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Keyword Research Services – Custom Keywords For Driving Business Value

Are you tired of wasting money on PPC campaigns, SEO campaigns, and consultants that don’t understand your business?

How It Works

Step 1: You choose your keyword research package.

Step 2: We send you a brief questionnaire about your target audience, your products, services, and other important information. The more you fill it out the better our research will be.

Step 3: We review your questionnaire. If we need any further clarification, we’ll ask!

Step 4: We begin your keyword research. If we have further questions, we we’ll reach out to get more details.

Step 5: We deliver the keyword research with a 100% satisfaction guarantee within 10 business days of receiving the complete questionnaire.


Why Buy From An Obscure Outdoor Company?

    • Because we have worked with nearly 100 brands to develop digital marketing strategies. We have successfully and profitably run organic and paid digital marketing strategies for both B2B and B2C brands across dozens of industries.
    • Our unique experience means that our keyword research delivers more impact and more insights than you’d be able to get anywhere else in the market. We will find you opportunities that others simply couldn’t. We have access to all the digital marketing tools, and know how to find the opportunities that others won’t.
    • Our unique discovery and questionnaire process means that we make sure we understand your products and services, and who your target audience is, so we can find out exactly how they are searching online.
    • This website ranks for over 55 thousand keywords, and is run by professional digital marketers.
    • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You will get value out of our research. If you don’t, all we ask is for a 5 minute call to see how we could have done better. Then we will promptly return your funds. Simple as that.



We have 4 Simple Packages

  1. Up to 300 words ($399)
  2. Up to 500 words ($450)
  3. 500+ words ($799)
  4. Lighting: Up to 500 words delivered within 5 days

Unsure What’s Right For You?

No problem. We can adjust your package after the fact once you fill out our questionnaire. We will let you know if we feel like you could have downgraded, or if we recommend an upgrade. Most will want the 500 word package.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Does The Keyword Research Look Like?

  • All keywords are grouped into well defined keyword groups by topic and search intent
  • Monthly search volume (geographically based on your needs)
  • Estimated Competition (paid search) and estimated cost per click (Google Ads data)
  • Delivered in a Google Sheet (other methods available)

Why Shouldn’t I Get One Of The Cheaper Services?

  • The simple answer is quality. Other services use non native speakers and bots to automate keyword research. They don’t use past experience and an understanding of your target audience to identify unique opportunities. Quality keyword research involves critical thinking, and that’s what we do.

Can I Make Custom Requests?

  • Absolutely. Need more data? Geographic restrictions? We can handle all of that.

Can we help beyond keyword research?

  • Absolutely, we are capable of helping with paid media consulting, SEO, competitor research, and more. After conducting keyword research, and reviewing your questionnaire, we will be in a position to advise on several fronts.

Let us take care of all your keyword research needs so you can focus on growing your business instead of spending hours trying to figure out what words people are searching for online. You won’t find another company with our unique process or quick turnaround time anywhere else! It doesn’t matter if you’re a small local store or an eCommerce giant, or have a complicated C level target  audience – we’ll work with any budget and deliver results that make sense for your business goals. We guarantee it!