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Hiking Quandary Peak – Trail Description, Maps, Pics & More


Quandary peak is one of the shorter CO14er hikes. In 3.3 miles, hikers ascend 3,370 feet to the summit, making for a steep incline for the majority of the hike. This is one of the better beginner 14er…

Hiking The Decalibron – One of Colorado’s Best 14er Loop Hikes


The Decalibron is a 7.6 mile loop hike featuring four (three official) 14,000 foot peaks, Mount Democrat, Mount Cameron*, Mount Lincoln, and Mount Bross. This is probably the most efficient way to knock off a few peaks for…

Hiking Mount Bross – Colorado’s 22nd Highest Peak


Mount Bross sits at 14,172 feet tall, and is one of the fourteeners part of what is known as the Decalibron. A hike featuring four (three official) 14,000 foot peaks, Mount Democrat, Mount Cameron, Mount Lincoln, and Mount…

Hiking Mount Bierstadt – One of Colorado’s Most Popular 14ers


Mount Bierstadt is one of Colorado’s easier and more trafficked 14ers. The ease of access, extremely beautiful views and close proximity to Denver make it so popular. The hike features stunning views from the trailhead, and is one…

How To Maintain Personal Hygiene While Backpacking

Hiking Tips

Maintaining good personal hygiene while on the trail can be a bit tough at times due to a lack of running hot water and the luxury of a private area. Here are some overall useful tips for keeping…

Fly Fishing in New Hampshire – The Best Places to Go & What to Know


New Hampshire may not have the best fly fishing in the country, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t great fishing all around the state. With miles of ocean front, numerous estuaries, hundreds of rivers, lakes, and beautiful mountains;…

Hiking Mount Massive – Colorado’s 2nd Highest Peak


As the second-highest summit in Colorado with stunning views, this mountain attracts a lot of hiking enthusiast year around. It is named Mount Massive because it is comprised of five separate summits exceeding the height of 14,000 feet…

Mount of The Holy Cross – CO 14er Hike With Stunning Views


Mount of The Holy Cross is a 14,005 foot mountain in the White River National Forest of Colorado. Don’t let the fact that this mountains is one of the smaller CO 14ers fool you, the elevation gain is…

Hiking Mount Lincoln – Colorado’s 8th Highest Peak


Mount Lincoln is a class 2 hike and mountain located in Pike National Forest of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Lincoln and Mount Bross are often hiked together in a loop described below (6 mile loop). Mount Lincoln…

Mount Colden Hiking Trail Guide: Map, Trail Descriptions, Pictures & More


Mount Colden is one of the more popular mountains in the High Peaks, being the 11th highest mountain in the Adirondack region. Colden has two main approaches, both beginning at the High Peaks Information Center. This is a…