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Mount Liberty is located in Franconia Notch and is part of the Franconia Ridge. Mount Liberty is 4,459 feet tall, and is bordered to the south by Mount Flume, and to the North by Mount Lafayette. Hiking just Liberty is a great day hike option as the round trip is only 8.1 miles, and features incredible 360 degree views on one of NH’s best summits.

Height: 4,459 feet (1,359.1 m)
Distance: 8.2 miles (13.2 km)
Elevation Gain: 3,150 feet (960.1 m)
Hike Time: 3-5 hours




Liberty Springs Trail

The liberty springs trail is accessed from the Flume Gorge Visitors center. A .9 mile mostly paved path leads to the start of the trail. The trail is 4.1 miles to the summit, and has an elevation gain of 3,150 feet. Out and back, this trail will take most between 4-7 hours to complete.


Flume Slide Trail

Adding in Mount Flume with Mount Liberty is a great option, and extremely popular. Mount Flume features the flume slide, and is worth a look. Hiking both mountains in a loop is 9.4 miles.


Osseo Trail

This is a longer option where hikers leave from the Lincoln Woods Trailhead. This would be a 13.6 mile out and back route featuring very gradual gains.


Other Trails

Mount Liberty is often added in as part of hikers completing all or a portion of Franconia Ridge.


Trail Map

Mount Liberty and Flum Trail Map

Map Courtesy of 4000footers.com



The parking located just after the Flume Visitors Center and is just off of I – 93 at the Liberty Springs Trailhead



There are camping options on Mount Liberty that will allow you to easily see sunrise or sunset on the summit. Tenting options are available at the Liberty Springs Tent site along the Liberty Springs Trail. Only a half mile from the summit, it is a perfect place for a night. It is inexpensive to spend the night, and rarely do the sites fill up, but when they do, they have additional sites closer to the summit. Fees are paid on site, as reservations for under 6 individuals are not taken. The fee is $8 per person, or free if there is no caretaker.


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Mount Liberty Summit



Mount Liberty Summit Looking at Cannon

Mount Liberty Summit Looking at Garfield

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