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Hiking & Fishing was created to make the outdoors more accessible to the general population. We create high quality, unbiased, easy to understand, experience based content on all types of outdoor activities, travel, and gear. Read more about Hiking & Fishing.


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Fly Fishing for Beginners

Fly Fishing For Beginners – Gear Needs, Setup & Everything You Need to Get Started

If you are new to fly fishing, there is a lot to learn, but the journey is worthwhile. This article aims to help you understand the basics around a fly fishing rod setup.

Best Budget Hiking Backpacks

Best Budget Backpacks – Top Hiking & Backpacking Packs In Your Budget

Here, we’re highlighting the best hiking backpacks on a budget, plus a few tips for choosing the right pack for your needs.

Best Beginner Fly Rod Combo

Best Beginner & Advanced Fly Rod Combos & How To Choose

We list some of the best fly fishing rod and reel combos on the market for beginners. These choices will provide performance, durability, and do so on a budget.

Recent Articles

Fenix BC26R Light Review

Fenix BC26R Light Review

Having a high quality light in your backpack is a critical part of any overnight camping experience. Even if you’re summer camping and you plan on being in your tent by sunset, you still need a good light in case of emergencies. And if you enjoy nighttime sports, like...

The 7 Best Binoculars for Hiking [And How To Choose]

The 7 Best Binoculars for Hiking [And How To Choose]

Binoculars are an invaluable piece of equipment when you embark on an outdoor adventure. They are also versatile and can be used for a number of things. Whether you are an avid bird watcher or eager to explore the wilderness, you want your binoculars to be lightweight...

9 Best Hiking Dog Breeds Organized By Size

9 Best Hiking Dog Breeds Organized By Size

What’s more fun than spending time by yourself on long hikes and in the mountains? Spending time there with a canine companion! Dogs are perfect partners for outdoor adventures: Always happy, always excited and ready to go anywhere you want. But not all breeds make...

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