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Best Hikes in Okinawa, Japan


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About Okinawa

Okinawa is a Japanese prefecture made up of hundreds of islands in the southwest of the country. It has a tropical climate with beautiful beaches and crystal-clear blue waters, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan. The people of Okinawa have their own distinct culture, customs, and language which are distinct from mainland Japan. Okinawa is home to a number of World War II sites, including the Battle of Okinawa Memorial Park and the Peace Memorial Museum. There are also many historical sites and cultural attractions such as castles, shrines, and traditional villages. The islands offer beautiful views with lush vegetation, stunning coral reefs, and vibrant cities. Visitors to Okinawa can enjoy a variety of activities from snorkeling and scuba diving to hiking, camping, windsurfing, fishing, and more. Okinawa is also home to a number of festivals throughout the year.


Okinawa Hiking

Okinawa has long been known for its cuisine which features traditional ingredients like pork and fresh seafood. In addition, the surrounding areas around Okinawa have some amazing hiking opportunities. Hiking trails range from easy to difficult, and offer stunning views of the ocean and rolling hills. From beginner-level walks to climbs up Mount Yaedake, an active volcano that is visible in some parts of Okinawa, there’s something for everyone when it comes to hiking in this region.


Okinawa Weather

The weather on Okinawa Island is hot and sunny for most of the year. In the summer months, temperatures average around 82 F (28 C). During the winter, temperatures drop to an average low of 61 F (16 C). The region rarely experiences snowfall or extreme cold.


Best Hikes In Okinawa


Mount Awadake (安和岳)

This is a popular hike that takes you up to the summit of Mount Awadake. The trail offers beautiful views of the coastline and nearby islands. This trail has several steep and rocky sections that can be dangerous during or after rainfall. It should be avoided by most in bad weather.

Distance: 2.6 Mile Loop

Elevation Gain: 1,040 Feet


Ta-taki Falls (ター滝)

This is a short, easy hike to the beautiful Ta-taki Falls. The falls offer spectacular views of the surrounding forest and the waterfall itself is an impressive sight.

Distance: 1.5 Mile Round Trip

Elevation Gain: 223 Feet


Mount Ishikawa Loop (石川岳ループ)

This is a great beginner-level trail that offers stunning views of the ocean and surrounding islands. The path winds up to the top of Mount Ishikawa, which provides a spectacular view of the whole region.

Distance: 2.4 Mile Loop

Elevation Gain: 757 Feet


Jawbone Ridge Loop (大宜味の石灰岩の山と森周回コース)

This is a scenic trail that winds through the forest and along Jawbone Ridge. It offers views of the surrounding islands and coastline, as well as some spectacular sunsets.

Distance: 6.8 Mile Loop

Elevation Gain: 1,925 Feet


Fukugawa Falls (普久川滝 (フンガー滝)

This is a short but rewarding hike to Fukugawa Falls. It passes through a lush, green forest and offers views of the waterfall and the surrounding mountains. This trail is well traveled and well maintained.

Distance: 1.3 Mile Round Trip

Elevation Gain: 350 Feet


Mount Katsuu (嘉津宇岳)

This is a short but rewarding hike up to the summit of Mount Katsuu. The trail takes you past stunning views of the ocean, surrounding islands, and a spectacular view from the top. This is a great hike for experienced hikers looking for a challenge due to its steepness and rocky areas.

Distance: 0.9 Mile Out-and-Back

Elevation Gain: 482

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