Mount Adams is the second highest peak in NH at 5,774 feet. Located in the Presidential Range Between Mount Madison and Mount Jefferson, it has incredible views. It is often hiked as part of the presidential traverse, with Mount Madison, or hiked by itself.

Elevation: 5,774 Feet

Rating: Difficult

Distance: 9.4 miles

Hike Time: 4-7 Hours

Mountain Range: Presidential

Elevation Gain: 4,445 Feet

Views from Mount Adams

Photo by @laxfreak548

Trail Map

Mount Adams Trail Map


There are many options to hike up Mount Adams. The below listed are the quickest way to solo hike Mount Adams, however there are other options from the east and south that are great trails for combining other presidential peaks.

Short Line Trail (Yellow)

This trail is 4.8 miles to the summit and begins at the Appalachia Parking Lot.

Air Line Trail

The air line trail parallels the Short Line Trail, and is accessible from the same starting location. This trail is very similar to the short line trail. Mileage: 4.3 miles to summit.

Lowe’s Path (Blue)

This is a 4.7 mile trail to the summit located at the Lowes Path Trailhead (click for directions)

Valley Way Trail

This trail also begins at the Appalachia Parking lot. It is 4.6 miles to the summit of Mount Adams.

Pine Link Trail

This option begins more to the east than the other options. It features around 3,900 feet of elevation gain. This trail is 4.9 miles to the summit of Adams, and 3.7 miles to the summit of Mount Madison. This is a great option for summiting both peaks. This trail begins on Dolly Copp road which is closed in the winter. Directions to Pine Mountain Trailhead



Mount Adams, NH

Photo by @laxfreak548

Mount Adams NH

Photo by @laxfreak548