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Mount Moosilauke has a cool name, and even better views. There are various ways to reach the summit, with every option being a bit unique. The exposed summit gives hikers 360 degrees of breathtaking views of NH’s White Mountains.

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Elevation: 4,802 Feet (1463.65 m)
Rating: Difficult
Distance: 7.6 miles (12.23 km)
Location: Grafton County, New Hampshire
Hike Time: 4-7 hours
Elevation Gain: 2,506 feet (763.83 m)

Video by Joseph Getts: View the rest of Getts Wild YouTube channel here




Beaver Brook Trail (Part of AT) | 7.6 miles round trip | 3,100 feet elevation gain

This is one of the most common trails with easy access right off of Route 112. It features many steep sections along the way and is considered very difficult. This trail features tons of beautiful waterfalls. Please take caution during wet times, and be especially cautious with proper traction during winter months (directions below).


Glencliff Trail (Part of AT) | 8.2 miles round trip | 3,300 feet elevation gain

This trail begins off of High Street in Warren, NH. It features a few steep sections along the way and is consider difficult. (directions below)


Gorge Brook Trail | 7.2 miles round trip | 2,550 feet elevation gain

This trail can be accessed by the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge (a road that is closed during the winter). This is one of the shorter routes up Moosilauke as long as Ravine Lodge road is opened. Directions Click Here


Moosilauke and Carriage Road Trail | 10.2 miles round trip | 3,100 feet elevation gain

This trail is accessed at the end of Breezy Point Road and features a lot of cross country skiing trails. This is one of the more gradual incline routes to the summit of Moosilauke, though it is longer in mileage than other options. Directions click here

This is the recommended winter route.


Trail Maps

Mount Moosilauke Trail Map

Click to enlarge

Glencliff, Gorge Brook and Moosilauke Trail Map:

Glencliff Trail Map - Mount Moosilauke

Map Courtesy of National Geographic’s White Mountain National forest Map. Buy Here.



To Beaver Brook Trailhead

To Glencliff Trailhead


Moosilauke in Winter

Moosilauke is an incredible winter hike. The winds can be crazy, and good views are often hard to come by, but it is a fantastic experience with the right equipment.

We recommend the Carriage road approach for winter months.


Weather Forecast

North Woodstock, NH


Additional Pictures

Beaver Brook Trail

One of the many waterfalls along the Beaver Brook Trail

Moosilauke Summit Views

Beaver Brook Trail Views

Trail Views from Mount Moosilauke in Winter

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