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North and South Twin mountain sit at the North end of the Pemigiwasset Wilderness. They both feature incredible views of NH’s White Mountains, and are most often combined together in a day hike.

North Twin Mountain

Height: 4,760 feet (1,450.8 meters)
Distance: 8.6 Miles round trip (13.84 km)
Elevation Gain: 2,896 feet (882.7 meters)
Duration: 4-6 hours
Difficulty: Moderate


South Twin Mountain

South Twin Pano

Height: 4,902 feet
Distance: 11.2 Miles Round Trip
Elevation Gain: 3,002 feet
Duration: 5-8 hours
Difficulty: Strenuous



The North Twin Trail takes you from the end of Haystack road to the summit of North Twin. Within the first couple miles, you will cross a river three times. This means you should be prepared if the rivers may be high, as passing can be very difficult during high water.

At the summit of North Twin, the trail switches to the North Twin Spur, which connects the summits of North and South Twin.

Haystack road can be closed sometimes. If this is the case, prepare to add 4.5 miles roundtrip to your hike.

North and South Twin Trail Map

North and South Twin Trail Map

Map Courtesy of 4000footers.com

River Crossings

Hiking the Twins requires 3 river crossings which can be very difficult in high water. Consider avoiding during snowmelt or heavy rain periods. It is possible to avoid 2 river crossings via older trails that stay on one side of the river, however 1 is always required.

Twin Mountain River Crossing

Parking and Directions

The parking lot is located at the trailhead for North Twin Mountain at the end of Haystack road in

Weather Forecast

Bethlehem, NH

The Summit Views

Both North Twin, and South Twin have fantastic views. The summit of south twin has two rocky viewpoints that allow you to see all of the Pemi Wilderness, South Twin and even to the East. South Twin offers 360 degree views with a rocky summit. Both are spectacular.

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