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BLUETTI AC70 (1000W 768Wh) Portable Power Station Review


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In this article, we review the BLUETTI AC 70, a portable power station with 768 Wh and a 2,000 W lifting power for heavy power usage devices.


Where To Find

Current Promotion:

Original price: $699
Deal Price: $449
Discount: $250 off
Valid Time:  May 10-May 22 2024

The AC 70 can be found:

On The BLUETTI Website
On Amazon


First Impressions and Unboxing

Upon unpacking – I was shocked at how small and light it is. The overall construction feels rugged but refined, with a sleek digital display and a smooth black finish. It seems like it could take some abuse, but I wouldn’t want to be careless with this. Carrying the BLUETTI AC 70 is comfortable with the generous handle. Rather than plug it in right away, I begrudgingly opened the User Manual and followed the setup instructions. Instantly, I’m thinking of the laundry list of possibilities. Once I plugged this into a standard outlet in my house, the charging kicked in to gear – and boy is it fast. This thing goes from 0-100 incredibly fast (details below). While charging I didn’t need to use the silent mode; it was already fairly quiet. Switching to Turbo mode adds a bit of noise, but it really isn’t bothersome.


BLUETTI AC70 Features

  • 1,000W Rated Power/ 2,000W Lifting Power
  • 768Wh Capacity for Extended Battery Life
  • 850W Turbo Charging, 45 Mins to 80%
  • 500W Fast Solar Intake, Fully Charge in 2 Hrs
  • 7 Outlets Designed for Versatile Charging
  • LiFePO₄ Battery for 3,000+ Charge Cycles
  • Smart Remote Control via BLUETTI App
  • Seamless UPS in 20ms


Included in the box:

  • BLUETTI AC 70 Portable Power Station
  • Power cable (AC Input)
  • Car cable (12/24 V input)
  • Solar Input cable
  • User Manual



Bluetti AC70 App Interface

BLUETTI App Interface

At first I was skeptical about downloading this app to get started. Once downloaded, it was easy to register my device and get started. The user interface is intuitive. The app displays basic stats on the app, input/output, charge %, etc. From the app you can toggle how the device is functioning (AC or DC, charging mode). Bluetooth connection is required to control the power station from your phone, so you can’t do it remotely if you forget to turn something on or off. The option to toggle between “turbo” and regular is a nice touch.


How I Tested It

Unfortunately my outdoor adventures are on pause as I am rebuilding a cottage and workspace, trying to get the place ready for the winter. The BLUETTI AC70 provided a boost of convenience and proved to be up for big jobs, and quite reliable. My cottage electrical is not connected to the grid (yet) and I was able to accomplish some major jobs with the BLUETTI as my only source of power.

  • Ripping plywood boards with my plug-in 150V Circular Saw
  • LED shop lights (simultaneously with the saw!)
  • Plug-in orbital sander
  • Charging mobile devices and bluetooth speakers for good tunes
  • Charging batteries for cordless power tools
  • Powering an electric space heater – using the “power lifting” mode

Bluetti for DIYers

It was great to think about all the possible other uses for this device as I do my home renovations. The ability to bring power tools anywhere on the job site and not need extension cords from a house power source is liberating.

The BLUETTI AC 70 has multiple charging inputs, which made it easy to multi-task my charging needs. At more than one point I had 4 things charging at once (e.g. iPhone 13 Pro via USB-C 100W import, JBL Flip 5 via USB-C 100W input, Dewalt Circular Saw via AC input, cordless drill battery charger via AC input). Versatile is no lie.

Bluetti Powering Devices

After a few full days of work, the battery eventually ran out of juice. I was honestly shocked at how long it lasted before I needed to recharge it. This was a great opportunity to test the car charging function. Not surprisingly, the car charging was slow. After about an hour of driving it crawled from 0%-10%. This only feels slow compared to how insanely fast it charged when plugged into an outlet in the house (45-50 minutes for full charge!).

Bluetti AC70 Interface

BLUETTI AC70 Interface

Bluetti App

Bluetti App


What I Didn’t Try

  • Unfortunately, I don’t have a solar panel and was unable to test this feature. Definitely seems like a nice add-on.
  • At first, I thought I would be using the app far more than I did, but really the device is pretty plug and play and doesn’t require much tweaking.
  • I didn’t get to truly try it in the wild because all of my free time is used on renovation work right now. I wish I was able to get this out on a camping trip.
  • You can read our review of the BLUETTI EB70S for details on how a similar BLUETTI product performed in some of these outdoor applications.


What I Didn’t Love

  • The required app download, which really wasn’t a big deal
  • That’s it.


What I Want to Use It For In The Future

This Blueti AC 70 will be continued to use for my never ending list of home improvement projects. It’s so light that I would rather carry that around then use an extension cord 99% of the time. It’s proven powerful enough to handle heavy loads so unless I find something that it can’t handle (I’m looking at you, Miter saw), then it will be with me.

Beyond that, I will definitely be putting this to use in a number of outdoors activities. I’m already dreaming up creative uses for tailgating at the ski resort. Margaritas anyone?! Living in Utah I am so close to so much incredible nature – we’ll be doing some multi-day car camping trips and they will absolutely be supported by the BLUETTI.


Who Should Consider The AC70?

This device feels like a perfect companion for van-lifers and weekend warrior car-campers looking to get off the grid, but not lose all of the amenities of being on the grid. I could picture myself as a van-lifer, setting up shop in Moab for a few days and supplementing my van power with the BLUETTI. Running fans, A/C, or the fridge all night with this thing seem like a valuable and realistic alternative to draining the battery in your RV or van. Let it charge on the long haul drive from destination to destination, and it’s no problem. The possibilities for the BLUETTI AC 70 go on and on:

  • Powering your laptop while churning out that sweet sweet content for your epic van-life blog.
  • Hook up your pump and fill up your inflatable water toys right next to the water, not at your car.
  • Bring your instant pot and make some back-country chili on those fire ban days
  • Bring an outdoor projector for movie-night with the kids on camping trips. Keep your laptop and the projector running with no problem. I wouldn’t do that, but you sure could.

If my use case is any testimony, the BLUETTI AC70 is a value-add to DIYers, renovators, construction crews, and really anybody that needs heavy duty, reliable, and ample power on the go.


Power Station Sizing

If you are in the market for a power station, you may want to check out our power station sizing guide to help you determine the correct size for your needs. Getting the correct power output will prevent you from spending more than you need to, as well as prevent you from underpowering your adventures.

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Justin Forth

Justin Forth

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