing Services – Grow Your Outdoor Brand

More Leads, More Traffic, & Measurable ROI

Fishing Marketing Services – Grow Your Outdoor Brand


When it comes to fishing marketing, there are many tactics, both online and offline that are crucial to growing your brand, and increasing your revenue. Our outdoor marketing services are well suited to grow your company and get a proven return on investment.


Digital Marketing for Fishing Companies


Digital marketing is rapidly growing in importance for local companies. With large increases in consumers doing research online, it is essential to your company’s growth and ability to beat out the competition to have a solid online presence. This involves companies investing in search engine optimization, email marketing, paid advertising, website design and development, social media, photography, and videography.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Local rankings are extremely important for fishing companies. Ranking in Google’s Local pack, and in the top search results in your area will increase traffic to your site, benefit sales, generate leads, and improve the overall trust of your company in the eyes of consumers. Getting to the top of search results isn’t easy, and it requires consistent efforts in link building, content creation, and optimization to beat out the competition.

We have years of experience improving rankings, growing traffic, and reporting on results to our clients…plus we love to fish.

Pro Fishing SEO Tip: Utilize partnerships with other local outdoor companies and tourism companies to create partnerships to build links back to your site. As an example, if you are in an area with local hiking guide, partner up, write a guest post about hiking to great fishing destinations. Not only will you build a link, but you likely can mutually benefit by sending each other business.


Paid Advertising and PPC


Promoting your services and products through paid efforts is a great avenue to test. When set up properly, paid campaigns can easily be tracked so that you can understand your campaign’s return on investment. We have managed hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in spend through Google Search, Google Display, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Ads, and Twitter ads. It is essential to get closed loop tracking setup, so that you know the exact performance of your paid campaigns.

Pro Advertising Tip: Utilize a combination of paid search through Google Ads and remarketing through Facebook to maximize your results. Using paid search allows you to target individuals that are looking for your services or products, and remarketing through Facebook is a great way to stay in front of those people that wern’t quite ready to give you a call.




One of the most valuable marketing resources for any company, large, small, b2b, or b2c is an email list. Email lists allow you to stay in contact with your audience, build lookalike audiences on ad platforms, and maintain relationships for long periods of time. There are few marketing activities that can provide higher ROIs than email marketing.

Strong digital marketing efforts can grow your email marketing lists, through conversion rate tactics, content marketing, and paid media. These lists can be segmented, and emails can be automated to maximize the performance of these lists.

Pro Email Tip: Segment your email lists so that you can send targeted information to a segment of your total list. Sending different content to existing customers, or individuals looking for different services will make your email more valuable, and improve the relevance of the content to your email list members.


Social Media


A social media presence for outdoor brands and other recreational company’s is extremely important in driving traffic to your site, maintaining relationships with existing customers, generating beneficial partnerships with other companies, and sharing your experiences with your potential clientele. Paid social media is more important than ever in a social media landscape where organic reach is limited. With this being said, a strong social strategy can be a great way to boost your overall marketing efforts.

Pro Social Media Tip: Use photography and videography from your client’s fishing trips to share the experience on social media. This will get your clients to share on social exposing your brand to an even larger audience, but also show your current social following the great times that your customers are currently having.


Lead Generation


When it comes down to it, all of these digital marketing tactics have one goal, to generate more leads and revenue for your business. We understand the end goal, and recommend and implement tactics that will meet your goals. We want to maximize our client’s return on investment, which means we will push implement tactics, and push our clients to utilize “needle moving” tactics that are going to get us closer to our focused goals. Tactics can include downloadable content like eBooks, conversion rate optimization tactics, and much more.

Lead Generation Pro Tip: Create a downloadable guide to one of your local rivers. Site visitors can download it by entering their email. You can auto send this, and market to these individuals through email.


Tracking Return on Investment (ROI) Through Reporting


One of the most important things that is neglected by many agencies, is accurate reporting, and closed loop tracking. If you don’t understand the true performance of your digital marketing efforts, it is impossible to be sure you are making the right decisions, or to know what campaigns are successful, or not successful.

We ensure our clients get accurate and easy to understand reports that break down traffic, leads, revenue, paid campaign performance and much more. It is this type of reporting that allows us to measure results for our clients, keep us accountable, and also give us the ability to prove the ROI of our efforts.

If you are looking for marketing services for your outdoor brand, contact us today with the form on this page.


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We have helped dozens of fishing services and outdoor organizations grow their leads, booked trips, and business revenue through impactful marketing efforts. With paid advertising, content marketing, and optimization efforts, you too can increase your revenue.